Stories for Jul. 9, 2008

I received an emailed press release from Comcast this morning about their plans to work with Vonage to address “the reasonable network management of Internet services” that left me a tad confused. Comcast had already admitted to massaging P2P traffic, sparking an online uproar that resulted […] Read more »

Chevy Volt Tank Size and Range Shrink: At its unveilig 18 months ago, GM said the Chevy Volt would have a 12 gallon gas tank and a range of 640 miles. Now “a source” says those are shrinking and Chevy’s goal is to give the car […] Read more »

Upcoming Events doesn’t want you to give up on it yet. The site is adding old favorites and new online series for its official launch at the end of the summer. The news came via an announcement sent out last night, which was notable mostly for its […] Read more » has just launched a channel on YouTube along with a Revlon-sponsored competition to co-host red carpet footage from the Emmy Awards this year. YouTube is heralding the deal as its first-ever co-branded competition, which is significant, because usually people come to YouTube to reach a […] Read more »

Perhaps ad network VideoEgg should switch business models (again) and become a PR firm, because the company is definitely good at generating buzz. Whether it was declaring a turf war with YouTube over overlay ads, dropping video partners, or, like today, announcing new features to ad […] Read more »

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Do only 4 percent of YouTube videos come from its partners? That’s another tidbit gleaned by the Wall Street Journal from an unnamed source in its story this morning about the site’s problems with monetization. A YouTube spokesperson declined to confirm or deny the figure. YouTube […] Read more »

Following the launch of his massive publicity campaign on Tuesday, T. Boone Pickens started to make the requisite rounds on major media to push the Pickens Plan. He kicked off the day as a guest host on CNBC’s Squawk Box, then sat down last night with […] Read more »

Second Life is either peaking or busy crossing the chasm, depending on who you believe. IMVU stealthed its way to tons of users. Club Penguin found its windfall by figuring out how to reach children safely. Blizzard had revenues of $1.1 billion last year. Qwaq makes […] Read more »

Not every web worker is also a web designer – but many of us are, on scales from our own blog to giant commercial applications. If you find yourself pushing pixels and HTML and CSS around on a regular basis, you know that there’s an almost […] Read more »

The economic downturn, in particular the housing market slump, that has been pressuring U.S. telecom operators now seems to be extending to cable operators as well. After enjoying nearly eight quarters of solid growth, it looks like the U.S. cable telephony business is slowing down. The […] Read more »

[qi:_newteevee] The team behind the popular torrent site The Pirate Bay has started to work on a new encryption technology that could potentially protect all Internet traffic from prying eyes. The project, which is still in its initial stages, goes by the name “Transparent end-to-end encryption for the […] Read more »

Mumbai-based Seedfund, the early stage venture capital fund launched in 2006, may raise a second fund of $30 million, reports Business Stand… Read more »

GE Energy Financial Services, the investment arm of General Electric, said today that its investments in renewable energy have surpassed the $4 billion-mark with the investment of $100 million into three New York wind farms. In just five months, GE has added a billion dollars’ worth […] Read more »

One of the most indispensable utilities I use on the Windows platform is password manager Roboform Pro.  I have been using it for years and it turns logging into web sites into a no thought process.  There’s not a Mac version and I really miss it […] Read more »

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