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Talk about a fast-paced market. We knew that the Eee PC 900 was getting put out to pasture in favor of other models, but now there’s a $100 incentive to clear the shelves. Liliputing notes that ZaReason has the offer and I noticed it earlier this […] Read more »

Yesterday Google introduced a ‘remote signout’ feature for Gmail, providing a capability that sets an inportant precendent for web-based applications and indeed web workers. Most web workers tend to hop between multiple devices to access our web applications; Gmail is a great case in point with […] Read more »

Centercode is a company that runs beta programs for others and I’ve just been informed they are looking for quite a few testers in the New York City area for what sounds like a new Portable Internet Device (MID).  This could be a great (and free) […] Read more »

Innovalight, a thin-film solar startup developing photovoltaic silicon ink, has received $5 million in equipment lease financing from ATEL Ventures. The Santa Clara, Calif.-based startup has a 30,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Sunnyvale, Calif., and this financing could help the company move into production. (Rumors put a […] Read more »

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One of the coolest parts of being involved with jkOnTheRun is the unexpected things I learn from our readers.  I received an email today that can only be understood if I quote it (name withheld to protect the sender): I am writing to you because of […] Read more »

The most recent quarterly cleantech investing numbers are out from the Cleantech Group, and they contain some upbeat news: Investing in saving the Earth doesn’t stop when the economy drops — at least it hasn’t so far. According to the Cleantech Group, the second quarter of […] Read more »

Recently three Firefox extensions have made their way into my everyday usage: CyberSearch, ColorZilla, and the HTML Validator. All three have been stable and useful in Firefox 3.0 on OS X. Read the post for details. Read more »

The reports of oldteevee’s deaths may be premature, if new stats from Nieslen are any indication. TV watching is up, with more than 282 million people watching more than 127 hours of television during the month of May. That’s a 1.4 percent increase in audience and […] Read more »

Dodge Hopes Microseries Will Be Lucky; car company to run 20, two-minute episodic microseries ad campaign Lucky Chance during commerical pods on TNT (the network is also doing the Blank Slate microseries). (Multichannel News) Check Traffic on Your Phone; WNBC-TV in New York to stream video […] Read more »

Whether you’re diving into social media this summer or still looking for the productivity benefit of all these online social apps, there’s a service I’ve been using the last few weeks that is worthy of you attention: SecondBrain. What SecondBrain does very, very well is combine […] Read more »

Nvidia signed a deal earlier this year to work in the low-cost CPU and MID markets with VIA, providing a low-cost solution for OEMs making these low margin gadgets.  DigiTimes in Asia is reporting that Nvidia was using that collaboration as a bargaining chip with Intel […] Read more »

Very few Blackberries have elicited the excited impatience as the Thunder.  Known officially as the Blackberry 9500, the Thunder is the first Blackberry with a full screen (no keypad) like that phone from the other fruit company.  The Thunder is definitely looking to fill the media […] Read more »

Oil baron turned wind developer T. Boone Pickens says gas-guzzling America is in need of an oil intervention. To get us off the sweet Saudi sticky, today Pickens has launched his Pickens Plan, accompanied by a media blitz of television ads (embedded after the jump), a […] Read more »

We’ve written several times about portable applications that you can cart around on a USB key. But it’s rare to find a commercial application distributed this way. One new exception to the rule is MindMapper 2008 USB Edition – a completely portable version of this Windows-only […] Read more »

When we first learned about solar-cell maker Blue Square Energy at last year’s Dow Jones Alternative Energy conference, the Maryland-based startup was listed in the conference category as “Raising Money Now.” Looks like they may have jumped the gun a bit, according to a post on […] Read more »

SMSGupShup, an SMS-based group messaging/microblogging service from Webaroo, is close to announcing that it has raised $10 million in new capital from Helion Ventures and Charles River Ventures. News of pending deal was first reported by some blogs in India. In its original form, Webaroo — a […] Read more »

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