Stories for Jul. 8, 2008

GM to Get World’s Largest Rooftop Solar Installation: General Motors is set to get the world’s largest rooftop photovoltaic installation on one of its Spanish facilities. The system will have about 85,000 solar panels and peak capacity of 12 megawatts – BusinessWeek. Better Energy Gets Funding […] Read more »

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After reading some of posts around the ‘Net about iPhone 3G pricing, I started to get worried. As a current iPhone owner and AT&T customer, I was really excited about the price drop. Then I heard from multiple sources that current AT&T customers who are not […] Read more »

I was reading through the blog for one of my favorite screen sharing applications, Yuuguu, and came across some interesting points about growing interest in screen sharing. A look at Google Trends shows that searches for “screen sharing” have risen hugely in the past year. Also, […] Read more »

While we laggards in the U.S. are still celebrating the FCC decision to (finally!) up the classification of broadband speeds to a lazy 768 kilobytes per second (but, hey, that’s up from 200 kilobytes per second) and lamenting our coming bandwidth caps, the Brits are prepping […] Read more »

The leaders of the world’s richest countries have squandered yet another opportunity to lead the global community when it comes to climate change. The G8 Summit in Japan has issued a classically vague and nonbinding statement endorsing the idea of halving carbon emissions by 2050, a […] Read more »

Working from home is something I do a lot and there is one thing I have to make sure I don’t forget to do regularly for my mental health.  Working from home is no different from working in an office in that you need to take […] Read more »

A study reported by the New York Times comes up with some numbers related to text messaging usage. According to them, in the US 82 percent of cellphone owners say that they never use text messaging, 3 percent use it monthly, and 15 percent use it […] Read more »

The National Association of Venture Capitals released a demographic study today that was pretty anticlimactic. They discovered that venture capitalists in charge of investing money were white (88 percent) and male (86 percent.) But the trade organization was encouraged by the fact that 81 percent of […] Read more »

Talk about a fast-paced market. We knew that the Eee PC 900 was getting put out to pasture in favor of other models, but now there’s a $100 incentive to clear the shelves. Liliputing notes that ZaReason has the offer and I noticed it earlier this […] Read more »

Yesterday Google introduced a ‘remote signout’ feature for Gmail, providing a capability that sets an inportant precendent for web-based applications and indeed web workers. Most web workers tend to hop between multiple devices to access our web applications; Gmail is a great case in point with […] Read more »

Centercode is a company that runs beta programs for others and I’ve just been informed they are looking for quite a few testers in the New York City area for what sounds like a new Portable Internet Device (MID).  This could be a great (and free) […] Read more »

Innovalight, a thin-film solar startup developing photovoltaic silicon ink, has received $5 million in equipment lease financing from ATEL Ventures. The Santa Clara, Calif.-based startup has a 30,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Sunnyvale, Calif., and this financing could help the company move into production. (Rumors put a […] Read more »

One of the coolest parts of being involved with jkOnTheRun is the unexpected things I learn from our readers.  I received an email today that can only be understood if I quote it (name withheld to protect the sender): I am writing to you because of […] Read more »

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