Stories for May. 23, 2008

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Akimbo, an early entrant in the Internet Video game has shuttered its doors, as first indicated by VentureBeat and confirmed by NewTeeVee. Peter Chantel, CFO of the company told NewTeeVee that the nine-year-old company has held onto a skeleton staff that will find a buyer for […] Read more »

I’ve had my iPhone for about 5 months now, and up until about 6 weeks ago it was pure bliss. Then suddenly my battery life started to go south, fast. When I first got the iPhone, I could easily go 2 to 3 days of moderate […] Read more »

Memorial Day weekend is traditionally the unofficial start of summer in the United States (never mind what the calendar says about the seasons). As web workers, many of us have flexibility in our plans, whether we use it or not. If you’re looking for ideas of […] Read more »

Max Levchin, well known for being a co-founder of both Paypal and Slide, as well as for imitating Tom Cruise on “The GigaOM Show,” has just become the first person to get on the cover of magazine Portfolio. The magazine’s editors recently threw a little dinner […] Read more »

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Startup Transonic Combustion has been quietly working on its efficient fuel-injection technology, which the company says can deliver 100 mpg for an internal combustion engine vehicle. At the FiRe conference this week, Transonic Combustion’s VP of business development, Mike Rocke, showed us this image of Transonic’s […] Read more »

Now in its 52nd year, the Eurovision Song Contest has made strides in uniting some of the world’s most chaotic areas under one common purpose: the creation of spectacularly awful pop music. Previous winners include ABBA and Celine Dion. They’re on the higher end of the […] Read more »

Brian Shields, online news manager KRON-TV, got in touch with Liz over on NewTeeVee to point out that they were using web service Cover It Live to do “live blogging” of the big fire in the South Bay. The readers (viewers) have been glued to the […] Read more »

Phone makers these days are packing so many new technologies into their wireless handsets, it’s enough to make you nostalgic for a plain ole phone. Take Nokia’s N95, which has networking technologies including 3G and Wi-Fi, a still/video camera and a GPS module. But all of […] Read more »

We’re knee-deep in the summer movie season, but your blockbusters could cost you a bit more this year. Nikki Finke over at Deadline Hollywood Daily had an interesting tid-bit about how the price of corn connects to the price of your ticket. In an article predicting […] Read more »

For mobile workers, it’s hard to beat the freedom and flexibility Internet telephony provides us.  One of our favorite web services, GrandCentral, gives you the ability to have one phone number that can ring an assortment of phones including your mobile, landline, office phone, and any […] Read more »

Hellman’s and Bobby Flay Cook Up Another Season; online show Real Food Summer School has the famous chef teaching people how to cook recipes featuring mayonnaise. (The Wall Street Journal) Page Sees Green in White Spaces; Google co-founder in Washington to pimp his company’s proposal to […] Read more »

Update: Stuff I found interesting to read about this morning… Incumbent KPN buys a pieces of the Amsterdam Internet Exchange. Actually, it bought Reggefiber, which owns a portion of AIE. The entire MVNO ecosystem is falling apart. Mobile virtual network enabler Visage Mobile is selling its […] Read more »

After all the months of waiting, it’s finally here! No, I don’t mean the rumored Apple tablet, sorry. Nor, more realistically, am I talking about the spec bump to the Macbook line. The first release candidate for Firefox 3 dropped yesterday, and a shiny new thing […] Read more »

If you’re a Web developer, you likely already know about Firebug – the amazing web development add-in for Firefox. (It was one of our 6 recommended Firefox extensions for web workers). But if you haven’t been following its development blog, you may not know the latest […] Read more »

VentureBeat is reporting that Akimbo is shutting its doors for good. We have contacted the company for confirmation and will update as soon as we have any further information. Update: We received confirmation that Akimbo has indeed shut down. We’re following up to get more details […] Read more »

Looks like the Wall Street Journal is going have to write a flaming op-ed about the research firm New Energy Finance now, too. While earlier this week the WSJ lambasted Vinod Khosla for down-playing the role of ethanol in the food crisis (we reprinted Khosla’s rebuttal […] Read more »

While it may temping to lump every game that has chat or a shared leaderboard under the social gaming umbrella, to do so muddies the water of a category that just may be the natural progression from social networking. It’s time to define what we mean by social gaming, so that we can better focus on the actual value we are creating for the players themselves — and avoid the trap of slapping a sparkly new phrase on any gaming startup that wanders onto the scene. Read more »

One thing for certain one of the most important things for successful mobile gear operation is the battery.  No battery, no mobile in the gear.  Last night, after a delightful session recording the latest MobileTechRoundup podcast with Matt and Kevin, I went out to move my […] Read more »

I knew when I heard that Judie Lipsett of Gear Diary got a "replacement" MacBook Air that she’d be keeping it.  It was just a feeling but knowing Judie I put better than 50% odds that she’d keep it.  Getting the Beyza Cases Thinvelope to review […] Read more »

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