Stories for May. 23, 2008

For those of you who already own your own hybrid, and weren’t tempted by these 6 electric cars you can buy right now, we’ve gotta tip for you. Give your old hybrid a plug. While getting 50 miles per gallon in your Toyota Prius surely feels […] Read more »

Stories for May. 22, 2008

Jeff Zucker, the CEO of NBC Universal (NYSE: GE), was on Charlie Rose the night before, and talked about, among other things, the company’s… Read more »

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Last August SmarthSynch CEO Stephen Johnston told us the company would likely be looking to raise more funds in 6-12 months. Right on schedule, his smart metering startup has raised $20 million in a round of funding led by a new huge investor, Credit Suisse. This […] Read more »

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Andy Baio over at has an interesting breakdown of the spread of the Star Wars Kid meme from a few years back and his role in it. He lays out not just the early origins of the meme, but also traffic numbers, patterns and referrals […] Read more »

Air Force Takes Synthetic Fuel Super Sonic: In a flight test, a B-1 stealth bomber, code-named Dark 33, successfully broke the sound barrier flying on synthetic jet fuel, the first time such fuel had gone Mach 1. Do you feel the need for speed? – Wall […] Read more »

Popular peer-to-peer network BitTorrent is continuing efforts to grow its reach by signing a partnership agreement with Orb Networks. The agreement bundles BitTorrent’s P2P software with that of Orb’s, which allows users to stream their music, movies or other media to their PCs, phones and other […] Read more »

What’s It About: The original Facebook Gangsta raps about the trials and tribulations of being so damn good at social networking sites. Quality lyric writing, flawless cinematography and editing, and committed performances from Sean Modica and Arthur Colombino keep the beat pumping. Premiered: May 19, 2008. […] Read more »

Most web workers are hip to security software applications. You probably run anti-virus software, and perhaps you use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) application when working from a public hotspot. (If you don’t run these applications, you should.) Recently, though, I’ve been using a more unusual, […] Read more »

It’s still unclear is if the digital home will be a consumer-controlled environment or a carrier-controlled one. Samsung said today it is realigning to put its digital media assets in its telecommunications division, but meanwhile Forrester sees Apple moving to unify the broadband networks with the […] Read more »

The Wall Street Journal published an editorial this week in which it took offense to comments made by Vinod Khosla that have downplayed ethanol’s contribution to the food crisis. The WSJ said: “As long as he’s on the federal dole, perhaps Mr. Khosla should take a […] Read more »

Even if, like me, you don’t much care about David Cook, you have to hand it to the hit FOX reality series: It’s putting SMS systems to maximum use, turning them into a giant cash machine. AT&T says the most recent season of “American Idol” show […] Read more »

Blogo is the latest desktop blog client for Mac OS X. Along with a blog editor with support for Blogger, WordPress, Typepad, Typo, and Drupal, it adds something not usually seen in this category: Twitter integration (with hints of additional microblogging services in the future). You […] Read more »

The web stopped being the exclusive hangout of freaks and geeks (and I use those terms lovingly) long ago. During the bubble years it turned into a place of commerce and information; now it’s turning into a source of entertainment and collaboration. The shift has been […] Read more »

O’Reilly Media is looking for founders from early-stage startups to attend its OATV Startup Camp, a two-day event that will cover topics such as fundraising, PR and viral marketing, as well as working with investors and a board of directors. It will be held in Sebastopol, […] Read more »

We’ve found it hard to find anything in common between the white-label video provider ROO Group and what it has become in the five months since new Chairman and CEO Kaleil Isaza Tuzman joined the company. It’s now called KIT digital, operates out of Dubai, has […] Read more »

Remember Zinio’s digital magazine web app for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch that hit us back in November? Looks like the response has been pretty positive as the app has been a popular staple in Apple’s top iPhone applications list. Since the iPhone SDK isn’t […] Read more »

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