Stories for Jun. 27, 2008

I read an article this morning highlighting some very peculiar questions regarding how developers interact with customers via the iPhone/iPod Touch App store. I read all of them and the answers seemed so clear that I don’t know why Apple hasn’t answered them officially. Perhaps they […] Read more »

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown did not shy away from transformative language when he said yesterday that “business as usual” would not achieve the “green revolution” the UK must undertake. The EU has set a target for 15 percent of the country’s energy to be generated […] Read more »

Storing data in a server is a tried and tested process. In the cloud, however, storage is still a work in progress. And the cloud model puts increased pressure on networking and server equipment — and on vendors to make their components reliable. Read more »

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The last remaining vestiges of dot-com survivor AtomFilms have been swept away as the site has officially been renamed, gone all comedy and gotten a new look. The content is still a mix of pro content (developed or licensed by Atom) and user-generated content — […] Read more »

We’ve written positively about Outlook add-in Xobni several times in the past. It’s ability to index and cross-reference the contents of large Outlook archives makes it a good fit for those trying to tame a busy online life. But the latest feature indicates a whole new […] Read more »

One of the toughest parts about hosting a conference is all the work that still needs to be done after the lights are turned off. We’re currently busy trying to finalize the video clips — and consolidate them for your viewing pleasure — while at the […] Read more »

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Wow, it’s already 9am and I haven’t posted a blasted thing. Blame FriendFeed, which continues to get more and more of my attention. Actually, I mean that in a positive way as I’ve noticed my Google Reader Trends diminishing daily due to FriendFeed. I’m finding a […] Read more »

I came across a comment about a small but useful utility I had not heard of before called Unplugged. This utility (in the form of a System Preferences panel) from Briksoftware watches for events related to your power cord being plugged or unplugged and notifies you […] Read more »

ActiveVideo Networks (formerly ICTV), is branching out beyond set-top boxes to enable professional web and social media content on almost any Internet-connected device. The company made a name for itself building interactive TV applications that would work on just about any existing set-top box provided by […] Read more »

Just because your office is virtual, it doesn’t mean it gets less cluttered than a physical cubicle. A misplaced file or unnecessary program here and there could grow into a big clutter monster. It may be digital, but it’ll affect the performance of your computer and, as a result, also affect your work. If you’re going to do some general cleaning anyway, why not consider these suggestions on keeping your digital workspace clutter-free? Read more »

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Recently, Tencent Holdings, an affiliate of MIH China, announced that it wou… Read more »

While we just spoke to Shai Agassi inside the beltway, the Project Better Place founder and CEO was back on Capitol Hill yesterday to testify before the House Select Committee on Energy Independence & Global Warming. The hearing’s topic was “$4 Gasoline and Fuel Economy: Auto […] Read more »

Stories for Jun. 26, 2008

In 2005, Matt Harding had no idea that dancing silly on camera would help him become a corporate-sponsored world traveler. But when Stride Gum took notice of the first Where the Hell is Matt? short, they signed him up to continue jigging across the globe. What, […] Read more »

Feds Say Automakers Gets No Extra Time in Cali Regs: The US District Court for the Eastern District of California ruled that automakers shouldn’t get an extension to comply with California’s emission standards. Assuming the EPA grants California it’s waiver, of course – Green Car Congress. […] Read more »

If you’re involved with a blog or an online site and care about its design and interface, there are a number of free tools you can turn to for experimenting with various versions, until you arrive at a design you like. In this post, I’ll cover […] Read more »

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