Stories for May. 26, 2008

In papers filed in U.S. District Court in Manhattan late Friday, YouTube owner Google said Viacom’s $1 billion copyright lawsuit threatens the very way hundreds of millions of people exchange information over the Internet. According to the Associated Press, Google said that YouTube “goes far beyond […] Read more »

London is one of those few fortunate cities to have a surfeit of telecom competition. From broadband providers to mobile operators, Londoners have a choice. They have decent broadband speeds as well as access to Wi-Fi and 3G networks. And as a result, there has been […] Read more »

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Much to my surprise at 4 this afternoon I got a call from the Apple store telling me the MacBook Pro repair was complete and I could pick it up.  I had an hour before our holiday guests started arriving so off I went and picked […] Read more »

Infineon Technologies, a Neubiberg, Germany-based company that was recently in the news for allegedly winning a deal to supply chips for the new 3G iPhone, has announced that CEO Wolfgang Ziebart is leaving due to a disagreement with the company and its board of directors. EETimes […] Read more »

Though the major search engines do a good job of crawling the Internet as a whole, there’s still plenty of room for specialized search products. Qwika is trying to be the place to go when you want to search user-generated content – specifically, the content of […] Read more »

Warner Bros. is trying to prop up softening DVD sales with a new strategy to promote its upcoming superhero feature film Watchmen. The studio will release a separate a side movie based on the original film on DVD only, prior to the main Watchmen hitting theaters. […] Read more »

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I have to admit that I just got around to playing with Pageflakes recently and I’ve been pretty happy with it.  Pageflakes is one of those customizable browser portal pages that lets you build a page the way you want.  I have local weather and a […] Read more »

I’m taking a break and working on battery power on the Lenovo IdeaPad U110 notebook and with the power management set to Power Saver and the extended battery in place Vista is reporting the following battery life remaining at near 100%: Not too shabby.  :) Read more »

Work-at-home web workers seem to divide into two categories: those who make do with just a laptop computer balanced on whatever flat surface has just enough space to hold it, and those who try to establish a personal workspace that makes it easy and pleasant to […] Read more »

Meet Refresh The Net, an accompanying blog for our conference Structure’08. The mini-blog is going to feature thoughts from some of the speakers and attendees at the conference, and why they believe that the Internet infrastructure should be rethought. We hope to offer these articles and […] Read more »

Spanning Sync, the iCal/Google Calendar synchronizer that we’ve mentioned before, is out with a beta of their 2.0 version. In addition to “performance and reliability” improvements for their calendar sync, they’ve added a big new feature: synchronization between your Mac’s Address Book and your GMail contacts. […] Read more »

just before a big holiday weekend and an overseas trip my web hosting company’s server for my main email account imploded. For the past day, no email. While that company will go nameless for now (out of respect for three years of great service), I’m definitely […] Read more »

The perfect productivity system is the web worker’s Holy Grail. But, like the Grail, this productivity system is surrounded by myth. Is the perfect productivity system just out there waiting to be discovered, or is it something you have to make on your own? I think […] Read more »

The uproar over Charter Communications testing out a deep-packet inspection system to deliver advertising to its customers is far quieter than the one that erupted over similar plans by British ISPs, but it, too, has led to government questions about privacy and what rights a web surfer has online. I chatted this week with Bob Dykes, CEO of NebuAd, the company that’s providing the ad-insertion service to Charter, about the company’s privacy practices and the motivation of the ISPs that underpins such intrusive monitoring. Read more »

Cleartrip has tied up with Star India’s mobile application PLUS, to deliver travel related information to users. The service allows users to… Read more »

Earlier this week I posted a short two line piece about Dutch telephone company KPN acquiring 41% stake in Reggefiber, suggesting that as a result KPN had bought into Amsterdam Internet Exchange. KPN bought a piece of the company to get into the FTTH business. Subsequent […] Read more »

You know how for some sites Google will surface internal pages and subdirectories directly within its search results? I don’t know that there’s an official term for these, but Google’s search rankings guru Matt Cutts described them as “useful links from within a site” in a […] Read more »

America’s favorite pastime has got to stay current with the times, especially going into a summer with projections of record-high gas prices. Major League Baseball is working to green its image. The Seattle Mariners opened their season with the first fully carbon offset baseball game. The […] Read more »

Stories for May. 25, 2008

Twitter, our favorite tool for narcissism and the eponymously named San Francisco company behind the service may not have a business model, but it surely has the buzz. Whether it is their new round of funding or their inability to keep the service running — the […] Read more »

Mobile operators getting into the mobile TV should not forget about femtocells and sideloading, according to a new report from Analysys Mason. Concerns over the ability of existing 3G networks to deliver video are pushing operators to combine 3G networks with dedicated mobile broadcast networks like […] Read more »

DSL Speeds and prices around the world went up 4.7% and 9.3% during the first quarter of 2008, according to Point Topic, a consulting firm that tracks broadband tariffs around the planet. The average price for a residential DSL connection at the end of Q1 2008 […] Read more »

I recently had dinner with a friend of mine, a physician-turned-businessperson-turned-founder. We were discussing the virtues of transferable skills, and I asked him what management tools he brings to entrepreneurship from his earlier career in medicine. He pondered a bit before confessing that radiology skills don’t, […] Read more »

I get very nervous when I ride shotgun with people who decide to read their Blackberry or send text messages when driving. It is an inherently stupid and dumb thing to do, considering that not only it puts their own well being at risk, it raises […] Read more »

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