Stories for Jun. 26, 2008

Iminlikewithyou, a New York-based dating game start-up has raised $1.5 million in Series B round of funding from Spark Capital, and a bunch of influential angels including Marc Andreessen. Baseline Ventures and Betaworks, also had previously invested in the company joined this round of capital. Bijan […] Read more »

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Perhaps the easiest way to describe EveryScape‘s business plan is “Google Street View, only more so.” When you visit one of their sites, such as their Boston page, you can drive around and see the city in a 360-degree panning window. But you can also enter […] Read more »

After today’s launch of Microsoft’s server virtualization hypervisor, Citrix, which bought virtualization company XenSource last year, may be asking itself some hard questions. Microsoft’s Hyper-V will compete directly with Citrix’s XenSource products for the data center as well as with products from VMware and startup Virtual […] Read more »

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T’is the season of radio going international. Close on the heels of Virgin Radio’s acquisition by competitor Radio Mirchi, Big FM has tied u… Read more »

This week we learned of the existence of 12seconds, a startup that isn’t afraid to call itself a “video Twitter.” The idea is simple: video status updates. From the about page: “Why only 12 seconds? Because anything longer is boring.” The site is a side project […] Read more »

Yesterday, at our Structure08 conference we launched our newest effort, GigaOM Briefings. We launch with our first briefing on Cloud Computing, which has been written by Alistair Croll, whose work you know from our site. So what are our Briefings? Briefings are downloadable digital reports that […] Read more »

After over 8 million downloads last Tuesday, it’s safe to say that the Mozilla Foundation has given birth to a happy baby boy browser with Firefox 3. Was it worth the wait? I’d have to say that after playing with it for over week, I’m sitting […] Read more »

As the lines between notebooks and mini-notebooks blur due to increased screen size and price, there’s a big camp that is all excited about the 10-inch screened notebooks.  The MSI Wind snuck up on everyone and has impressed on just about every level and the recent […] Read more »

MySpace. Facebook. Twitter. BrightKite. LinkedIn. The list of social networks is huge – and gets bigger every day. Last year about this time there was some rumbling about “social network fatigue,” but that doesn’t seem to have slowed the growth of networking at all. Still, the […] Read more »

NBC to Release Show-Specific Streaming Stats through Nielsen; Peacock will become the first broadcast network to offer such data; first stats to be released in July. (AdWeek) Hitwise: YouTube, PBS Up; new numbers show that YouTube has 75 percent of the online video visits, though visits […] Read more »

Nick Carr, author of “Does IT Matter” and “The Big Switch,” helped us kick off the Structure 08 conference yesterday with a short and sweet message about the shift to cloud computing and why we need to think about the ethics of infrastructure. He also pointed […] Read more »

Yesterday our parent site GigaOM held an awesome conference, Structure08, which had some of the top minds in IT discussing and debating cloud computing. The big takeaway for Earth2Tech readers is that as the demand for Internet services keeps on growing, it’s requiring a massive amount […] Read more »

Big props to JKK for shooting me the link to Sumopaint this morning. This free beta service is an online photo-editing application which could fit in nicely to my "web-only" challenge that’s still going strong. It doesn’t hurt that I nabbed that Canon XSi last night […] Read more »

A smarter network doesn’t necessarily mean a safer network, or so goes the thinking when it comes to the new intelligent power grid. It is seen as an increased security risk. It has been rumored that Chinese paramilitary hackers have taken tried to take down parts of the […] Read more »

People will spend as much time consuming video-based entertainment as they do sleeping by 2013, according to a new study (PDF) from Solutions Research Group. But, the bells continue to toll for oldteevee as its share of that time will shrink. SRG reports that currently American […] Read more »

The moving process is slowly but surely getting closer to the physical act of hauling all of our stuff from the old house to the new one.  It’s a big process and one of the biggest tasks in planning the move is deciding how to arrange […] Read more »

Electronic Arts is releasing a special version of the much anticipated game called Spore Galactic Edition. Currently it’s still in development. I’m looking forward to Spore. Although I don’t always purchase the Special edition copies, I will be purchasing this edition. Spore Galactic Edition has a […] Read more »

The Sunshine State could soon capitalize on its namesake and become one of the largest producers of solar energy in the country, if Florida utility FPL follows through on its plan to build three new solar power plants. FPL announced yesterday that it plans to generate […] Read more »

Jajah, in its effort to become a backend platform for VoIP services, has started offering call termination, billing and other such services to one and all comers. They got a big boost when they signed up Yahoo! Now, the Sequoia Capital-backed company has signed up SIPphone, the […] Read more »

I was reformatting a Powerbook the other day and after a fresh Leopard install I went to use the two finger scroll function to scroll down a page…but it wasn’t there. I have been using intel based laptops for so long that I just take the […] Read more »

Online application vendor Zoho has rolled out a batch of small but useful updates to their presentation package, Zoho Show. These aren’t earth-shattering, but they do continue its march to be one of the best alternatives for building a presentation in the traditional PowerPoint genre. I […] Read more »

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