Stories for Jun. 29, 2008

IBM’s Luis Suarez is the latest social networker to argue for reducing your dependence on email as a productivity tactic. Tired of spending hours a day on email, Suarez worked to stop the cycle of emails generating emails, reducing his incoming stream by 80% in a […] Read more »

Updated From Frankfurt: It has already been a long day! I got up at 3 a.m. to get ready and head to the San Francisco Airport in time to catch my early morning US Airways flight to Charlotte and then connect to Frankfurt and then to […] Read more »

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Stories for Jun. 28, 2008

Christophe Bisciglia, Senior Software Engineer at Google, talks to NewTeeVee’s Chris Albrecht at our Structure 08 conference and discusses how Google is bring cloud computing to academia including the National Science Foundation. Google gives academics and students at some of the largest universities around the planet […] Read more »

Just got an email that someone was subscribing to my Friendfeed and I went to check them out.  I won’t give any names because it’s a private thing but looking at this person’s subscriptions I found it cool to be in good company: As you can […] Read more »

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There’s been a little groundswell of commentary recently about Quon v. Arch Wireless, a 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decision that enhanced rights with respect to text messages, even when sent over your employer’s devices. But as Matthew Hirsch points out over at our parent blog […] Read more »

The media got a little carried away with its praise of a recent federal court ruling that assigns certain privacy rights to text messages. The coverage, by and large, suggests that we’re on the verge of a revolution in workplace wireless communications that will see workers […] Read more »

Yesterday, while I was returning from San Francisco to Austin, AT&T was letting folks know that it plans to move its headquarters from San Antonio to Dallas. A big part of the blame was laid on the lack of direct flights to other big cities, a […] Read more »

The debate around cloud computing and software-as-a-service (SaaS) has energized industry conversations on the future of software. But in fact what we are witnessing in the software industry today is not a revolution, but an evolution. Customers are most concerned with how to use software to […] Read more »

During a break at GigaOM’s Structure 08 conference this week, Found|READ sat down with VMware co-founder and chief scientist, Dr. Mendel Rosenblum. Dr. Rosenblum developed VMware’s virtualization software while working on a supercomputer research project with his graduate students at Stanford University, where he remains an […] Read more »

I’m sitting here in a soon-to-be-abandoned Mobile Tech Manor with everything packed except for a few gadgets that I need to use during the moving phase.  All of the mobile gadgets have been packed with care, many of them hand carted over to the new Mobile […] Read more »

While James has his entire house boxed up, I’m looking at clutter everywhere in my own home. Time for a little post-spring cleaning today for us. Ironically, Web Worker Daily hit this very topic just yesterday, although they were speaking of things on a digital level. […] Read more »

The OAuth standard for cross-site authentication has been around for over a year now, without having really taken off. A pair of announcements this week indicates that the quiet period is over, though: both the Google Data APIs and MySpace’s Data Availability Project opened their doors […] Read more »

The big moving day is here at Mobile Tech Manor and everything (mostly everything) is packed in its little box for moving to the new place.  I am waiting for the movers to show up and start hauling everything away.  I will not have broadband at […] Read more »

3 Out Of 4 U.S. Ethanol Plants At Risk Of Shutting Down: Close to three quarters of U.S. ethanol plants, or 123 of America’s 160 operating ethanol plants, are at risk of being shuttered in the coming months, according to Citigroup analyst David Driscoll. 10 Questions […] Read more »

Liz Gannes who edits our NewTeeVee site skipped the company dinner to attend an event where Chad Hurley, co-founder of YouTube was going to reveal the entire story of YouTube. She caught the entire event on tape, and has the full report, a must see NTV […] Read more »

Stories for Jun. 27, 2008

YouTube CEO Chad Hurley, not known for being especially candid (especially now that he’s under the lock and key of Google PR!) gave an unusual address last night at a Startup2Startup dinner in Palo Alto where he detailed the story of YouTube. We caught the talk […] Read more »

When it comes to browsers, most web workers rely on the usual suspects: Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and Opera. There are many alternative browsers, though, and some of them are useful for targeted types of tasks. Here are six examples that I like. Read more »

Unless you work hard to suppress the child inside, you’re probably pretty excited about seeing WALL-E, the new Pixar movie out this weekend. But if you didn’t get a chance to hit a midnight screening last night and you’re jonesing for some quality storytelling and gorgeous […] Read more »

Now that the U.S. has frozen the building of new solar projects on public land, interest in smaller solar systems that can be more easily built on private lands could see a boost. One such system comes from a young startup incubated at MIT called RawSolar. […] Read more »

Dropping out of college to launch your own company? Yawn. The real startup action is in the halls of your local high school. Case in point: Daniel Brusilovsky, the 15-year-old founder and CEO (yes, the CEO) of Brusilovsky was easy to spot at our recent […] Read more »

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