Stories for Jul. 11, 2008

FCC chairman Kevin Martin has finally decided that he’s had it with Comcast’s BitTorrent blocking. As the AP first reported last night, Martin has drafted an order to punish the cable giant for its “arbitrary” interference with its customers’ Internet access. The draft will be sent […] Read more »

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If you’re like many web workers, you have accounts with profiles all over the place: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Jobster…so what do you do when you need to update your description or photo or other profile info? Atomkeep hopes they have an answer for you: set up […] Read more »

When we recently heard about the history of YouTube’s growth strategy from CEO Chad Hurley’s point of view, he described it as “hanging onto a rocket.” But an engineer’s take is always going to be a bit less rose-colored and a bit more about the terrifying […] Read more »

OK, all of you folks who got up hours earlier than usual and stood in line in the heat for hours and hours to get your brand new iPhone 3G quit whining already.  Sure you probably thought after all that waiting and work you’d have a […] Read more »

Weeks and weeks ago in a video I shot I offered up 3 super prize packages for 3 lucky winners.   The prizes were donated by Microsoft and each package includes a subscription to Visual Studio Team Suite and MSDN Premium.  Each package is worth a bundle […] Read more »

If you upgraded early and don’t have an iBrick 3G, you’re presumably cruising Apple’s new app store. And if you’re also a green geek who’s looking to save fuel, and some money on high gas prices, we found 5 applications that can help you out; they’re […] Read more »

It’s been a bit of a rocky start for MobileMe‘s launch. First, the launch window was pushed back two hours. Then once MobileMe was launched, it was taken offline repeatedly (Server overload? Some last-minute bug fixing? Who knows). And when it was up, the Mail web […] Read more »

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I’m always insulted by the assumption that woman who care about the features (other than color) on their mobile phones or how much memory their hard drives have are geeks. Maybe they simply recognize — much the same way as those with a Y chromosome — […] Read more »

The California Public Utilities Commission has approved what it says is the first utility-scale thin-film solar project to be built in California, in a contract between utility Southern California Edison and thin-film solar maker First Solar. The contract is for a 7.5 megawatt solar facility, with […] Read more »

We’ve covered the RSS ranking service AideRSS a couple of times before – in a nutshell, they analyze the activity surrounding an RSS feed to help you identify the most talked-about items, on the theory that those are the ones you should pay attention to first […] Read more »

With no officially supported video capture and no Flash, the iPhone’s video options are abnormally limited. And some developers, such as the CEO of mywaves, Rajeev Raman, say they are treading cautiously onto the iPhone out of fear Apple will constrain them in order to push […] Read more »

The past two days were supposed to be one of the biggest launches in Apple history in terms of the number of big products being released. Unfortunately the launch has been anything but smooth. Four different products were scheduled to be launched in the past 2 […] Read more »

The best thing that’s happened to Facebook: Apple’s MobileMe outage, the iPhone launch and iPhone activation problems across the board. Why? Because no one seems to be reporting on them being out for most of the morning. I just tried to get in; no luck. There […] Read more »

Odeo Relaunches with Video; podcast directory features millions of audio and video shows as well as partnerships with Revision3, Next New Networks and for content. (TechCrunch) SAG Rejects Studio Offer; actors say AMPTP’s “final offer” doesn’t do enough for DVD residuals or programs created for […] Read more »

Green concrete maker Hycrete has raised $15 million in a Series C round of funding, the company tells us this morning. The round was led by Mohr Davidow and the funds will be used for international expansion. Going international will be a capital-intensive endeavor for Hycrete […] Read more », the Chinese video site that has been unavailable for more than a month, came back online sometime early this morning. The site appears to be in its normal state, despite rumors that it was going to shift strategies and become a widget provider. The company […] Read more »

Let’s get one point of confusion out of the way right up front. Yes, Clearwire and Sprint have a pending deal to merge their WiMAX efforts. Until that deal is ratified, approved and consummated by a handshake with spit (or approved by regulators, whichever comes first), […] Read more »

Today’s the big day and everywhere you look on the interwebs you see pictures of lines of folks waiting to get their 15 minutes of fame.  That’s the amount of time that AT&T says it takes to activate each iPhone sold.  I decided this morning to […] Read more »

For once, the FedEx guy showed up right on time. Here it is — the unboxed pics of the new iPhone 3G. More thoughts to follow later. I guess I am lucky in a way because I didn’t have to deal with lines or deal with […] Read more »

There are a lot of ways to keep track of where you’ve been on the web: browser bookmarks, applications that save selected clippings, shared bookmark services. WebMynd takes a different tack: it saves everything that you see. Built as a Firefox extension plus a backend site, […] Read more »

Like the zombie flicks the service will surely carry, wireless VOD system MovieBeam may be back from the dead. The company, which was shut down last year, was just bought by Mumbai-based Valuable Group for an undisclosed sum, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Valuable plans to […] Read more »

The small-scale solar thermal startup Sopogy, which we reported just raised $9 million from investors including the investment vehicle of eBay founder Pierre Omidyar, Ohana Holdings, says that it started construction on one of its solar power farms on Hawaii’s Big Island at the Natural Energy […] Read more »

Rafat Ali, founder of ContentNext Media, a Santa Monica, Calif.-based new media startup and publisher of the blog paidContent, puts the blame for his inability to sleep last night squarely on Kara Swisher’s shoulders for breaking the story of his company being gobbled up -– for […] Read more »

Comcast has been accused of blocking traffic several times in its history and may have even admitted to more than the straight up P2P blocking we all knew about. But late yesterday, Comcast finally got it’s comeuppance. Sort of. Kevin Martin, chairman of the Federal Communications […] Read more »

Many web workers talk about the benefits of larger or dual monitors. I currently have a 17-inch monitor, and although it works well, I can see how I can benefit from a more spacious and organized virtual desktop. But the truth is, not all web workers […] Read more »

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