Stories for Jul. 14, 2008

As expected, Palm introduced their newest Windows Mobile 6.1 Treo today: the 800w has arrived. While I wouldn’t call the unit groundbreaking when compared to other recent devices, it’s a positive step for fans of the Treo form factor. The touchscreen display is a nice 320 […] Read more »

[qi:_newteevee] The latest skirmish in the ongoing Viacom v. YouTube billion-dollar lawsuit battle is over how YouTube employees used their own site. It’s been a nutty couple of weeks for the high-profile case. First a federal judge ordered YouTube to hand over its user data to […] Read more »

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Well, that didn’t take long. Despite the activation hassles, despite the cost, Apple had a phenomenally successful opening weekend for the iPhone 3G: by Sunday, over 1 million of them had been sold. That’s a lot of phones – and perhaps more than phones: Om Malik […] Read more »

I remember standing in line last year for the iPhone. It was a momentous occasion. There was excitement in the air and people just having a great time waiting for 6 PM when the iPhone went on sale. People were camped out in lawn chairs and […] Read more »

RuneScape is one of online gaming’s biggest success stories, but unless you play it or know someone who does, you’ve probably never heard of it. Launched in 2001 by Jagex Software, an independent studio based in the UK, it’s a traditional fantasy role-playing game that boasts […] Read more »

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With Web 2.0 fever finally starting to wane, the investor community has been pumping some serious dollars into virtual worlds and MMOGs — about $345 million in 39 virtual worlds in the first six months of 2008. And the third quarter has started off with a […] Read more »

PG&E CEO Peter Darbee, at the Silicon Valley Leadership Group’s Energy Summit at Stanford on Friday, told us that he was “concerned” about the plan unveiled last week by oil baron T. Boone Pickens to get the U.S. off oil. While reducing foreign oil consumption is […] Read more »

Stories for Jul. 13, 2008

Another day, another wrinkle in the ongoing Viacom v. YouTube legal soap opera. This time, Viacom has YouTube employees in its sights. To recap: First, a judge ordered YouTube to hand over its user viewing data to Viacom. Then YouTube said it was asking Viacom if […] Read more »

Wonder what neat tricks your oldteevee will be up to in the near future? Check out two homes of the future, courtesy of HP and Netgear. I recently had the pleasure of touring each facility and caught all the hot, televised action on video. (I gave […] Read more »

With so many venture-backed startups looking to build solar thermal power plants in the U.S. desert, we thought it would be interesting to hear from one of the more well-established — and well-capitalized — players. Abengoa Solar is the solar arm of the decades-old Spanish renewable […] Read more »

Those who have been grousing that didn’t appear in the iPhones App Store from the get-go can stand down as it’s available now.  It’s free so just what you need another program to install with the dozens of other ones you’ve installed since you snagged […] Read more »

So a little earlier I was filling out a support request form for MobileMe because when I try to send invitations to friends for my MobileMie Web Gallery, Mail spits back a MobileMe promo page, minus the CSS layout. While filling out the form, I ran […] Read more »

Slate-maker TabletKiosk is always pushing the limits by creating accessories that extend the usefulness of their products and a new accessory just released for their Sahara i400 series slate is as innovative as you will find.  The Sahara Extended Life battery (SELB) is a slice battery […] Read more »

Friday’s iPhone launch caused quite the buzz as thousands braved long lines and multi-hour waits only to walk away with unactivated phones, or no phone at all. Similarly, upgrades to the new software left many 1st Gen users without phone service as well. Sure there were […] Read more »

Fortunately, the overall web really is a pretty reliable beast. But when it’s not – assuming that you can get online at all – there are ways to narrow down what’s going wrong. Here are half a dozen tools to turn to when you’re having trouble. Read more »

Stories for Jul. 12, 2008

Updated, see last paragraph: For a long time there were quite a few rumors about Google making a Gphone, its own hardware device. In the end it came out with Android, a software platform that it is promoting in partnership with 50 odd companies. The platform is […] Read more »

Since the federal government has yet to renew tax incentives for renewable energy, the states have been stepping up their efforts to ensure continued growth for their green energy economies. Most recently, Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell signed an energy bill that will dole out $650 million […] Read more »

If you’re working as part of a distributed online team, you may some day find yourself managing that team – I know, it’s happened to me more than once. From there, it’s only a short hop to carrying out formal performance reviews. If you shudder at the thought, but have to carry out the work, take a look at SuccessFactors: a web-based performance reviews assistant. Read more »

It felt like an old episode of Dallas this week at the Earth2Tech offices with Texas oil baron T. Boone Pickens stealing all the headlines with the launch of his “Pickens Plan.” In case Mr. Pickens and his media blitz made you miss some of the […] Read more »

Many entrepreneurs fear being a flash-in-the-pan success — achieving an exit once, but never again. (Some might call this being lucky rather than good.) But while the allure of success inspires us to do great things, achieving it can have an ugly aftereffect: complacency. Vigilance, my […] Read more »

We weren’t looking to make an Apple commercial, we promise! But while goofing around on Friday we decided to test a first-generation iPhone’s speed at accessing and loading a YouTube video against one of the new ones released yesterday. For the tests, we turned both phones’ […] Read more »

Bootstrap wants to be your online bookkeeping service – at least, if your requirements are simple enough for their streamlined interface to handle. Their sweet spot is the self-employed worker who needs to track income and expenses in a format that’s easy to transfer to the […] Read more »

That’s right, you plug in your iPod and hit the update button. If you have been obsessively punching update only to be frustrated all day, now is the time to stay up much later than you had planned and play. Enjoy. Read more »

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