Stories for Jul. 10, 2008

While we’re not all plugged into The Matrix just yet (or maybe we are and just don’t know it?), we’re starting to see a trend towards something I mentioned earlier today: Location Based Services. Nokia Labs continues the trend today with the debut of Nokia Chat. […] Read more »

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We’re drowning in emails related to iPhone apps here at GigaOM, but since the store opens today and we already did a list of iPhone apps, we’re turning the tables and asking, what would GigaOM readers do? You guys obviously want the 3G iPhone, so now […] Read more »

YouTube will soon add geosearch — giving viewers the ability to find videos tagged to a certain location — disclosed product manager Brian Glick at a developer talk at YouTube’s San Bruno, Calif., campus on Thursday. Glick said the feature was currently “in limited experimentation,” and […] Read more »

Recently, while taking a couple of days off, I needed to be able to continue writing on my laptop throughout most of the day–while outside at a hotel. I’ve written before about my previous favorite solution for this problem: Electrovaya’s PowerPad95 external battery.  Since that post, […] Read more »

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Coming soon to a city near you — more power outages! As temperatures soar across the nation, a report published today in the Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology details research from scientists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, which estimates that electricity demand could outstrip supply […] Read more »

The gaming industry came out early and strongly in favor of the new features the iPhone brought to the scene just over a year ago. Developer… Read more »

Viacom has issued a statement about the recent court ruling that ordered YouTube to hand over its user data to the media giant. The full text is reprinted below, but here’s the quick translation: “No we didn’t, and everyone should stop being mean to us.” A […] Read more »

Before I even mention the device, I have to ask: does Matt Miller ever sleep? He just put the HP iPAQ 910 through the review-wringer and now he’s manhandling a new phone. Is there a "Phone of the Week" club that nobody told me about?!? Anyway, […] Read more »

Updated With Corrections: It is a sad commentary on the state of the broadband chip market when a chip maker essentially gives itself away to a rival, who gets much needed-cash in exchange for stock and the promise of a future market. TranSwitch, a broadband chip […] Read more »

Flipswap is a service that allows you to send in your old phone for free and get paid for it. They send your old phone to another country where someone less fortunate will be able to use it (while also covering shipping both ways). They will […] Read more »

For any entrepreneur that’s lived through a vicious feud between a startup’s original team members, here’s a must-read for you. Our buddy Michael Copeland over at Fortune just wrote a sweeping piece on the dispute that went down between the founder and former CEO of electric […] Read more »

The leadership team at Divvio, the stealthy multimedia search engine, said they were surprised when AT&T disclosed the details of their involvement in an announcement last week that the telco was launching a consumer-oriented video search web site called VideoCrawler that was powered by the startup. […] Read more »

You’ve probably heard the news by now that Yahoo! has opened up its search engine through a comprehensive range of APIs. Our parent site GigaOm has coverage of the industry implications, but our interest is more in the practical uses for web workers. Fortunately, even though […] Read more »

We trust spellcheckers to be right, right? We expect that the spellchecker will yield an accurate correction, or at the least, real words. Oddly enough, though, I’ve stumbled upon a few misspellings that cause Leopard’s built-in spellchecker to throw up some amusing–though incorrect–results (a friend shared […] Read more »

MySpace launched a social networking experience designed for the iPhone (available free at the App Store) today that will take advantage of the touch interface. As part of the launch, they sent out a fact sheet detailing some mobile stats that I found pretty compelling, notably […] Read more »

SunPower said this morning that it’s scored a sunny deal in the Sunshine state. The solar cell maker will build those two massive solar photovoltaic power plants that Florida Power & Light Co. (FPL) has in the works (and we wrote about here). SunPower (SPWR) will […] Read more »

Shopflick Gets $7 Million; the shopping site gets Series A led by Panorama Capital and Venrock and is no longer in private beta. (TechCrunch) Babelgum Gets the Beeb; BBC Worldwide to provide clips from shows like Tribe, Top Gear and documentaries from David Attenborough. (Babelgum Blog) […] Read more »

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