Stories for May. 29, 2008

Floatavoltaics in Napa Valley: In a Dionysian cleantech maneuver, Napa Valley winery Far Niente has installed 1,000 floating solar panels on its irrigation pond and has enough solar power to run the entire winery – SFGate. Governmental Cleantech Grant Roundup: The folks over at Cleantech have […] Read more »

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EPIC-FU and Next New Networks have parted ways. The announcement was made through both of their blogs earlier today. We knew that the two sides hadn’t renegotiated their contract as of April this year, and that the EPIC-FU was in talks with an undisclosed cable network […] Read more »

Have you been using the latest release candidate RC1 of version 3 of Mozilla’s Firefox browser? If you haven’t, and you’re a regular user of Firefox, you may want to consider doing so now, before the official release of the final offering in June. I’ve been […] Read more »

In thinking about the desktop/web hybrid platforms that have launched or are about to be launched, I’ve decided that even if last year they were overhyped, this year we’re going to see real adoption and applications. But that presents an interesting problem for developers and eventually, […] Read more »

Has the FCC gotten into the wireless business? Instead of simply auctioning off airwaves, it’s been taking it a step further recently by lay… Read more »

Surf Canyon, a maker of a browser plug-in for better search results, has raised $600,000 in seed money from unspecified investors. The servi… Read more »

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Yesterday we learned that Amazon will launch a pay-per-view streaming service in the next few weeks. Since then, Silicon Alley Insider was able to extract a few more nuggets about the service from Jeff Bezos: You’ll be able to stream rentals and purchases, prices will be […] Read more »

Content Delivery Network Akamai is in a good position to keep an eye on the global internet, given that they’ve got a presence pretty much everywhere and huge amounts of traffic flow through their servers. That (along with the chance to advertise their own services) is […] Read more »

RedLasso, the television clipping service, today responded to cease-and-desist letters sent by NBC, CBS and FOX last week, saying it would “continue to make its site available for use by bloggers providing social commentary on newsworthy events as it continues to work towards cooperative, mutually beneficial […] Read more »

Just as any online content producer or web site owner is hungry for metrics about their web site, iPhone application developers are bound to want the same types of facts and figures surrounding the usage of their programs. New York City-based startup Pinch Media, which has […] Read more »

In Silicon Valley, creating a thin-film solar startup requires a thorough business plan, years of testing and countless meetings to raise a few million dollars for your venture. But if you’re the oil-rich emirate of Abu Dhabi it just takes a couple billion and you can […] Read more »

Most of us are web workers because we enjoy it. Whether it’s the feel of being on the cutting edge of technology, the joy of working anywhere, or the contribution to saving the planet by not commuting physically, there are a lot of good things to […] Read more »

The first day of Google I/O seemed like a coming out party for Google App Engine, the company’s competitive threat to Amazon AWS. For one, the registrations were thrown open to everyone, and for another, two new APIs were released: the image manipulation API, and (more […] Read more »

[qi:_earth2tech] Those that forged infotech are going green in droves. The latest is eBay founder Pierre Omidyar, who has just invested in Hawaiian startup Sopogy, a builder of small-scale solar thermal plants that concentrate the suns rays to produce power. Unlike many well-known solar thermal startups […] Read more »

Online video studio Revision3 suffered web site outages over the long weekend and extending to Tuesday that it is now blaming on the anti-piracy outfit MediaDefender. Rev3 CEO Jim Louderback posted a long and well-written account of the events on the company blog this morning. Rev3 […] Read more »

Viacom amended its complaint in its ongoing legal dispute with Google last month to suggest that YouTube “consciously tolerates or cooperates” with software tools that allow users to download its videos, as Cynthia Brumfield notes. These are the websites, Firefox extensions and desktop applications for saving […] Read more »

I’m not sure where Qualcomm is going with its Plaza effort, a platform-agnostic (it’ll run on Java and Brew) widget development and delivery framework for carriers. I see why the wireless chip maker wants to appease carriers with their own set of mobile phone widgets, as […] Read more »

CBS Interactive Still Sizing Up Video Acquisition Targets; its head of M&A says the company is looking for professional content, mobile and local plays. ( “Wii Fit Girlfriend” Not Corporate? Viral vid featuring girl exercising in underwear on the game device thought to be created by […] Read more »

HP and BuzzCorps still have a few HP HDX Dragon notebook packages to give away but since the 31 day contest is winding down you’d better enter the remaining contests.  Here’s the rest of the schedule so you don’t miss any: 22 May -29  23 […] Read more »

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