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The iPhones have been unboxed and torn down, so now it’s the Wall Street watchers’ turn to tally up who won and who lost among the companies that provide chips for the envy-inducing device. The big winner is Infineon with four chips, including GPS and 3G […] Read more »

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ArcelorMittal Launches Cleantech Funds, Misaole Gets $20M: ArcelorMittal, a Luxembourg-based steel giant, has launched two new funds, a cleantech venture capital fund and a €100 million ($157 million) carbon fund. The company will be working with VCs including Khosla Ventures, KPCB and Bessemer Venture Partners and […] Read more »

After playing around with the Roku Netflix streaming box review unit this weekend, I was ready to plunk down 99 of my hard-earned dollars to get one, even though Microsoft has announced that my Xbox 360 will soon do the same thing. And while everyone keeps […] Read more »

Here’s a way to use solar power that’s not so great for the planet — enhanced oil recovery. The executive vice president of solar thermal startup Ausra, Robert Morgan, said on Monday at the Intersolar conference that the company is looking at selling its solar-powered steam […] Read more »

Paul of MoDaCo recently picked up an Advent 4211 (MSI Wind variant) and has perfected installing OS X on the mini-notebook.  Paul has documented in great detail the entire process to get it working on the Advent for those who have a desire to do so.  […] Read more »

Over the past several days, Google has been busy posting many videos shot at its recent Google I/O and Developer Day events. These were held all around the world, and for anyone involved with not just Google’s tools, but many of the prevalent development tools of […] Read more »

GreenVolts, a three-year-old San Francisco-based solar startup is looking to raise a significant round of Series B funding of “less than $100 million” in late 2008, CEO Bob Cart told us at the Intersolar conference in downtown San Francisco on Monday. But that hoped-for round would […] Read more »

TokBox, a free service that allows you to talk simply with your friends and co-workers over live video, has released a new downloadable application built using Adobe Air. With the new application, you do not have to be on TokBox’s website to accept or make video […] Read more »

We thought Opera Mobile 9.5 beta would be out by now but according to the Opera Mobile blog they have encountered some last minute show-stopping bugs that will delay its release to the public.  Opera Mobile 9.5 looks to be a killer mobile browser that will […] Read more »

These days, we are all swimming in a sea of data. And the traditional method of search — the one that involves first finding, then consuming the information — isn’t going to work for much longer. The company that can figure out a way to cut through the noise for us stands to make a boatload of money. Read more »

A widely-reported survey done earlier this year by job site Dice Holdings comes up with a somewhat perplexing result: 37% of the IT professionals they surveyed said they would be willing to take up to a 10% pay cut to telecommute. On the one hand, this seems like an obvious reaction to the spiraling cost of gasoline. But on the other, it seems like a very one-sided way to look at the economics of telecommuting. Read more »

In an attempt to raise the availability of ethanol at American gas stations above a paltry 1 percent, General Motors and the National Governors Association said yesterday they will work together to expand the nation’s ethanol infrastructure to make sure there are pumps ready for next-generation […] Read more »

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