Stories for Jul. 2, 2008

Eco-Fireworks for the Fourth: Fireworks can get a lot less toxic for the earth, but don’t expect that to be a good selling point for fireworks fans — ScienceDaily. ETN for Carbon Emissions: Barclay launched the “first exchange traded note that tracks the global carbon emission […] Read more »

Paul Proulx’s montages are on the surface simply mashups of film clips, but the way in which he’s constructed these odes to late 20th-century film show an attention to detail beyond the amateur. At what point does expressing your love of movies become its own act […] Read more »

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I work with so many different kinds of graphics that I’m always on the lookout for applications and utilities that can make working with them easier. In the world of freeware and open source software, you can find many good applications. Here are five examples. Read more »

Looks like the Bureau of Land Management didn’t like all the public outcry over their moratorium on new solar projects built on public land. (A prominent New York Times article can have that effect). The Bureau said today that it has reversed that previous decision, and […] Read more »

Roku, the maker of the $99 Netflix streaming set-top box, has told Forbes that it will be updating its software later this year to let the device stream video from other “big name” providers. While Roku didn’t name names, YouTube obviously springs to mind. The video-sharing […] Read more »

For all TAB readers interested in getting access to the most cutting edge (dubbed “sneaky peek”) releases of OmniFocus (their task management app) you can sign up for advance notifications via their Sneaky Peak page. The “Omni” apps are well-crafted products and their programmers do their […] Read more »

If you are looking for on demand, toll-free conference call services, look no further. FreeConference announced this week that they now offer On-Demand Reservationless Toll Free Premium 800 service. FreeConference has been offering free teleconferencing services for years. Their free packages, Web-Scheduled Standard and Reservationless Standard, […] Read more »

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Powerset founder Barney Pell used to turn blue in the face telling people how superior his company’s approach to search was, yet now he’s selling the firm to Microsoft for a rumored $100 million. The move is not, however, simply a reflection of how well Powerset was doing but of how much money the company was faced with spending in order to compete with Google. Read more »

Have you no loyalty, Will Ferrell? While Funny or Die toils along, branching into video games to show that it’s stronger than just your wit alone, you’re off gallivanting on iBeatYou, online video home of new mom Jessica Alba and that traitor Baron Davis (see our […] Read more »

Vyyo, loosely translated, means “air” in Hindi. And air is what the Norcross, Ga.-based cable broadband equipment maker with that name might have run out of. The company, which used to trade on Nasdaq under the ticker VYYO, is down to some $5.3 million in cash […] Read more »

Microsoft today announced the launch of Equipt, a new suite consisting of the Windows Live OneCare security service and Office Home and Student 2007. What’s different here is the pricing: $69.99 per year on an annual subscription basis, covering three computers. Equipt users get whatever upgrades […] Read more »

Another hydrogen-based fuel cell company has brought in cash, and unlike the physics-defying BlackLight, this one’s tech is already getting tested in some big deals. Intelligent Energy said this morning that it has raised $13.6 million to help it get its hydrogen fuel cells closer to […] Read more »

Gone are the days when the cell phone is simply for talking. In a survey commissioned by Access Systems Americas and conducted by Amplitude Research, buyers of new cell phones look at video capability (33%), music (34%), accessing the Internet (61%), email capabilities (63%), camera (67%), […] Read more »

AT&T has decided not to renew its contract to resell television services provided by Dish Networks. The announcement, made last night in a filing from Dish with the SEC, have sent shares of the satellite company tumbling and analysts rushing to point out that this may […] Read more »

I recently ripped a few seasons of my favorite TV shows from DVD’s to MP4’s so I could put them on my iPhone for when I travel; however, when I imported them into iTunes they imported as movies, not TV shows. No big deal I thought, […] Read more »

Who needs physics when there’s money to be made? The race to discover clean energy breakthroughs is seeing its fair share of cold fusion style ideas — oh-so-much promise, but a looming gap between enthusiasm and scientific reality. In the case of BlackLight Power, a 19-year […] Read more »

That sound you hear is an entire generation of nerds bursting at the seams with the news that their beloved ’80s childhood cartoon, G.I. Joe, is coming back as an animated web series. The series is called G.I. Joe Resolute (was G.I. Joe Stay the Course […] Read more »

One of the eye-catching things about the MacBook Air announcement was the availability of a solid-state drive (SSD) as a standard option, replacing the mechanical hard drive. For a not-insignificant $999, you can upgrade the regular hard drive to 64GB of pure memory chips. SSDs have […] Read more »

It’s best days may be behind it in online search, but Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) is proving its still a contender in mobile. The search engine and p… Read more »

Is McCain the John Kerry of energy? News reports this week are essentially calling him a flip-flopper when it comes to his energy record and policy. The Los Angeles Times and Bloomberg say the presidential candidate has had varying stances on offshore oil drilling, clean energy […] Read more »

AT&T Dissing Dish Networks; telco won’t resell the satellite service as of Dec. 31. (The Wall Street Journal) DVDs Dominate, But Young’uns Turning to New Ways; study from Knowledge Networks shows Generation Y (ages 13 – 29) streams and downloads, but isn’t buying, video content. (release) […] Read more »

Doesn’t everyone want an update that "improves the phone application, stability and device usability"? If you’re a Palm Treo 755p owner on Verizon, you’re in luck because Palm says that’s exactly what you’ll get. And I use the term "exactly" in a very generous way since […] Read more »

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