Stories for May. 30, 2008

While we do talk a lot about data storage and security here at WWD – today I want to switch gears and discuss personal, or personnel, continuity. In my business I’m mostly a one man show, and when schedules run amok or there is illness in […] Read more »

Canada’s first emissions trading market, the Montreal Climate Exchange, opened for business this morning, becoming part of the $64 billion global carbon-credit market. The exchange is a joint venture between the Montréal Exchange (MX) and the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX), and participating companies can buy and […] Read more »

Depending which iPhone rumor you believe, the 3G version of iPhone has either been delayed or already landed on U.S. shores and is on its way to being announced at Apple’s WWDC in San Francisco next month. The interest in the 3G version of the iPhone […] Read more »

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There’s a new entrant in the online drawing tools market: Though they make their pitch as a flowcharting tool, they’re really a general-purpose shapes-and-connectors application, along the lines of Visio or OmniGraffle. Their UI is largely JavaScript-based, but seems reasonably responsive. In addition to creating […] Read more »

Dear Comcast, Thank you for spoiling last night’s season finale of Lost. Because of the key queuing issue with your set top boxes, two separate plot points from the show were ruined. It’s the same problem we’ve written about before, and it’s getting worse. I pushed […] Read more »

Web apps you can use offline won’t be relegated to the desktop if I’m reading this Opera press release correctly. Google Gears, the open-source browser extension that lets you take your online experience offline, is coming to both desktop and mobile browsers via Opera. Opera Mobile […] Read more »

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I wasn’t the only one who reported an initial problem with the latest update to OS X 10.5.3 but I’m happy to report a success the second time around.  Last night I decided to give the update a second try since I had rebuilt my MacBook […] Read more »

EatLime, a personal video-sharing startup, is moving at warp speed. In November its two young founders, then operating a general file-sharing site in Toronto called YouSwap, visited the Bay Area. In January, they moved to Sunnyvale. In April, they launched their current site, honing in on […] Read more »

Back when broadband Internet access was made available to homes in the late 1990′s, teleworking took off.  In businesses, employees were allowed to work from home part time (in some cases, full time) and many home based businesses took off, allowing small time entrepreneurs to have […] Read more »

User review portal MouthShut has gone in for a re-design, adding local listings and reviews to the mix. Currently it lists entries from 20 c… Read more »

With the biofuel industry reeling from global outcries of humanitarian and environmental havoc, individual companies are trying desperately to make it clear that their biofuels are, in fact, green. To that end, Swedish ethanol producer and distributor Sekab claims to be the world’s first maker of […] Read more »

Stories for May. 29, 2008

[qi:090] Microsoft Corp., in its effort to woo telecoms has come up with yet another project, Echoes, a services platform that will likely to be sold to telecom carriers. It combines Microsoft’s Live Messenger, with over the air syncing of people’s address books with presence and […] Read more »

I wish Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg were harder on FCC Chairman Kevin Martin who was at the D6 conference. Look at this video and you get an idea that this is a future politician talking. (For Part II of the video, click here.) I blame […] Read more »

Floatavoltaics in Napa Valley: In a Dionysian cleantech maneuver, Napa Valley winery Far Niente has installed 1,000 floating solar panels on its irrigation pond and has enough solar power to run the entire winery – SFGate. Governmental Cleantech Grant Roundup: The folks over at Cleantech have […] Read more »

EPIC-FU and Next New Networks have parted ways. The announcement was made through both of their blogs earlier today. We knew that the two sides hadn’t renegotiated their contract as of April this year, and that the EPIC-FU was in talks with an undisclosed cable network […] Read more »

Have you been using the latest release candidate RC1 of version 3 of Mozilla’s Firefox browser? If you haven’t, and you’re a regular user of Firefox, you may want to consider doing so now, before the official release of the final offering in June. I’ve been […] Read more »

In thinking about the desktop/web hybrid platforms that have launched or are about to be launched, I’ve decided that even if last year they were overhyped, this year we’re going to see real adoption and applications. But that presents an interesting problem for developers and eventually, […] Read more »

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