Stories for May. 29, 2008, the online counterpart to the cable TV network of the same name, is overhauling its site and adding original web series in its bid to become the dominant source of men’s entertainment online. The site’s strategy for capturing those eyeballs? Boobs and bad behavior. The […] Read more »

Tribune may shed more baggage as it seeks to climb out from its enormous debt load. The privately-held company is weighing a sale of Tribune… Read more »

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If you’re concerned about the sort of behavior tracking being carried out by companies like NebuAd and Phorm, then AnchorFree has a deal for you. Download and run their Hotspot Shield application (for either Windows or OS X), and you can surf anonymously. In return, though, […] Read more »

Skinning the small screen has been around since… well… since the introduction of a customizable small screen on a handheld. I remember some early efforts from years ago, but none of those can compete with these three freebies for the Blackberry Curve and Pearl. eVeek offers […] Read more »

Granted, the iPhone gets a lot of news any day of the week, but today the New York Times, Ars Technica, and Information Week are all raining on Apple’s parade, claiming that Jobs’ prediction of 10 million iPhones in 2008 was way beyond the mark. Macworld […] Read more »

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San Diego-based startup Sapphire Energy said yesterday that it has squeezed ASTM-certifiable 91 octane gasoline — the premium stuff at the pump — from algae. That is to say, high-octane gasoline from pond scum. Founded a year ago this month, Sapphire has already raised $50 million […] Read more »

Last weekend, my mother-in-law, a recent Mac convert, sent an email out to family with 111 photos embedded in the message. Yes, one hundred and eleven. My synagogue has been trying to save postage fees by emailing out the monthly bulletin…a PDF file that has averaged […] Read more »

BooRah, a semantic vertical search engine founded by former MetroFi employees, has indexed 100,000 blogs and over 100 review sites to create a nice restaurant review and search service for a variety of U.S. cities. Today, the Mountain View, Calif., company launched a partnership with online […] Read more »

Towards the end of my last post, I talked about some of the potential advantages there could be in web workers getting together online to create local networks. In my view, since we’re still a marginal group in society, nobody’s going to go out of their […] Read more »

For a few days there, things were starting to look up for Pacific Ethanol (PEIX). Corn costs are surging. Demand is slack. And biofuels are being blamed for everything from toxic sludge to movie-ticket inflation. Pacific Ethanol, which recently suspended plans to build a new California […] Read more »

Car makers are facing newer and stricter emissions regulations all over the world. In Europe, the debate over proposals to curb carbon dioxide emissions for new cars is getting fiercer. This week six Greenpeace activist dressed up as Flintstones characters were arrested in Brussels, Belgium, as […] Read more »

Stories for May. 28, 2008

Today at the D6:Conference, the corporate doyens and business leaders were out in full force, both on and off stage. Those who were grilled on stage showed were true to their form – Amazon’s Jeff Bezos charmed everyone with optimism for Kindle, Yahoo’s Jerry Yang was […] Read more »

News Corp has a more pragmatic approach to content distribution than the competition, was the takeaway of remarks by Rupert Murdoch at the D Conference tonight, where Om is attending and filing reports via text message. Murdoch told the audience he didn’t sue YouTube because it […] Read more »

SezWho, a startup that helps blogs and other social sites establish better commenting, has acquired Tejit, a semantic analysis company cover… Read more »

Q-Cells Going South of the Border: The German thin film solar company is expanding into the 10,000 acre Silicon Border Science Park, in Mexicali, Baja California; it’s a two-hour drive from San Diego, and a three-hour to both Los Angeles and Phoenix — release. GE Dives […] Read more »

A demo of the latest Android user interface has hit the web — Android Community has a lot of screenshots and some video of a demo in a conf… Read more »

Like all the other geeks in attendance, I couldn’t help myself from letting out an audible “whooo” when Google showed off an Android phone demo Wednesday that linked Street View to a compass (see video below). Sure it was just a demo, but watching the virtual-reality […] Read more »

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