Stories for Jul. 3, 2008

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While solar projects are getting slated for the deserts of California and Arizona, New Mexico’s four largest utilities have done a public shout out to bring in a very large solar project to their state. El Paso Electric, Public Service Company of New Mexico, Xcel Energy […] Read more »

One of the notable shortcomings of the iPhone is the lack of a chat client. Oh sure, SMS looks like iChat – but we all know that you’re really paying for each of those messages you’re shooting off. So we could wait for Apple to open […] Read more »

Firefox set another new record last month. No, not the 8-million-plus downloads on Download Day – that’s nice, but since this is the first time the Guiness people have ever certified a record in that category, it’s pretty meaningless. Much more important in the grand scheme […] Read more »

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Matthew from Darla Mack has hit the road for a vacation and he is attempting to go the distance without cracking open his laptop.  He intends to do all his work using just the Nokia N95-3, N810 and Nokia LD-3W (Bluetooth GPS module) and he is […] Read more »

Those folks at Google are not just making it so you can map the Tour de France, they are making Google Maps even more efficient for certain Blackberry users.  Those with US Pearls (8110, 8210, 8130) can speak the search term right in Google Maps to […] Read more »

Nokia (NYSE: NOK) announced today it has signed on Norwegian carrier Telenor to its internet services platform Ovi. In the deal, Telenor wil… Read more »

About three weeks ago, I finally upgraded to Delicious Library 2. It is definitely a slick program. The greatest addition for me was the ability to add my gadgets to my library. It just makes sense to be able to add all my electronic gear. You […] Read more »

My ideal workday usually starts at 3:00 am and ends three hours later – which means that I have the rest of the morning to do chores and run errands. Now, because I’ve spent the entire weekend reading until late in the afternoons, I wake up at 4:00 pm, which means that most establishments close an hour later, and the sun will set soon – leaving me unable to go out and perform errands. Plus, by the time 3:00am comes, I am already too tired to work. Not an unusual predicament for web workers. Especially since we own our time. Although we don’t necessarily have a boss who prefers that we start at 9:00 am, waking up late in the afternoons isn’t ideal either. Read more »

Luxury leather case maker Vaja is ready for the imminent release of the Apple iPhone 3G with four cases to protect their customer’s investment.  The cases start from $45 – $85 and come in different forms to meet the user’s preference.  The ivolution SP is a […] Read more »

[qi:_newteevee] The promise of web video was that cheap cameras, easy editing software and free online distribution would open up new vistas of creativity. Instead we’re just seeing the same things, mostly parodies, over and over. Some are just recycling the same ideas. It’s just becoming faster […] Read more »

The city of Houston has signed a contract to get a quarter of its municipal government power needs from wind farms. This is significant not only because Houston is the oil and gas capital of the country, but because it needs a lot of power. It’s […] Read more »

Stories for Jul. 2, 2008

I have been way too busy recently to play any games, but one game that was announced last week has made me long for the days of yore when I could play for hours on end with no thought of responsibilities calling my name. Blizzard Entertainment […] Read more »

The Atlantic Monthly recently asked the question “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” I can’t answer that (I couldn’t finish reading the article), but I’d like to ask a parallel question: Is YouTube killing video originality? The promise of web video was that cheap cameras, easy editing […] Read more »

While pop stars’ fortunes these days are heavily dependent on building an online fan base, the reverse is even more true. Social media sites are tripping over themselves to score the one celebrity who will shower them with rabid fans. I’m surprised to see how often […] Read more »

Eco-Fireworks for the Fourth: Fireworks can get a lot less toxic for the earth, but don’t expect that to be a good selling point for fireworks fans — ScienceDaily. ETN for Carbon Emissions: Barclay launched the “first exchange traded note that tracks the global carbon emission […] Read more »

Paul Proulx’s montages are on the surface simply mashups of film clips, but the way in which he’s constructed these odes to late 20th-century film show an attention to detail beyond the amateur. At what point does expressing your love of movies become its own act […] Read more »

I work with so many different kinds of graphics that I’m always on the lookout for applications and utilities that can make working with them easier. In the world of freeware and open source software, you can find many good applications. Here are five examples. Read more »

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