Stories for Jun. 2, 2008

Anyone running SVN on their Mac? Macbook DL Speed Delicious Library 2 iPhone should i wait??!! Digital Copies of Movies with Blu-ray/DVD Read more »

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Now that raw, cold horsepower is relegated to the backseat in handheld Internet devices, the processor space is heating up. NVIDIA, a long-time player in the graphics card market, is casting its lot with the Tegra line of processors. The company is showing off the Tegra […] Read more »

The folks over at Yahoo! Developer Network have released another good resource for the web designer: the Yahoo! Design Stencil Kit. The kit contains 16 different high-resolution image sets (available as OmniGraffle or Visio stencils, PDF, PNG, and SVG). Each one has a batch of anonymous […] Read more »

Microsoft Corp today announced that HP would embed its Live Search technology on all consumer PCs sold by the Palo Alto, Calif.-based computer company in the United States and Canada, starting January 2009. Live Search is also going to be the default search engine in all […] Read more »

British Telecom (BT) said today it plans to reduce its carbon emissions 80 percent by 2020. The UK-based incumbent telecom operator is already on its way to meeting that aggressive target, and last October said it would invest close to half a billion dollars in wind […] Read more »

No, you can’t beta the latest imported gadget directly through the web yet, but I’m sure folks are working on that. Dynamism, sure to be bookmarked by gadget lover’s a-plenty, has a site redesign that’s in beta, but open for business. There’s a link to the […] Read more »

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Web working is not for the faint of heart. Most WWD regulars who’ve spent over a year web working already know this by experience. However, new web workers or people who are thinking about working from home have yet to experience many of these hardships. If you haven’t made the jump to web working yet, you’ll need to face the cold hard truth of what you’re about to get into. Read more »

As we said they would a few weeks ago, Nvidia today showed off its line of Tegra chips designed for mobile Internet devices, becoming yet another entrant into the unproven market. The Tegra chipsets are based on the APX2500 processor built for personal media players and […] Read more »

After seeing Britney’s comeback fiasco turn into server-melting gold, MTV intentionally created a viral clip for its Movie Awards last night, with surprisingly funny results. In it, Ben Stiller tries to corral Jack Black and Robert Downey Jr. into making a viral video to pimp their […] Read more »

I like simple. Simple means I don’t have to think too hard and – done well – has a kinda elegance about it. Mike Padilla‘s Protonotes is one such idea, a service that provide a simple and elegant solution to a clear problem – annotating web […] Read more »

Leave it to San Francisco to decide that the city is not only going to recycle grease from its restaurants to be used for biodiesel, but that the city will build its own grease-to-biodiesel plant. On Friday San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom said that the city […] Read more »

Stories for Jun. 1, 2008

Has the long-expected shakeup in the online video industry finally arrived? Video-sharing startup Veoh has blocked visitors from all but 33 countries from accessing its site, a spokesperson confirmed to NewTeeVee today, citing the desire to “re-focus those resources.” She said, “Competition is high in the […] Read more »

CBS will reportedly announce a new video player tomorrow, featuring a raft of new features including new ad targeting, content sharing and augmented social capabilities. AdAge writes that the player will use a content and advertising engine CBS picked up in its acquisition of The […] Read more »

Video-sharing startup Veoh has blocked visitors from all but 33 countries from accessing its site, a spokesperson confirmed to NewTeeVee today. Veoh’s Gaude Paez told NewTeeVee, “The markets we are exiting collectively represent less than 10 percent of our viewer base.” She maintained that the decision […] Read more »

While the goal of providing free access to citizens is a noble one, muni W-Fi proponents have misunderstood how the Internet is used in public spaces, primarily by assuming that people who can afford laptops are somehow unable to afford Internet access. Perhaps a better solution is to update the concept of lifeline coverage to make it universal and automatic. Read more »

I had to laugh when I saw Gizmodo (followed by Engadget) finally realize something we’ve known since 2006 and the name "Origami": the naming of portable device categories is way out of hand. I pretty much let the topic go over the weekend, but then Sal, […] Read more »

We’re on day 31 of the 31 Days of the Dragon contest that has been blowing and going strong so you’d better head over to GottaBeMobile and get entered up.  The contest has given away almost 31 HP HDX Dragon laptop packages worth over $5,000 each […] Read more »

In this week’s edition of John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman‘s hilarious podcast, The Bugle, Zaltzman offers his own solution to the isolation of working from home… Do you work from home but miss the office atmosphere? Then simply hire a group of people you don’t really […] Read more »

People talk about “selling” technology products all the time, but they usually mean licensing them. Licensing is actually the most common way that technology companies generate revenue. A “sale” occurs when ownership of the product changes hands completely. A “license” is when some portion of ownership […] Read more »

Earth2Tech: Ocean seeding banned for now. OStatic: Do Open Source Robots dreams of Electric Sheep? NewTeeVee: opens for a peek. NewTeeVee: What the DOS attack against Revision2 was really about. Read more »

For many filmmakers, the festival circuit is the first, last and only place their work is ever shown. But a new endeavor from Cinetic (rhymes with “kinetic”) Rights Management wants to prove there’s a digital life for all the films that don’t land theatrical distribution deals. […] Read more »

We recently looked at a bunch of resources for finding free images on the web. But sometimes, despite the millions of photos on those sites, you just won’t find what you want. That’s when it’s time to turn to the microstock photography sites, which offer more depth, more professional images, and better-tuned search engines – for a price. Read more »

Vodafone, one of the largest phone companies in the world, has been slowly buying (and rolling out) fixed-line broadband services across Europe in preparation for fixed mobile convergence. The company’s plans became more concrete last week when it released a new FMC box developed in partnership […] Read more »

Stories for May. 31, 2008

Last month I suggested that Blockbuster buy Redbox to help usher brick-and-mortar DVD renters into their digital future through automated kiosks. While they didn’t buy Redbox, this week Blockbuster announced plans to roll out…kiosks! But the big boxes will only be used to download content to […] Read more »

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