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Do you work a lot with large files, or need to synchronize large blocks of files between two drives? For both of these applications, a free Windows application called TeraCopy is a much better solution than Windows Explorer and most of the file copying utilities out […] Read more »

Two weeks before the Federal Communication Commission meets to decide whether or not to issue an enforcement order against Comcast for throttling peer-to-peer traffic, not-for-profit group Free Press has accused the ISP of throttling P2P traffic not only when the network is congested, but whenever that […] Read more »

[qi:_newteevee] Elemental Technologies, a startup focused on faster transcoding, has raised $7.1 million from General Catalyst Partners and Voyager Capital. The company’s software uses the graphics processor rather than the CPU inside a computer to handle the work of ripping a DVD or video file to […] Read more »

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Intuit – you know, the folks who make QuickBooks – have put together an online invoice-management site called Billing Manager. You enter your company information, and your client information, and what invoices you want to send with line-item detail, and it takes care of a lot […] Read more »

CarbonFlow, a startup that makes software for carbon markets, has apparently raised its first round of funding, a source close to the company tells us. We’re not sure how much it’s raised, but Clean Pacific Ventures led the round, and OVP Venture Partners participated. Both Clean […] Read more »

While yesterday saw greater availability of Microsoft’s Windows Live Mesh technical preview, I was grousing about a few things: one, no mobile access and two, no Mac access. To a small degree, the first issue is beginning to go away thanks a mobile-formatted Mesh site. The […] Read more »

Speed, detail, taking risks, and just having a camera or five rolling have been key to Barack Obama’s success at engaging people through online video, according to Arun Chaudhary, director of video field production the campaign. But the real key — and the difference from previous […] Read more »

Mixing friends with business has always been tricky. Even if you’re just coworking, you still run the risk of having your friends interfere with your business – or worse, having the business ruin your friendship. However, there are still some ways to establish a professional coworking space with friends. Read more »

Al Gore has just called for an aggressive, if not unattainable, solution to America’s economic, environmental and national security woes: Generate 100 percent of our electricity from carbon-free sources within 10 years. The Nobel laureate laid out the challenge to America in a speech today at […] Read more »

The bedouin-style web worker may get plenty of exercise thanks to a lifestyle of hopping from coffeeshop to co-working site. But the sad reality is that most web workers are also desk workers: we spend the day in front of our computers, sitting on our backsides. […] Read more »

The usage-based pricing plans being considered by AT&T, Time Warner and others will force us all to wonder about the size of our connectivity bill on a monthly basis. Which means it won’t only be bad for users, but for some of the Internet service providers’ largest customers. Read more »

Tour de France Pedals Ahead Online; 3.4 million Tour de France videos downloaded on, network averaging 340,000 videos per day. (MediaWeek) HomestarRunner Co-Founder to Direct Loudermilk; Craig Zobel will re-write and direct the comedy starring Jon Heder. (The Hollywood Reporter) Vogue Launches; site will […] Read more »

Chalk up one more for our coal power deathwatch list and this one was even going to be “clean coal.” The New York Power Authority has informed NRG Energy that it doesn’t have the financing for a planned $1.5 billion coal power plant in western New […] Read more »

Up to now, Windows Mobile devices had all the fun with Zumobi, the tile-based browsing and widget platform. Today, BlackBerry owners can get in the game as Zumobi has arrived for the ‘Berry in your life. That’s provided your precious is an 81xx, 83xx, or 88xx […] Read more »

I promised I wouldn’t say anything but since AVING has the scoop it’s fair game now.  HP is refreshing the 2710p, my choice for best convertible Tablet PC on the market today, later this year.  The new 2730p will have the same thin and light form […] Read more »

Amazon introduced a Video on Demand store today, and in one fell swoop may have turned the world of home video on its head. The new store will stream 40,000 movie and television programs for rent or purchase directly to Internet-connected TVs or set-top boxes or […] Read more »

Google rolled out a new feature for its online Google Docs suite yesterday: templates. Now, if you don’t like starting with a blank page, you can select New, From Template and start browsing their gallery. You’ll find hundreds of choices, from presentation designs to a runner’s […] Read more »

You’d think with a second quarter that saw a significant jump in revenue, a swing to profitability, and raised guidance, solar cell and module maker SunPower (SPWR) would catch a break from Wall Street. Not so much: SunPower’s shares traded down 7 percent to $74.54 (one […] Read more »

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