Stories for Jun. 4, 2008

We know many web workers who depend on Jott – the service that takes your phone calls and transcribes them to emails, to-dos, and other things. But Jott is only available in the US. A new competitor, Dial2Do, offers services in 19 countries, including the US, […] Read more »

CBS will put its videos on Yahoo, expanding the reach of network’s content online. Yahoo will become the latest addition to the CBS Audience Network, which includes more than 300 sites such as YouTube, AOL, MSN, Joost, Veoh and others. The announcement comes just days after […] Read more »

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It seems just like yesterday that we were celebrating Leopard’s release. But if rumors hold true, we could be celebrating another big cat’s release come January 2009. According to a rumor first spotted over at TUAW, Apple may be planning to unveil Mac OS X 10.6 […] Read more »

AMD’s Sisyphean task of grabbing market share from Intel begins anew with the launch of its latest line of laptop chips laptop platform formerly code-named Puma. Today, AMD launched a refresh of its Turion mobile processor combined with an integrated ATI graphics processor, designed for mobile […] Read more »

We’ve covered free Internet radio service Pandora many times as both Kevin and I love the intelligent way it learns what music we like.  I know that both of us have resorted for some time to using third party interfaces for Pandora to escape the need […] Read more »

Having trouble tracking your expenses on a daily basis? Thinking there must be a better way to log and run reports on the expenses you accrue while working? Paybackable may just be the application you need. Paybackable offers an easier way to track and reimburse your […] Read more »

AMD has upped the ante in the mobile processor space with the launch of their latest notebook computing platform, informally known as Puma.  From the press release: COMPUTEX, TAIPEI, Taiwan — June 4, 2008 –AMD (NYSE: AMD) today announced the availability of its next-generation notebook platform, […] Read more »

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In the process of mapping out these dozen or so companies that are racing to build the first cellulosic ethanol plants in the U.S., we discovered that not all the companies are still rushing forward. Some, in fact, have quit the contest completely. Alico, a land […] Read more »

Verismo Networks on Tuesday previewed “the PoD,” a tiny box that brings web content to your TV monitor without needing a PC in between, at the Under the Radar conference in Mountain View, Calif. I’d never heard of the company before sitting down for the session, […] Read more »

Bill Gates is making good on his plans, announced last November, to sell off his 20.6 percent stake in Pacific Ethanol. Cascade Investment, the private investment and holding company controlled by Gates, has been whittling down the stake trade by trade, according to recent filings with […] Read more »

HTC is always introducing new devices it seems and today it’s true as the newest member of the Touch family is announced.  The HTC Touch Pro adds functions to the popular Touch family that are designed to appeal to professionals while meshing it all together with […] Read more »

Stories for Jun. 3, 2008

EQAL, the new startup formed by the creators of lonelygirl15, is following up on its promise to expand the LG15 “universe” to other countries. The company told NewTeeVee today it had signed a deal with M.A.D. Entertainment to create a localized sister series in Italy. The […] Read more »

Solar startup Xtreme Energetics of Livermore, Calif., today said it signed a deal to license the technology behind making clear transistors from Hewlett-Packard. Xtreme Energetics CEO Colin Williams says the technology will enable the startup to make a more efficient solar panel that can convert up […] Read more »

Following reports that Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) held a board meeting today, the company filed an updated proxy with the SEC setting August, 1 as t… Read more »

Leading Silicon Producer to Double Production: Hemlock Semiconductor says that they will double their output of silicon this year for both semiconductors and solar in a $1.5 billion expansion – Cleantech. DOE Expects More Wind than Coal: A new report form the U.S. Department of Energy […] Read more »

A recent report from ABI Research highlights the rise of mobile Linux, estimating that 23 percent of the world’s smartphones will have a Linux operating system by 2013. It appears that much of that growth will come at the expense of Nokia’s Symbian, and that LiMo […] Read more »

Now people living in the Second Life can feel free to leave the house. Even though it would seem like an impossible feat to scale down the p… Read more »

The East Coast version of Graphing Social Patterns, a conference for developers and marketers building and distributing apps for MySpace, Facebook and the myriad of other social networking platforms out there, will kick off next week in Washington, D.C. GSP East will tackle social networking from […] Read more »

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