Stories for Jul. 7, 2008

Given the state of the antiquated power grid, there are dozens of options that will help the grid get smarter. One of those tech choices is wireless mesh networking, which can intelligently route information to and from distant meters in an efficient manner and is an […] Read more »

FrontRow Podcasts Issue Help with exporting track data from iTunes Unlocked iPhone – iTunes Sync Pro Care and Battery Replacement Who plans on buying the new iPhone relatively soon? Read more »

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I fired up front row the other day for the first time after getting a Time Capsule, and sure enough my Time Capsule movies weren’t indexing. I first tried using the settings inside of Front Row to map the folder, but there was no mapping option […] Read more »

Dell is distributing a new research report from the Ponemon Institute titled “Airport Insecurity: The Case of Lost Laptops.” Their headline finding is simple: business travelers lose more than 12,000 laptops per week in U.S. airports. Given that many web workers travel with a laptop containing […] Read more »

A silly little idea about the homonyms “pier” (where our San Francisco office is) and “peer” (the growing community of online video producers) turned into a series of events last summer that gave us some of the most special moments in NewTeeVee’s short history. Hearing the […] Read more »

NBC Buys The Weather Channel; the peacock, along with private equity firms Bain Capital and the Blackstone Group, have reportedly agreed to pony up just shy of $3.5 billion for the channel. (NYT) Local Online Video Advertising to Grow; Kelsey Group says revenues will hit $1.5 […] Read more »

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NBC will be mining 3,600 hours of coverage from the upcoming Olympics in an attempt to figure out how people are consuming the games beyond traditional oldteevee. Our question is, If NBC is delaying the webcasting of the most popular events until after they’ve aired on […] Read more »

Symbian, which recently agreed to be acquired by Nokia, is part of a growing number of mobile platform makers — Apple, Google, LiMo — that are all are vying for the attentions of the mobile developer community. The company sent over an email this morning with […] Read more »

As web workers, we shy away from paper. But as a developer, sometimes I’m faced with a client who absolutely requires paper for some process – say, a dunning letter to a client. That’s where newly-beta PostalMethods comes in. They make available a web API that […] Read more »

Now that I’ve got my batteries recharged from a long holiday weekend, it’s time to get to work. In my "infinite wisdom" however, I scheduled an appointment for service on the Highlander Hybrid first thing this morning. Clearly, I wasn’t thinking, but no matter: I tossed […] Read more »

According to several reports, Toyota’s next-generation Prius, due out next year, will have the option for solar panels on its roof. Japanese newspaper Nikkei and Reuters are reporting that Kyocera will provide the solar panels, which would be able to power part of the 2- to […] Read more »

Remember back in the Dark Ages before text messaging, when a teenager (let’s call him Jerry Yang) might get a best friend (maybe call him Carl Icahn) to call another friend (say, Steve Ballmer) using three-way calling? With Yang sitting silently on the line, the goal […] Read more »

One of the great strengths of the global coworking community is the willingness to share knowledge and best practice without restriction and with openness wired into the very values of this community. Recently a member of the global coworking mailing list, Joseph Holsten) recently created what’s […] Read more »

Recently the social web has begun to morph into something altogether different from what it promised to be. The latest example is life-streaming service FriendFeed, which is offering up well-known Internet personalities as “friends” its users can choose to follow. Read more »

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