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Solar cell and panel maker SunPower says that in just 4 years its technology, which is some of the most efficient on the market, will be able to produce solar electricity for half of the current price. SunPower’s VP of Technology & Development William Mulligan gave […] Read more »

The promise of APIs is that they make it easy to integrate different services — even those provided by different vendors — into a single application. But is simply providing an API to your telephony infrastructure enough to prompt the world to beat a path to your door? Don’t count on it. Read more »

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Evergreen Solar Signs $1.2B Sales Contract: Solar manufacturer Evergreen Solar has entered into sales contract valued at approximately $1.2 billion with German-based IBC SOLAR AG and extends to 2013 – Press Release. Arisdyne Systems Raises $5.3M for Biofuel Production: With this financing Arisdyne has officially spun […] Read more »

It’s no secret that on today’s computers, the amount of memory you have is at least as important as which CPU you’re running–often more important. If you’re like me, and you tend to keep many applications and instances of browsers open at once, it can also […] Read more »

YouTube, Vimeo, Viddyou, Revver, Viddler — which one is your video-sharing site of choice? It’s a question that sprang to mind after I wrote about Matthew Harding’s global dancing video earlier this month. On Harding’s blog, he posted his first two videos using YouTube, but for […] Read more »

Nuventix, a startup that sells a cooling technology for consumer electronics and LED lighting systems, says it has raised $14 million led by Advanced Technology Ventures and including Braemar Energy Ventures. The Austin-based company says its technology, which uses quick pulses of air, is more efficient […] Read more »

Updated at the bottom: Unless you’re using Enron math, BT’s new plan to connect 10 million homes — roughly 40 percent of the United Kingdom — with fiber networks at a cost of £1.5 billion doesn’t quite add up. At today’s conversion rate, that’s about $3 […] Read more »

Get too much email these days? Who doesn’t? Startup AwayFind (now in private beta; request access via their homepage) wants to help you cut down on the nuisance by letting you only deal with email twice a day. The secret sauce: a contact URL on your […] Read more »

The solar guru at semiconductor equipment company Applied Materials, Charlie Gay, says the chip companies that drove the electronics revolution will be important in bringing down the production costs of the solar industry. Gay gave a speech to launch Intersolar, the first U.S. version of a […] Read more »

Despite tentative assurances at last Thursday’s Q&A that the web hosts streaming Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog would be up to the challenge today, has been crashing all morning, and server traffic has been slow at best. Per the Twitter of star Felicia Day: “Wow, Horrible […] Read more »

Today an employee of the San Francisco Department of Technology awaits his arraignment while information technology workers try valiantly to gain access to the new network of computers that keep the city humming. Terry Childs, a disgruntled city employee gave himself sole access to the city’s […] Read more »

With the launch of the Centrino 2 today there have been device reviews and technical specs appear all over the web as just about every major OEM has launched a notebook or two.  Or three, or nine.  :)  The vaunted Centrino platform has been around for […] Read more »

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