Stories for Jun. 2, 2008

Wi-Fi is the coax of the wireless world in that it’s cheap, is in a lot of homes and is familiar to consumers. So today’s launch of Ozmo Devices, with backing from Intel and Belkin, should strike not a small amount of fear into the hearts […] Read more »

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Just got word that everybody’s longtime favorite TabletPC forums, TabletPCBuzz is back as good as ever as of today.  John Hill of ALLTP has resurrected the forums and outfitted them for your sharing of Tablet PC ideas and information.  Note that ALLTP is a retailer of […] Read more »

SlashGear has a sneak-peek look at the upoming Asus Eee PC 1000 that’s expected to be announced tomorrow at Computex. Based on the picture snap, presumably of an Eee PC display, the device further blends the lines between low-costing laptops and full-featured notebooks that cost more: […] Read more »

LiveU, a mobile live broadcasting system, has raised $9 million in Series B funding, according to Globes Online. We first covered the company in our “One to Watch” feature in February. The Kfar Saba, Israel-based startup has built a piece of hardware meant to displace television […] Read more »

Mac-using web workers have had to sit on the sidelines while Outlook-based mail organizer Xobni (see our coverage) garnered positive reviews. Now there’s a bit of similar goodness available for users of Apple’s client: the RelatedMail plugin. After an easy installation, this app indexes your […] Read more »

In-flight broadband antenna maker AeroSat has raised $14 million for expansion. Their antenna is going to be installed in the planes of several major airlines starting this summer, further proof of the growing market for in-flight broadband. Hallelujah…real-time stock quotes have arrived at Google Finance. One […] Read more »

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Hey, remember laughing at Miss Teen USA South Carolina being an idiot on national television, and then feeling a bit guilty about making fun of someone having a really bad day? Well, this weekend at the Scripps National Spelling Bee, 13-year-old Sameer Mishra won the grand […] Read more »

Wonks are in a tizzy today in preparation for the debate of the Lierberman-Warner bill, which will bring climate change and carbon cap-and-trade to the Senate floor. But while the debate will highlight the obstacles to climate legislation, it’s unlikely that this bill will get out […] Read more »

[qi:_earth2tech] UK telco British Telecom has been working hard to reduce its carbon footprint: Last year the company said it would invest close to half a billion dollars in wind farms, and in February BT installed a solar system for its U.S. headquarters. This morning the […] Read more »

Pocket Tunes, arguably one of the best digital audio player applications for the Palm OS, is now available for Windows Mobile devices. Pocket Tunes 4.1 is supported on both Windows Mobile 5 and 6 devices, but only a handful of handsets have actually been tested with […] Read more »

Time Warner Cable will offer subscribers “a new wireless cable modem that will allow you to network everything in your house,” CEO Glenn Britt said at an investor conference on Friday, as Reuters reported. “Right now it’s pretty hard to get Internet stuff on your TV,” […] Read more »

While analysts are busy haggling over First Solar’s price — is it heading up or down? — the company got a potentially nasty sign that it could soon be heading south. Bloomberg reports that First Solar CEO Michael Ahearn, the company’s second largest shareholder, sold half […] Read more »

When traveling abroad, making calls back home or otherwise can get very expensive, as alluded to in a previous post. With an unlocked GSM mobile phone, you can use the Orange service as discussed in the aforementioned link, or any other pre-paid GSM provider.  However, what […] Read more »

Time Warner Cable CEO on Internet Video; Britt says networks shouldn’t expect his company to pay higher fees if they’re going to put content online for free at the same time. (The Wall Street Journal) Funding Roundup; Tremor Media raises undisclosed sum from European Founders Fund; […] Read more »

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