Stories for Jul. 18, 2008

Buried in yesterday’s Primetime Emmy nominations was the growing acknowledgment by oldteevee that maybe, just maybe, this TV-on-the-Internet thing’s here to stay. Using the categorization “Special Class Program” (which lumps online video in with live opera broadcasts and awards shows), the shorts lucky enough to be […] Read more »

[qi:011] The launch of the iPhone 3G can be summed up in one word, and it starts with a “c.” Instead I will go with comedy of errors. Activation delays, long lines, online issues, application roll-out issues — it has been a train wreck that makes […] Read more »

Funding thin-film solar isn’t just a popular idea among VCs; public funds have been financing research for years. Xunlight is the latest, announcing yesterday that it has received $4.9 million from the Ohio Research Commercialization Program. When we heard from the Toledo, Ohio-based Xunlight last April, […] Read more »

Upcoming Events I’m nearly speechless. Nearly, but not quite. I am also very impressed. I just watched the above video where Jenn at Pocketables demonstrates her typing prowess on a small-keyboarded device. In this case, it’s the new Kohjinsha SC3 that she has under review. Bear in […] Read more »

It almost seems like an age of scarcity for web workers, but that’s only because two new resources have coincidentally hit the web at nearly the same time. On the one hand, Starbucks has finally dropped the other shoe and released their complete list of 600 […] Read more »

The Screen Actors Guild has rejected the latest (and “final”) offer from the Hollywood studios, and new media is once again at the center of the impasse. SAG released a statement explaining its position: “In the six months since the Directors Guild of America reached a […] Read more »

In a filing with the SEC, Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) notes this morning that it has put up a new proxy page at with the followi… Read more »

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Solar stocks have been down across the board this week, thanks to reports that Spain is considering cutting solar subsidies. Even a bright earnings report from SunPower couldn’t clear those clouds. So when Evergreen Solar said its second-quarter loss widened over the same period last year, […] Read more »

Kevin’s foray into the nether-world of cloud computing has been a fascinating one to watch, and I know from many conversations with him an equally fascinating one to live through.  The entire process has brought home the understanding that the definition of cloud computing is totally […] Read more »

Startups selling virtual goods and offering virtual experiences are raking in the venture capital these days. Perhaps it’s the fact that virtual gifting hit the mainstream in 2007 or because people are worried about the impact of business travel on the environment, but the virtual world […] Read more »

“Gee, that looks complicated.” This was what I said when I looked through a friend’s project proposal, which included a mind map of madness. She replied, “It has to be, if I want it to look professional.” As a fan of living a clutter-free life, I […] Read more »

PodTech was sold to a little-known company from Los Angeles called ViewPartner, Eric Eldon at VentureBeat reported Thursday. Eldon has an undistributed press release up, and is the only outlet with an original story, though we have no reason not to believe it. The deal was […] Read more »

Stories for Jul. 17, 2008

In recent months, Google CEO Eric Schmidt has made it a bit of a pet project to comment publicly about YouTube, and especially Google’s need to monetize the site. Of course, when he had to report to analysts and shareholders on the company’s earnings call Wednesday, […] Read more »

It’s hard to believe that Ze Frank’s the show ended well over a year ago. Nothing has filled the void Ze left when his quirky, participatory video show stopped beaming power moves and duckies into our lives daily (though many have tried). Which leaves us wondering, […] Read more »

MySpace is close to redesigning its social-networking mobile site to make it look more like the recent online redesign and more like the iPh… Read more »

Confession: Back when AMD was pitching its Opteron chipset, I convinced my husband to buy shares in the company on the belief that its plans to build a backwards compatible 64-bit processor was so obviously better than Intel’s efforts with Itanium that the market would eventually […] Read more »

SeaGen Tidal Turbine Delivering Power to Grid: Marine Current Turbines, a British tidal energy startup, says their SeaGen turbine located off the coast of Ireland has delivered its first power to the grid making it the first commercial-scale tidal turbine to power the grid – Press […] Read more »

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