Stories for Jul. 15, 2008

Seeing Tris Hussey’s update on FriendFeed made my day. Just a year or two ago, you wouldn’t have seen this type of entry. What’s changed? Connectivity is spreading like wildfire, web services are starting to mature, and there’s less reliance on the need for high-powered computing […] Read more »

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If you’re a Twitter user you likely saw the news this morning: Twitter bought Summize. The deal, covered on the business level by our parent blog GigaOm, brings Twitter some more smart engineers and a potential route to monetization. But what does it mean to the […] Read more »

Electric car maker Fisker Automotive says Finnish auto manufacturer Valmet Automotive will build the startup’s plug-in hybrid luxury sedan, the Karma. Fisker said this morning that it has issued a letter of intent saying Valmet, which is part of the Metso engineering group and assembles Porsche […] Read more »

So it’s confirmed: Twitter is buying Summize. As I’ve said previously, I think this is a super-smart move by Twitter, and if the company plays its cards right, one that will pay dividends in the long run. Here are some additional financial details of the deal. Continue Reading Read more »

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NBC Adds TVs, Movies to Xbox; in addition to Netflix content, Microsoft will be getting The Office (take that, Apple). (Wired Blog) Video Player Hits New Highs; viewers watched 37 million episodes online in May. (Multichannel News) FOX Splits Development Season in Two; network to […] Read more »

On the Internet, you can never be too fast or carry too much data, which is why Sprint is crowing about its plan to convert its core network to deliver data at 40 Gbps using the 40 Gigabit Ethernet technologies. The carrier will use Cisco and […] Read more »

While there are plenty of iPhone line-standers poking at a variety of digital devices to pass the hours, a number of iWaiters are working on their summer reading lists with some books. You remember books, right? Square-ish things made of dead trees with words (often written […] Read more »

Looking for a way to get more exercise, despite being a deskbound web worker? Steelcase (makers of high-end office furniture) have an idea for you: the Walkstation. Based on the idea that you can burn enough calories to make a difference, even if you don’t work […] Read more »

The San Mateo, California county court database is seeing its fair share of lawsuits dealing with electric car startup Tesla Motors. First the suit Tesla filed against competitor Fisker, then Magna’s suit against Tesla for an alleged breach of contract — now CNET reports that the […] Read more »

The big news today is the official release by Intel of the Centrino 2 platform.  That’s why Lenovo, HP and many others are all announcing bunches of new laptops today as they all are sporting the new Centrino 2.  So what exactly is the Centrino 2 […] Read more »

The price of gas may be skyrocketing but as web workers, we can’t avoid but to bring the car at times to attend meetings. More than the price of gas, however, it is more stressful to look for a place to park. Enter GottaPark, a website […] Read more »

I hate learning curves. I hate having to futz and fiddle with my apps to figure them out. I want the functionality to be intuitive, and if it is not, I throw up my hands and move on to something else. I attribute this impatience to […] Read more »

One of the first rules of journalism is to never start your story with a quote, but this one just fits too well: “People have said I have an interesting knack to be able to monetize my life.” That’s Alex Albrecht (no relation, I asked) talking […] Read more »

On Monday the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) made its draft Strategic Plan for Energy Efficiency available for comment, which details a sweeping plan to implement energy efficiency technology for residential, industrial and commercial buildings. CPUC Commissioner Dian Grueneich said last Friday at the Silicon Valley […] Read more »

Is Jaman selling out by signing with Paramount? That’s the first question that came to mind as I read the release announcing their new deal. Jaman, which is known for being an online home to the indie and art house set, will now carry typical Hollywood […] Read more »

Stories for Jul. 14, 2008

Update: Viacom has contacted us to dispute the genesis of the agreement, and we changed our story because their point seems to be valid. After reading YouTube’s blog post on the matter, we had originally described the document in question as an order handed down by […] Read more »

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