Stories for Jul. 20, 2008

As I write this, Amazon’s S3 storage servers have been unreachable for 90 minutes. As was the case back in February the last time this happened, the outage is apparent by chunks of Web 2.0 dropping off: the most visible indication of trouble for many people […] Read more »

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My Chicago-based startup, The Point, helps people start campaigns for collective actions of all kinds, from organizing a poker game to boycotting a multinational corporation. We’ve been fortunate so far, enjoying steady growth, happy users, and money in the bank. (In February, we raised a $4.8 […] Read more »

There’s already a ton of activity taking place in the cloud computing space, so much so that it can be hard to know who to watch. In many cases, it’s too early to pick winners. But there are distinct sectors of the IT industry that are […] Read more »

Pacific Epoch is reporting rumors today that the Chinese P2P company Xunlei is in talks with U.S. venture capital companies to raise a final round of $100 million. Xunlei had previously secured a total of $30 million in funding, with an estimated $5 million coming out […] Read more »

Stories for Jul. 19, 2008

The parking valets seemed to outnumber the electric Roadsters at the Saturday afternoon grand opening of Tesla’s Menlo Park showroom. Tesla rolled out the red carpet and caviar as the bar served “Electric Margaritas” and “Model S Mojitos” to thirsty customers, awaiting their cars. Chairman Elon […] Read more »

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On GigaOm, Found|Read editor Carleen Hawn presents 15 sites that can help penny pinching web workers get the most for their money. Carleen and her team look at sites in such categories and phone service/wireless plans, credit cards, insurance plans, web hosting, storage and remote backup, […] Read more »

Wanting to use OpenID, but concerned about some of the problems? Take a look at LiquidID, which combines the single sign-on and universal identifier features of OpenID with management tools to help you manage your ID with more precise tools. When you sign up for an […] Read more »

San Francisco was full of solar reps from all over the world this week for the first North American Intersolar conference. The Earth2Tech team was on site to bring you news from distinctly non-San Franciscan clean tech companies. If you were in attendance, or otherwise busy […] Read more »

Bandwidth checking for 3G devices is always informative as keeping up with your speeds is helpful.  Most speed tests are not very optimized for mobile devices and if they are can be spartan to the point of boring.  DSL Reports has long provided free speed tests […] Read more »

Clever founders always eke the most out of every buck. But economic conditions being what they are, even the best bootstrappers could use a little extra help. By now you’ve probably heard of web sites like, GasBuddy and MSNAutos, which help consumers find the cheapest […] Read more »

Have you ever wished you could delete an email message that you already sent? Or send an email that the recipient wouldn’t be able to print? These and other features – such as self-destructing email and messages that you can edit after sending – are features […] Read more »

Second Life, the user-created world backed by Linden Lab, has found itself in an increasingly competitive market lately; Google’s Lively is just the latest entrant into the virtual world space. So I sat down with Linden’s recently appointed CEO, Mark Kingdon, to find out how he plans to turn things around. Read more »

Written by Daisy Whitney. Editor’s note: Daisy is a reporter in the online video space that we’ve long admired, so we asked her if she’d like to contribute to NewTeeVee. The plan is for her to write a weekly column, focusing especially on the parallels and […] Read more »

Stories for Jul. 18, 2008

If you believe the venture capitalists on Friday’s conference call about the latest MoneyTree Survey results, which covers venture investing in the second quarter, now is the best time to contact them with your ideas. Just because the exit environment is brutal doesn’t mean VCs won’t […] Read more »

It’s still a great time to be a clean technology company seeking funding, according to data released today from the quarterly MoneyTree Survey. The cleantech sector reached an all-time quarterly high in investment dollars in the three-month period ended June 30, with $883.6 million going into […] Read more »

Many of us have been busy in recent weeks tuning up our new installations of the Firefox 3 browser from Mozilla. If you’ve been busy adding extensions to your arsenal, and you haven’t tried iMacros, it happens to be my favorite of all Firefox extensions. The […] Read more »

The FCC is holding another one of its hearings on broadband at Carnegie Mellon on Monday and it looks like a good time (no really). A session (Word doc) on the future of digital media features provocateur Mark Cuban, David Eun from Google, the CEO of […] Read more »

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