Stories for Jul. 5, 2008

The week-long whirlwind of a tour to Israel is finally over. Waiting for my flight, I’m wondering when I’m going to get to sleep in my own bed. It is about 18 hours of flying time — London and Philadelphia are two stops on the way […] Read more »

Tesla to Build the “Model S” Electric Sedan Back in California: Tesla named its “WhiteStar” electric sedan “Model S” and is planning to manufacture the car back in Cali near its headquarters. Where’s the Solar Stock Rally?: Wading into the solar sector is like dating a […] Read more »

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The leading argument this weekend seems destined to be over voicemail. Techcrunch’s Mike Arrington kicked things off with his own anti-voicemail blog entry. Based on his own experiences and a survey of folks on Friendfeed, he condemns voicemail as being a nuisance and a disruption of […] Read more »

Trend Micro, the antivirus company, has a Malware Blog where they track all the bad stuff that can happen to your computer. Although the screenshots come from Windows machines, they did have one up this week that showed the Apple Store. Sneaky (and smart) phishers are […] Read more »

At GigaOM’s recent Structure 08 event, Meebo co-founder and engineering chief, Sandy Jen, joined a panel to talk about scaling your computing infrastructure for explosive growth. Jen also spoke with Found|READ, this time to offer founders tips on how to overcome what she calls the internal […] Read more »

Anyone who spends time on the various tech news sites quickly realizes that stories come in waves: one day there will be a flurry of iPhone items, another day Google’s latest improvement is at the fore. Some of this is driven by press releases, but a […] Read more »

Stories for Jul. 4, 2008

Appropriately enough, YouTube chose Independence Day to release a response to the court order it received yesterday to hand over user information to Viacom as part the media giant’s ongoing $1 billion lawsuit against the video sharing service. Here’s an excerpt from the YouTube blog: As […] Read more »

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Just when I think I’ve seen everything that you can do in Firefox, along comes an add-on like Pencil (Firefox 3 required). By coupling the Gecko drawing engine with the ability to display, save, and load an external canvas, together with a palette of shapes, Pencil […] Read more »

It was 232 years ago today that a bunch of colonials got fed up with the king and announced that they weren’t going to take it any more. While I certainly don’t think the situation of web workers is comparable to that of America’s founders, the […] Read more »

GigaOM’s Structure 08 event offered a terrific opportunity to survey the changing landscape of computing infrastructure. But as with all technology shifts, innovation won’t just belong to the big established players like VMWare, Amazon, Google, Sun Microsystems, and NetSuite. With that in mind, Found|READ asked […] Read more »

A few days ago, when I was writing about the conflicting power consumption claims for solid-state drives (SSDs), it cost an extra $999 to get one in your new MacBook Air. Well, no more. Apple has revised their pricing: the premium for SSD over mechanical hard […] Read more »

Stories for Jul. 3, 2008

Updated: AT&T has stopped selling AT&T Callvantage to new customers, reports DSL Reports. AT&T, long before it merged with SBC had made a half-hearted attempt at getting into consumer VoIP by selling a service called, CallVantage. It was surprisingly good, especially its call quality. Unfortunately, the […] Read more »

Looking for more details on Strike.TV, the network of 40-plus online video series from the Hollywood pros? We’re not sure exactly what’s happening tomorrow, the supposed launch date, but we dug up some more goodies to give you a hint of what’s to come. Here’s a […] Read more »

The summer games are just a little over a month away, but you can start catching Olympic fever online now, thanks to the new video player on With more than 2,200 hours of live footage being streamed from the event, the new player offers a […] Read more »

The move took place less than a week ago and I am pretty much settled in my new office.  The new Mobile Tech Manor is almost fully done as far as setting up and unpacking goes and since I have been getting questioned as to when […] Read more »

Miasole Raising $200M, $1.2B Valuation?: VentureWire reports that the thin film solar company is looking to raise between $200 and $220 million, at a valuation of $1.2 billion. That’s a little more than half of what Nanosolar was reported to be valued at. — VentureWire via […] Read more »

Today, on the Station, we found out how they sell light bulbs in Thailand, and whether or not the US dollar contains secret Masonic messages. And we also reviewed the new Instablogs podcast Global Report, which uses its resources as a citizen journalism depot to gather […] Read more »

Word processors have gotten so good at creating rich documents that many web workers never reach for a desktop publishing package. For creating really great looking documents, though, desktop publishing can give you many types of flexibililty and precision that word processors don’t offer. For a […] Read more »

While the opposition to building new coal plants continues to grow, perhaps we should also add a lesser-known villain to the climate change culprit list: flat-screen TVs. Research is being conducted by Professor Michael Prather on a greenhouse gas called nitrogen trifluoride that’s used to make […] Read more »

An interesting story by Robert MacMillan on the slow death of, well, newspaper industry stock analysts, amidst the doom and gloom scenario o… Read more »

A lot of folks are anxiously awaiting the iPhone 3G and taking advantage of the AT&T 3G network but as Gear Diary points out unless you’re in a fairly top market area you might not get 3G coverage.  The AT&T coverage map they produced got me […] Read more »

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