Stories for Jun. 3, 2008

A recent report from ABI Research highlights the rise of mobile Linux, estimating that 23 percent of the world’s smartphones will have a Linux operating system by 2013. It appears that much of that growth will come at the expense of Nokia’s Symbian, and that LiMo […] Read more »

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Now people living in the Second Life can feel free to leave the house. Even though it would seem like an impossible feat to scale down the p… Read more »

The East Coast version of Graphing Social Patterns, a conference for developers and marketers building and distributing apps for MySpace, Facebook and the myriad of other social networking platforms out there, will kick off next week in Washington, D.C. GSP East will tackle social networking from […] Read more »

Recently I was looking into how to spruce up a couple of web sites that I oversee, and I stopped at I’ve written before about the great, free online tutorials found at this site. After poking around the site, I decided to get deeper into […] Read more »

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The race to get green cars to market continues to heat up. Today brought details of the Scorpion, an “eco-exotic” sports car with an on-board hydrogen generator made by Ronn Motor Co. The Austin, Texas-based company says it hopes to have the first production Scorpion, which […] Read more »

For those of you helping make eBay on of the most frequently visited web sites on mobile phones, the news that retailers need to pay attention to mobile shopping should come as no surprise. I haven’t actually purchased anything from a retailer from my mobile, but […] Read more »

While more people visited during the 2007-2008 television season, they spent more time on, according to new numbers from Hitwise. ABC eked out a narrow victory, capturing 27.14 percent of U.S. visits compared to NBC’s 27.01 percent in a custom category defined by Hitwise. […] Read more »

We looked at people-powered editable search engine Wikia back in January when it was in alpha. At the time they were still in alpha, with poor results but plans to let users refine things by contributing articles to result pages. Now they’ve relaunched, as a search […] Read more »

[qi:_newteevee] Internet video portal and software maker Veoh has raised $30 million from Intel Capital, Adobe Systems Inc. and Gordon Crawford, senior vice president of Capital Research Global Investors, NewTeeVee is reporting, bringing the company’s total funding to just shy of $70 million. The funding for […] Read more »

We’d thought the days of big investor reups for video portals were coming to an end, but someone new has stepped up to pay Veoh‘s bandwidth bills as it figures out its business. The Internet video portal and software maker is announcing today it has raised […] Read more »

While the emergence of VoIP, or voice-over-Internet protocol, technology has already helped push down the cost of making a phone call, now it’s starting to have a deflationary impact on the world of mobile, where call charges remain stubbornly high. We at GigaOM are constantly tinkering with these mobile services, so we’ve put together a list of seven mobile VoIP apps that we think you’ll find handy. Continue Reading Read more »

As forecast in a previous post, Starbucks has begun their complimentary Wi-Fi service.  To get your two free hours of Wi-Fi, you must: Create an AT&T Wi-Fi account Have a Starbucks card (that can have as little as $5) on it and you must have used […] Read more »

YouTube’s head of monetization, Shashi Seth, let us know this morning that he left the company to become the chief revenue officer of startup Cooliris. Seth will be working on a business and advertising model for the Menlo Park, Calif.-based immersive browsing toolmaker, which has raised […] Read more »

Google’s senior executive exodus continues. YouTube’s head of monetization, Shashi Seth, has now left the company to become the chief revenue officer of Menlo Park, Calif.-based startup Cooliris. In his new job at the startup, which has raised some $3 million in Series A funding from […] Read more »

eSolar, the solar startup backed by and Bill Gross’ Idealab, said today that it’s inked a deal to build a 245 MW solar thermal power plant in the Antelope Valley region of Southern California and sell that solar power to utility Southern California Edison. eSolar […] Read more »

Twitter remains one of our favorite services here at WWD. Just about all of us use it for casual “water-cooler” conversation, as well as for asking questions of the lazyweb and keeping track of our friends (and even family). But recently things have not been so […] Read more »

Can’t say I’ve used a ClickFree external backup solution myself, but Dwight Silverman gave it a go over the weekend. It appears to be as easy as possible: simply connect the external USB drive and it backs up the most common data files. No muss, no […] Read more »

Nielsen and NBC Team Up for Multiplatform Metrics; collaboration will examine data across TV and online streaming to find connections in consumer buying habits. (paidContent) Big Stage Raises More Money; video avatar company extends first round of venture funding with undisclosed new sum. Big Stage previously […] Read more »

Solar startup Tigo Energy announced today it has raised $6 million for its solar optimization business (hat tip peHub). The startup, headquartered in Los Gatos, Calif., says it is making its own hardware, software and web-based applications, that are designed to boost the reliability and output […] Read more »

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