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MobileMe support is trying to push off support requests, hoping to buy enough time to get things under control. This past Wednesday I decided it was about time to change my new 3G iPhone to sync calendar, contacts and bookmarks with the “cloud” through MobileMe instead […] Read more »

Or perhaps that should be “what is down with MobileMe?” Apparently, for some customers, the answer is that email is down, and has been that way for up to four days. Coming on top of the iPhone 3G’s opening day “iPocalypse” activation troubles, this seems to […] Read more »

Channel 4 is on the hunt for Osama. Well, 500 Osamas, actually. The U.K. TV network has set two people off in search of 500 people named “Osama” to find out what they love. The goal of the project is to discover the sunnier side of […] Read more »

Nissan has figured out a way to keep the batteries of its newly manufactured cars fresh until they reach the customer – solar. The automaker announced today it has signed a sales contract with solar product maker ICP Solar Technologies for an automotive solar charger. Newly […] Read more »

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Ben Silverman: quarterlife a “Disappointment;” co-chairman of NBC Entertainment and NBC Universal Television Studio says the show didn’t even do half of what he expected it to do. (TVWeek) Raindance.TV Secures $1 Million; first round for the UK new media film distributor. (Variety) TurnHere Releases Real […] Read more »

Chance are, if you are a web worker, you occasionally have to travel for your job. That means taking your work on the road, possibly using different tools than usual, and very likely using different connectivity, depending on where you are. If you’re a frequent traveler, […] Read more »

Last July, at the time of the launch of the new iPhone, we asked the question, where are the iPhone games? Looks like we have an answer: they are coming, and in a big way. Of course, you can already buy Tetris and grab Tap Tap […] Read more »

This weekend saw two Tesla milestones: the grand opening of Tesla’s Silicon Valley store (which we attended, snapping these photos), and the delivery of former Tesla CEO Martin Eberhard’s founder series Roadster. Eberhard finally getting his car has important significance — the car had been accidentally […] Read more »

About a month ago, we mentioned the danger in taking your iPod, iPhone, or Mac across the northern border into Canada. Now there is a ground swell led by Michael Geist, a lawyer, blogger, columnist, and professor at the University of Ottowa opposing Bill C-61: Canadian […] Read more »

There are already numerous players vying to dominate your digital entertainment future, and three of them are big names that you already know: Amazon, Netflix and Apple. Those three are also well-funded, well-equipped, and well on their way to becoming the center of your home video […] Read more »

Adobe Software Blunders GL Image Browser Airport Extreme AirTunes Capabilities iPhone 3G, MobileMe and Stuff HELP, serious problem Powerbook G4 12″ Alu dead? Read more »

Predictions of the death of DVDs were a little premature, as consumer spending on home video entertainment for the first half of 2008 remained flat when compared with the first six months of 2007, according Variety. Combined sales of standard DVD and Blu-Ray discs were $10.1 […] Read more »

If you were thinking of starting a set-top box company that delivers video content to the TV, let me stop you right there. There are already numerous players vying to dominate your digital entertainment future, and three of them are big names that you already know. […] Read more »

As covered both here and on our parent blog GigaOM, Amazon’s S3 storage service had a bad day yesterday. (So, by the way, did their Simple Queue System, but an outage in that service is less noticeable to most web users). How bad? Read more »

Jerry Yang, Yahoo’s CEO, may be learning something about the hard-driving style of management it takes to go it alone after an attempted takeover, especially if he follows Om’s logic and thinks Yahoo is about more than search. This morning, Yahoo said it will allow corporate […] Read more »

Last week saw the launch of a curious web-service that isn’t an obvious web worker tool, but may just prove to be a useful communication feature amongst other tools. New York marketing director, Erik Riesenberg’s NiceCritic enables users to send anonymous messages to coworkers, essentially to […] Read more »

Carbonetworks, a startup selling software and services to help companies reduce their carbon footprint, announced this morning that it is raising a $5 million series A round from NGEN Partners. As federal carbon regulation looms large in the United States and the European carbon market continues […] Read more »

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