Stories for Jul. 16, 2008

Hahlo ( is the best app for the iPhone that is not even an app.  It’s a great Twitter app that runs in the browser and beats the pants off Twitterific.  Just go there, sign in and bookmark the page.  It auto-refreshes too. Read more »

CleanTech Biofuels Merging With Biomass North America: CleanTech has announced the signing of an agreement to acquire Biomass North America Licensing which will bring together IP around cellulosic ethanol production and sites with municipal waste as a feedstock – MarketWatch. “High Oil Prices? Blame Ethanol, OPEC […] Read more »

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Video sharing site Metacafe is partnering with Microcinema to launch the MetaFest online-offline film festival. Interested filmmakers can submit their works (ten minutes or less) through Metacafe between now and September 10, 2008. The grand prize winner will receive $5,000 cash, and there will be a […] Read more »

Baseball’s All-Star Break this week proved to be quite special – not because this was the last All-Star game at The Yankee Stadium, the cathedral of baseball and a place where I fell in love with this distant cousin of cricket. No, it was not special […] Read more »

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This post was written by Michael Stroud. Google CEO Eric Schmidt said today at a conference that YouTube will run ads against video snippets from films like Dirty Dancing posted by producer Lionsgate and fans and share the revenue with Lionsgate. Schmidt said the new channel […] Read more »

Let’s face it, MobileMe’s first few days of life have been, well, difficult. It was problematic from the start, with the transition from .mac to MobileMe taking well over 24 hours, as opposed to the planned 6-hour outage. And when the web apps did go online, […] Read more »

As semiconductor firms get around the limitations of making individual processors faster by putting more cores onto a single chip, the mindset of today’s software developers and engineers mindset needs to adapt. Here are five startups that have the potential to stretch multicore processors to their very limit. Read more »

Afternoon Update To This Post: Shortly after we posted this, late in the afternoon on Wednesday, Mozilla did issue the 3.0.1 fix for Firefox that is discussed here. It is available if you have Firefox 3, by clicking on Check for Updates in the browser’s Help […] Read more »

This sketch from These People didn’t just attract our interest because of its title (no, really!) — Homemade Porn is actually a hilarious riff on one of those basic facts of the Internet. And by now, you’ve probably gotten a chance to check out Radiohead’s video […] Read more »

Intel’s mobile chip the Atom has generated so much buzz in the tech space that it’s easy to believe we should see these chips in everything on the market.  The original plan was to offer the Atom in Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs) due to their low […] Read more »

Note to the president, senators, representatives and governors: There’s a long-term energy crisis brewing, and your energy strategy has to be your top priority. So goes the warning in an open letter sent today to the White House, Congress, 50 governors and the campaigns of both […] Read more »

Now that Apple has gotten over the stress of selling the iPhone 3G, they have turned their attention to other matters that are not as pressing as the activation fiasco. Apple sued Psystar on July 3rd (when everyone was too busy worrying about the iPhone launch) […] Read more »

The Google Android platform that is gestating has intrigued many who watch the smartphone space.  The thought of Google throwing their mighty weight behind building the next generation smartphone operating system captured the imagination of a lot of us who could see the next great phone […] Read more »

OK, so we at NewTeeVee know we’re pretty bad at video production. We’re trying to get better! But we’re hoping that one of you with video chops of your own will be generous enough to march over to Facebook headquarters to demand that they hire you […] Read more »

Pinch Media is a small company that serves iPhone developers (and iPhone users). They are located in New York and get a kick out of tracking and analyzing App Store data. They measure the percentage of free apps and things like that. They don’t have any […] Read more »

Zeer is a social networking site built around a special focus: food. Their key asset appears to be a database of over 100,000 food items, searchable by UPC code (it turned up about 80% of the random things I pulled off my pantry shelves), and carrying […] Read more »

SK Telecom, the South Korean carrier who till now has frittered away hundreds of millions of dollars trying to get a toehold in the U.S. market, was rumored to be looking to spend a few billion to buy Sprint, in partnership with some private equity firms, […] Read more »

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