Stories for Jun. 4, 2008

Steven Woods, co-founder and CTO of Eloqua, leads the company’s product strategy and technology vision while working with hundreds of today’s leading marketers. Mr. Woods has gained a reputation as a leading thinker on the transition of marketing as a discipline. Most recently, he was named […] Read more »

Where should you be careful when you’re online? That’s the question that McAfee Research has tackled in its newly released report The Most Dangerous Domains to Surf and Search on the Web. The report seeks to pin down which general types of domains give you a […] Read more »

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From the company that spent $4.1 billion buying a tape company comes some cutting-edge storage news: Sun Microsystems said today that it will put solid-state Flash drives into a line of servers and other storage products, making access to stored data faster and more energy efficient. […] Read more »

FTL Solar, which is building products embedded with thin-film solar cells, said today that it’s closed $1 million of what it hopes will be a $50 million first round of funding (hat tip, peHub). The funding was led by Terra Firma Capital Group and included investments […] Read more »

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Nokia (NYSE: NOK) said today it added advertising to its MOSH portal that’s used by people who are interested in creating and sharing mobile… Read more »

Here’s a simple utility for Windows-using web workers who have trouble remembering what they were doing when the last few instant messages and emails arrived: NextAction. The idea of NextAction is simple: it gives you a floating, editable window that stays on top of the rest […] Read more »

After going after dudes with, new media studio DECA is nurturing its maternal side with the new online series CoolMom, which launches today. Show host Daphne Brogdon hopes to provide an entertaining jolt to the motherly market with a comedic takes on what’s good (and […] Read more »

[qi:_earth2tech] Bill Gates has been slowly selling off his 20.6 percent stake in ethanol producer Pacific Ethanol. Gates’ private investment and holding company, Cascade Investment, has been whittling down its stake trade by trade, and by last Friday Cascade had sold off a total of 1.4 […] Read more »

Eucalyptus, an open-source infrastructure for cloud computing on clusters that duplicates the functionality of Amazon’s EC2, directly using the Amazon command-line tools, was released today. For the full story, and a way to download Eucalyptus, head over to OStatic . Read more »

RockPort Capital Partners has closed its third venture capital fund, which they claim has commitments of more than $450 million, making it their largest fund yet and one of the largest cleantech funds ever. It will be aimed at later-stage opportunities, specifically startups looking to exit. […] Read more »

Being able to bookmark and save web pages for future reference is a functionality that has been tried by many players, including Instapaper, toread, and Iterasi (previously covered).  However, a new entrant called LaterLoop is approaching this web page saving space with some unique and interesting […] Read more »

There’s a lot of VC money going into web-based, advertising-driven casual games, so here’s a wake-up call to investors: They may get better ROI with mobile phone-based gaming. In 2006, mobile game platform Greystripe launched, a distribution site for free, ad-supported cellphone games; since then, […] Read more »

MogoTXT, a San Mateo, Calif.-based startup, has launched a service that allows you to send free SMS messages from your iPod Touch, which uses Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet. The SMS messages, which are ad-supported, can be sent to either a single person or to […] Read more »

While we just heard that land management company Alico has decided to nix its plans to build a cellulosic ethanol plant in the U.S., Canadian company Iogen tells us that it, too, is backing away from its intentions to build a cellulosic ethanol plant in the […] Read more »

If you’ve got a Macbook and a Blackberry you can rejoice today with word that iMobimac is now available.  Nothing could be more liberating than the ability to use your Blackberry’s 3G connectivity with your Macbook when needed.  iMobimac consists of two programs, one for the […] Read more », the men’s-oriented portal, has been an early leader in figuring out how to monetize online video. Today the company said it would spin out its advertising tools into a new company called Husky, for which it says it’s seeing interest from investors old and new. […] Read more »

As we’ve pointed out before, independent web workers often have patchwork careers. While it would be nice to only have one project needing attention, the reality is that we need to juggle together multiple projects with overlapping deadlines for many clients. Depending on the workload and your personality, this can be either exhilarating or oppressive. Read more »

Pure Digital Releases New Flip Video Camera; slimmer version features touch controls, but no HD. (The Wall Street Journal) Disney Buys Fanlib, in Process of Acquiring DigiSynd; acquisition of fan-fiction site interesting from a copyright perspective, DigiSynd is a stealth startup founded by Revver co-founder. (paidContent) […] Read more »

The folks at Vysr announced today the release of Business and Social Packs for their RoamAbout Platform. RoamAbout provides contextual access to your favorite web services and social networks without leaving your source site, and these targeted collections significantly extend their offering. The Business Pack is […] Read more »

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