Stories for Jun. 5, 2008

Long-time web conferencing and online collaboration suite vendor Central Desktop sent us a link to their latest press release. The actual news of the release is fairly unsurprising: companies using their collaboration platform see higher productivity and lower costs. After all, who would keep using something […] Read more »

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User-generated advertising contests are a dime a dozen these day, but this one caught our eye for having an especially pricey grand prize: $100,000 and a private consultation with the online video gods of The Lonely Island and Saturday Night Live (Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer and […] Read more »

BBC to Put All its Channels Online; riding the success of its iPlayer, the Beeb plans to stream all its channels — but only to the U.K.. (Variety) Kiptronic Raises $3 Million; audio and video ad insertion company gets Series B from unidentified investors. (peHub) Chinese […] Read more »

You know those sci-fi movies where some guy suddenly has the ability to read the minds of everyone around him and his eyes roll up in his head and he collapses in a heap, frothing at the ears and utterly insane because he can’t handle the […] Read more »

While the attention of the world’s food crisis critics was focused on the UN’s summit in Rome, Monsanto, the agro-biotech behemoth, publicized its plans to double corn, cotton and soy bean crop yields by 2030 while cutting water, land and energy needs 30 percent. The St. […] Read more »

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We’ve been hotly awaiting seeing an actual mini-notebook running the new Via Nano (formerly known as Isaiah) processor and Joanna Stern of Laptop Magazine has spotted one at CompuTex in Taipei.  The notebook probably won’t make it to the US and Joanna could only test so […] Read more »

The CEO of SunPower Tom Werner said this week that if the U.S. federal government doesn’t renew the investment tax credit (ITC) that provides 30 percent on the investment of solar, the company will be forced to move its business “elsewhere” to make up for that. […] Read more »

We review as many products here on jkOnTheRun as practically any web site out there, large or small, and one thing Kevin and I often discuss is how important it is to make sure readers understand that our opinions about a product are just that- opinions.  […] Read more »

Small business owners are always looking for smart ways to keep costs down while achieving useful practicality.  Whether it’s running a business from your home office to avoid renting an office or completing administrative tasks sometimes best outsourced to a hired hands, business owners seek balance […] Read more »

The long-discussed “Versions” for the Mac is now open for anyone to download, for free (for now). It’s pretty slick. It’s not as awesome as the hype built it up to be, but it’s definitely worth checking out. Versions is an app that provides a strong […] Read more »

A statement released today by Vodafone has confirmed that Verizon Wireless is in advanced talks to buy Alltel for about $27 billion. Vodafone and Verizon jointly own Verizon Wireless. Update: The deal has been confirmed: $28.1 billion — of which $5.9 billion will be for Alltel’s […] Read more »

Wikis are common tools in the web worker’s arsenal; storing and editing stuff on the web comes naturally to us. But many wikis these days are large and complex animals, with a host of editing tools and relatively cluttered user interfaces. If you’re looking for something […] Read more »

Mark Cuban has an exact opposite view of Tiered Broadband than mine. What can I say… I state my case here. TeliaSonera To France Telecom: You want to buy us for $41 billion? Talk to the hand, mon ami! “Going green” means new kind of chips […] Read more »

When it comes to semiconductors, everyone in the chip world is thinking green. But let’s face it: It’s a lot sexier to talk about “green” server chips used in data centers consuming 1.5 percent of the nation’s energy than about reducing plug loads with chips that […] Read more »

While oldteevee remains the top video-watching dog for most people, the PC is gaining ground, according to a recent study by Ipsos MediaCT. Ipsos found that, among U.S. video downloaders and streamers, the amount of video consumed on a TV set dropped to 70 percent in […] Read more »

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