Stories for Jun. 6, 2008

As the WWDC gets closer they hype surrounding this event continues to build. Nearly everyone that has been following the news leading up to the WWDC expects Apple CEO Steve Jobs to announce the iPhone App Store and iPhone 2.0 software, not to mention the 3G […] Read more »

Even though we heard about two companies (Iogen and Alico) canceling plans to build cellulosic ethanol plants in the U.S. this week, Verenium doesn’t seem to be getting cold feet. Just last week the company opened up its demonstration facility and this morning an executive said […] Read more »

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Stories for Jun. 5, 2008

Through the 1990s I watched Henry Nicholas turn Broadcom from a tiny start-up that got going making cable modem chips into a fearsome communications chip giant that has caused nightmare to most of its rivals including Intel Corp. The company 48-year-old Nicholas co-founded with Henry Samueli […] Read more »

No run-up to Macworld Expo or WWDC is complete without the spy shots of the banners inside San Francisco’s  Moscone Center, and this time is no different. No making the rounds is a Flickr photoset of banners hung outside the keynote hall posted by Gernot Poetsch. One in particular is […] Read more »

Nvidia Co-founder and CEO Jen-Hsun Huang thinks mobile is the future, and he’s positioning the graphics chip maker to get a piece of that pie. But media-enamored consumers are keeping the company plenty busy in the meantime. In this interview, Huang talks about mobile, graphics — and whoop-ass. continue reading. Read more »

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UK on Track For Massive Offshore Wind Power: Eleven sites off the coasts of the UK have been earmarked for potential wind farm development as part of the country’s ambitious plan to generate 20 percent of its power from renewable sources by 2020 – Energy Current. […] Read more »

Update: TR Daily reports that the vote will be delayed because of “misunderstanding” which loosely translates into lobbyists did their job and got FCC to back up. FCC has taken the vote off the website. I will report more tomorrow as I get the details. (Original […] Read more »

While web workers don’t always work all day in the same physical environments as standard office workers, they do often need the same electronic and paper-based business collateral as everyone else. The good news is that templated documents, spreadsheets, and presentations are available for free, so […] Read more »

At the same time that Detroit is dragging its feet, startups are moving quickly to get plug-in hybrid electric vehicles into customers’ garages. Today A123 System’s plug-in conversion company Hymotion announced the first six locations for its Green CHIP (Certified Hymotion Installation Partner) dealers. So now, […] Read more »

If you’re like most web workers, you’ve got a stack of obsolete hardware in a closet somewhere. Now TechForward, a relatively new company, wants to take your future junk off your hands – and pay you for it. Their concept is relatively simple – when you […] Read more »

Forbes has an interesting article up that claims that the DS needs to be fearful of the iPhone come June 9th. Brian Caulfield points out the features of the iPhone combine the motion sensitivity of the Wii with the touchscreen of the DS. While this may […] Read more »

The Zumobi team has announcement out of Seattle today: they’ve got an updated release for your Windows Mobile 6 device. In case you’ve forgotten about or never heard of Zumobi, it’s a free, unique navigational application that uses arranged tiles to give you access to web-based […] Read more »

Hulu has added an innovative new feature: search within embeds. Now if you’re watching a Hulu embed (example below) on another site, you can search for something else to watch without leaving the player. The video site already has an extremely unselfish search engine, pointing outside […] Read more »

Consumer electronics companies like Apple, TiVo and HP either are or will be putting YouTube content on your TV through set-top boxes. But Panasonic’s new PZ-850 plasma Viera TV ditches the box and puts YouTube directly into your TV, and I got to see a demo […] Read more »

Score one for Georgia in the nationwide battle to secure green jobs. Suniva, a solar startup building highly efficient solar cells with low-cost manufacturing, said this morning it will be building its first manufacturing plant in Gwinnett County, Georgia. For those of you not familiar with […] Read more »

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