Stories for Jul. 22, 2008

OptiSolar is a thin film solar maker with massive claims, like a 550 MW photovoltaic farm in San Luis Obispo County that it says is in the works. And the Hayward, California-based startup appears to be raising loads of cash to try to implement its aggressive […] Read more »

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Joost launches a Chinese version today as a joint venture with TOM Online, the Chinese media conglomerate that’s majority-owned by Joost investor Li Ka-shing. TOM is providing local advertising and content — some 16,000 hours of programming from CCTV, China Record Corporation, BTV Media, and others […] Read more »

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jkOnTheRun joins the ranks of GigaOM Today Kevin and I are incredibly excited to bring you some great news about jkOnTheRun!  Our little tech blog has been acquired by the great Giga Omni Media group, home of GigaOm blog among others.  Giga Omni Media is one […] Read more »

British PM Wants to Be “Electric Car Capital of Europe”: Gordon Brown announced he wants to electrify England’s car and is talking to a number of companies, including GM and Project Better Place, to get more electric cars and infrastructure to come to the UK – […] Read more »

As part of growing our company and increasing our footprint into the mobile domain, we have acquired jkOnTheRun blog, a nifty and intelligent resource for all things mobile. It is first of the many efforts on our part to grow the company into complementary and adjacent sectors. Continue Reading the story…. Read more »

Coulomb Technologies just announced a partnership to deploy smart charging stations in the city of San Jose, and already the Campbell, Calif.-based is looking for its next locale. During a demonstration of the startup’s charging system (video embedded below), VP of engineering and software Harjinder Bhade […] Read more »

Most of us rely on Google when we want to search for information, but standard Google searches don’t always return the most timely information. Blogs, of course, are excellent at delivering timely information, and you can easily set Google to search blogs only (select Blogs from […] Read more »

Tracking trends and the rising stars in the world of web video is our job here, so we love tools that help us do it. A new entrant in this space is Video Breakouts, which creator Peter Winer has pulled together by noodling around with public […] Read more »

It takes some serious nerve to brave the IPO market these days. It takes even more if you’re a solar energy company. But whether it’s pure craziness or contrarian cunning, two candidates are continuing to do just that. Merrimack, N.H.-based GT Solar is pushing ahead with […] Read more »

Getting images on the web can be a bit of a nuisance. For instance, if you’re using Flickr for your image hosting, you need to upload, find the URL for the size you want to display, and worry about using the proper attributed link. Fumpr aims […] Read more »

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