Stories for Jul. 9, 2008

It’s funding season again for web video companies, but at this stage you’re not going to get in for cheap. The FeedRoom is one of the oldest companies in the space (founded in 1999!) and thus one of the first to morph its business model from […] Read more »

This morning’s Wall Street Journal has an extensive report on challenges facing Google when it comes to advertising, especially with its YouTube division. If anything, the article paints a rather sympathetic view of Google and its money machine. I am surprised by the timing of this […] Read more »

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In an exhaustive story on Google’s troubles monetizing YouTube, The Wall Street Journal discovered that the company is considering a plan to implement the dreaded pre- and post-roll advertisements, something the company has shunned since the beginning. It’s a major reversal for the company. Last year, […] Read more »

First it was “Shalom,” then “Goddag,” and perhaps very soon “Olá” for Shai Agassi’s electric vehicle infrastructure startup, Project Better Place, which is reported to have a deal with the Portuguese government. Prime Minister Jose Socrates signed an agreement today with Better Place partners Renault-Nissan to […] Read more »

There’s no shortage of services out there for shortening URLs (here’s our roundup of just a few of the alternatives). But that’s not stopping new entrant from making a bit of a splash on its introduction. They offer web or bookmarklet access and the ability […] Read more »

Samsung today has released a camcorder that is optimized for recording YouTube video content.  The SC-MX20 is a compact camcorder that is available in red, blue, black or white and sports a 34x optical zoom.  The MX20 uses SDHC memory cards that are available up to […] Read more »

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“I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.” – Douglas Adams, English Humorist During my first years as a web worker, whenever a client would ask me “When can I see the finished product?” I’d estimate the deadline in my […] Read more »

Motion Computing, a firm in Austin and the premiere slate Tablet PC maker, continues to struggle meeting expectations in what is definitely a niche market.  On the heels of a recent round of employee layoffs Motion has distributed a press release detailing changes in the executive […] Read more »

Our friends at VentureBeat are hosting their first conference, MobileBeat 2008 on July 24 at Plug and Play Tech Center at 440 N. Wolfe Rd., Sunnyvale, CA 94085. The conference is looking at opportunities created by the changing mobile landscape. MobileBeat 2008 speakers include Rich Miner, […] Read more »

AFTRA, the smaller of Hollywood’s two performers unions, has ratified its earlier three year deal with the producers..the labor pact with ma… Read more »

T. Boone Pickens laid out his grand ‘Pickens Plan’ on Tuesday (accompanied by a Web 2.0 media blitz) with the suggestion that natural gas could provide over a third of U.S. transportation fuels. While natural gas vehicles (NGVs) have been used for awhile in city-owned car […] Read more »

Stories for Jul. 8, 2008

Ribbit, a Mountain View, Calif.-based company that is pushing a VoIP platform that marries web with voice is subject of acquisition rumors this evening. VentureBeat reported that the company was close to being acquired by British Telecom (BT), but later changed their story. When contacted by […] Read more »

So in a couple of days the iPhone 3G is going to go on sale. Like many of you I am going to get this device as part of my duties as an intrepid reporter (and a shameless Apple-holic.) However, if you are rational, then you […] Read more »

The other virtual shoe finally dropped today– after a year and a half of rumors, Google (GOOG) now brings us Lively, a web-driven mini-virtual world. Not a contiguous, immersive, fully user-created metaverse like Second Life, as it turns out– so it’s not really a direct competitor– […] Read more »

Mevio, the online video network formerly known as PodShow, has raised another $15 million in funding, bringing it to a total of $38 million raised. That’s an awful lot of money — I think too much money — for a company that wants to produce and […] Read more »

Mippin (formerly Refresh Mobile), whose browser-based site presents content specially designed for mobile consumption, says it has named a new CEO and reached a milestone of 500,000 users. But I question its ability to survive. The London-based startup’s service also learns what users like and recommends […] Read more »

GM to Get World’s Largest Rooftop Solar Installation: General Motors is set to get the world’s largest rooftop photovoltaic installation on one of its Spanish facilities. The system will have about 85,000 solar panels and peak capacity of 12 megawatts – BusinessWeek. Better Energy Gets Funding […] Read more »

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