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OK, so today is a bit hectic but it just became a wee bit easier. Aside from responding to tons of e-mails about our latest news, I’m filling out HR forms for my new employer. Only one problem: all of the identification documents I have won’t […] Read more »

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I have a 32″ Westinghouse HDTV sitting right next to my computer which I often hook up to use as a secondary monitor or an external display. Up until now I had no idea how to make Quicktime full screen on it while using it as […] Read more »

How to Watch Porn on YouTube; during an FCC hearing, David Eun, vice president of content partnerships for the video-sharing site, says that if you’re quick enough you can catch it after it’s flagged but before it’s taken down. (Reel Pop) Xbox to Get Comedic Horror […] Read more »

There are times when it makes sense to write a message now to be delivered in the future. Reminders are the classic case: if I need to remember the book sale Friday, I can put it on my task list today and forget it until the […] Read more »

In its second-quarter earnings call this morning, AT&T highlighted the awesome growth of its wireless business, which surged 14.8 percent to $11 billion and accounted for roughly a third of its $30.9 billion in revenue for the period. The company also said that the 3G iPhone […] Read more »

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Vysr took another step forward in their development of the “user-centric Web” earlier this week as they announced the opening of their RoamAbout platform to 3rd party developers. I’ve covered RoamAbout in the past and was impressed at the idea of being able to connect to […] Read more »

After weeks of speculation about its autoplay view-counting policy and at least one high-profile news story, YouTube has revealed that the company purposefully does not count video autoplays. “Autoplaybacks are not counted toward the visible ‘views’ numbers displayed on the YouTube site because autoplaybacks are not […] Read more »

Battery startup ActaCell wasn’t the only recipient of funding from’s RechargeIT program. Last night at the Plug-In 2008 conference,’s Director of Climate Change & Energy Initiatives, Dan Reicher, announced a $2.75 million investment in green vehicle startup Aptera Motors and ActaCell. (That’s $2.75 million […] Read more »

I watch a lot of videos on various sites including Youtube, Google video, etc., and one of my main gripes with the sites is that video does not make your mac think it is busy so it constantly falls asleep while playing a single clip. In […] Read more »

Like a corporate career, web work can also be prone to seemingly irreparable damages. Whether it’s personal problems that affect the quality of your work, difficult clients who give you bad publicity, or the lack of strong business sense, you might get hurled down from your […] Read more »

Andy Grove, the former chairman of Intel turned plug-in vehicle advocate, challenged the attendees of the Plug-In 2008 conference on Tuesday to put 10 million plug-in hybrid electric vehicles on the roads in four years. Those plug-ins should be retrofitted from vehicles with poor mileage like […] Read more »

D’oh! I just bought an iPod Touch and didn’t realize that I could get any iPod for only $50-$100 more than retail and have some sweet, sweet laser engraved Simpsons characters all over it. The laser engraving on the back of the iPods comes in three […] Read more »

Calgoo, whose calendar-sharing products we’ve written about from time to time, have made a major change in their strategy: all of their products are now free. The announcement covers their whole line, including the free desktop Calgoo Calendar, the calendar sync utility Calgoo Connect, and the […] Read more »

Netflix is shutting down Red Envelope Entertainment, its department that invested in low-budget and documentary films. The company said it was shuttering the unit, which employed four people, because it competed with Hollywood studios (Netflix’s bread and butter). This is good news; Netlifx needs to rid […] Read more »

Last month,’s director for climate change and energy initiatives, Dan Reicher, told us that Google would be making investments in green cars this summer through it’s plug-in hybrid program, RechargeIT. Well, here it is: Austin-based lithium ion battery start ActaCell said on Tuesday that it […] Read more »

Today is the first day of the rest of my life.  OK, that’s a pretty old cliche but like many of them it rings true in this case.  I should start off by thanking all of the good folks who have reached out since the announcement […] Read more »

The first time I heard about Neil Tagare was back in the go-go ’90s, when he was the man behind the international fiber network FLAG Telecom. FLAG went public in 2000, but by then Tagare was already onto his next big idea: building a $1.5 billion […] Read more »

[qi:_newteevee] Israeli chip startup Animon, which is pushing a form of whole-home, uncompressed wireless HD, has teamed up with Sony, Samsung, Sharp, Hitachi and Motorola to create the WHDI special interest group. Animon already has products out on the market to offer wireless HD using the […] Read more »

Google’s got a handful of plug-in electric hybrids that it’s been testing on the roads for over a year now through its employee car-share program. But since many Googlers just take the cars out for a local spin, the search engine giant recently decided to complete […] Read more »

An Israeli chip startup pushing a form of whole-home, uncompressed wireless HD has teamed up with Sony, Samsung, Sharp, Hitachi and Motorola to create a WHDI special interest group. The company, Amimon, already has products out on the market that offer wireless HD using the same […] Read more »

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