Stories for Jun. 10, 2008

When I see folks like AT&T Mobility’s CEO say the iPhone “totally and completely mobilizes your data” now that it’s 3G-capable, I know we’re not quite living in the same world. Ralph de la Vega may view 3G as a ubiquitous technology, but spending a few […] Read more »

There are always two ways to look at a competitor getting into your market: It either validates what you are doing, or it could spell the end of your business, depending on the size of the competitor. With Cisco now entering the enterprise video market, you […] Read more »

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Solar cells that act more like photosynthesizing plants than standard silicon solar sounds like a good bet, right? The investors at Morgan Stanley seem to think so. This week, Morgan Stanley Principal Investments said it has invested $20 million in British startup G24 Innovations, which is […] Read more »

So you’ve got precious few seconds in between tasks and you want to check out some online video to clear your head, get entertained or maybe even learn something? Don’t waste your time mindlessly clicking around YouTube. Instead, head over to our sister site’s new baby […] Read more »

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This is unofficial at the moment, but Engadget Mobile reports a tip that Verizon customers can get the Palm Centro experience this Friday, June 13th. Hmm… a phone launch on Friday the 13th? That might not bode well. Actually the pricing may not bode well either […] Read more »

Apple’s newly-announced MobileMe service looks to offer a variety of useful features for the web worker: Continuous push synchronization for email, contacts, and calendars Online access to your mail, contacts, and calendar Photo-sharing through MobileMe Gallery 20GB of file storage that mounts as a drive on […] Read more »

T. Boone Pickens, the oil-baron-turned-wind-power-wildcatter, keeps bumping up the estimated cost of the world’s largest wind farm, which he’s building in Texas. Pickens tells the Living On Earth radio show that the whole 4,000 megawatt wind project, including the cost of building his own transmission lines, […] Read more »

I’ve got a new 24-inch monitor on the way for the home office. It’s a Samsung display capable of 1900 x 1200 resolution, which I believe is the highest supported resolution for my UMPC. Currently I use a 1440 x 900 external display with the Samsung […] Read more »

A lot has been written about the new 3G iPhone, its price and its impact. Now it’s time to shift attention to the most important question about this device: How much money will it make for Apple and its carrier partners? While I don’t have any […] Read more »

While 37signals recently added the oft requested ability to allow Basecamp users to reply to messages and comment notifications by email, a new add-on service called Mailmanagr takes that one step further by allowing you to create new project items as well. Create and assign custom […] Read more »

Aurora Biofuels, an algae-to-biodiesel startup we profiled in our 15 Algae Startups list, said this morning that it’s raised a second round of funding of $20 million; Oak Investment Partners, Gabriel Venture Partners and Noventi were included in the round. Developed at the University of California […] Read more »

Project Canoe Gets a CEO; cable’s targeted ad consortium to sell its services to networks, not directly to advertisers. (The Wall Street Journal) Amazon’s Outages Related to New Video Service? BofA analysts speculate that the upcoming pay-per-view streaming system could be causing the downtime. (Bits Blog) […] Read more »

I just received a request from a client asking if there was a site where they could create a page that staff and their board members could access that easily aggregated their media clips. I thought about it for a while, considering recommending a bookmarking site […] Read more »

If you’re the sort of person who runs their phone battery down to nothing on a regular basis, IOGear’s new GearJuice, could provide just the bit of insurance you need to stay connected. It’s basically a shell that fits around a AA battery, with a bit […] Read more »

Animoto, a service that helps users make videos out of their pictures, today launches a new revenue stream: paid high-quality downloads and physical DVDs. Business-model-wise, this is similar to what personal media startups One True Media and Motionbox do. For its new paid products, Animoto upgraded […] Read more »

I love my bags. In 1999 I swapped a $400 leather overcoat for the perfect recordbag/backpack/laptop bag…in 2002 I found a Levis faux-denim convertible messenger+backpack that I hung onto for years, until I replaced it with a Timbuk2 Detour, and this March a Commute 2008…purchased whilst […] Read more »

While there’s an awful lot to like about MobileMe (tight iPhone integration, web apps that look like they’re going to be awesome—this second point is big considering I usually dislike web apps), there are some parts of .Mac we’ll have to say goodbye to. Here’s an excerpt […] Read more »

Are you thinking of getting a new iPhone 3G next month? Do you like to send/receive text messages? If you’re thinking of lining up on July 11, you’ve already budgeted the $30/month for the data plan. But did you know that you should also select a […] Read more »

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