Stories for Jul. 11, 2008

Rafat Ali, founder of ContentNext Media, a Santa Monica, Calif.-based new media startup and publisher of the blog paidContent, puts the blame for his inability to sleep last night squarely on Kara Swisher’s shoulders for breaking the story of his company being gobbled up -– for […] Read more »

Comcast has been accused of blocking traffic several times in its history and may have even admitted to more than the straight up P2P blocking we all knew about. But late yesterday, Comcast finally got it’s comeuppance. Sort of. Kevin Martin, chairman of the Federal Communications […] Read more »

Many web workers talk about the benefits of larger or dual monitors. I currently have a 17-inch monitor, and although it works well, I can see how I can benefit from a more spacious and organized virtual desktop. But the truth is, not all web workers […] Read more »

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This morning I am finally able to log into my brand spanking new MobileMe account.  The rollout took much longer than Apple thought it would but I am finally in.  I already had a .mac account so this new MobileMe account was already part of the […] Read more »

The 10 next-generation biofuel startups that got funded last quarter were 10 of the reasons that cleantech venture investments hit a recent record. But how well are all these biofuel startups going to do in the market? We’re not sure, but Martin Tobias, angel investor and […] Read more »

Stories for Jul. 10, 2008

Another fun tidbit from YouTube’s developer conference today: according to the site’s internal measure, views of Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” music video actually increased on YouTube following the site pranking its visitors on April Fools Day this year by giving the video every […] Read more »

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At $99 a year, I expect my online service to function all the time. So perhaps that is why I am a little upset that Apple hasn’t been able to launch their MobileMe service properly and are experiencing outages. The fact that the service was supposed […] Read more »

Iran’s missile project may need more rocket scientists to help gets its projectiles off the ground, but its marketing team desperately needs some talented photo retouchers to better cover up its ballistic shortcomings. The duping of numerous newspapers by a digitally altered picture of Iran’s missile […] Read more »

On a day when iPhone app madness has swept the planet (or planet blog at least), there is a bunch of news involving YouTube. First – Viacom today issued a statement about recent court ruling that ordered YouTube to hand over its user data to the […] Read more »

A growing number of people expect mobile phones to emerge as the dominant means of Internet access for the 6.6 billion people on Earth; as proof, they point to the 10 percent of the 2.5 billion handsets in circulation that already include such access. But there […] Read more »

Clever is the best word to describe PES’s latest stop-motion short, a Michel Gondry-esque recreation of the cooking process in which artificial household items sub in for real ingredients. (Though, disturbingly, the end product almost looks delicious.) And while following online video means watching a lot […] Read more »

Stirling On Track for 30,000-dish, 750MW Solar Thermal Plant: Although they were one of the first solar thermal companies to sign a big contract, Stirling Energy Systems is a little behind. But now the company has the paperwork for its first solar power plant – Green […] Read more »

I’ve recently upgraded to a Windows Smartphone, and like any good Web Worker I am looking to tweak the maximum amount of functionality and productivity from it that I possibly can. I access my Gmail via IMAP using the built in messaging client, and with my […] Read more »

While we’re not all plugged into The Matrix just yet (or maybe we are and just don’t know it?), we’re starting to see a trend towards something I mentioned earlier today: Location Based Services. Nokia Labs continues the trend today with the debut of Nokia Chat. […] Read more »

We’re drowning in emails related to iPhone apps here at GigaOM, but since the store opens today and we already did a list of iPhone apps, we’re turning the tables and asking, what would GigaOM readers do? You guys obviously want the 3G iPhone, so now […] Read more »

YouTube will soon add geosearch — giving viewers the ability to find videos tagged to a certain location — disclosed product manager Brian Glick at a developer talk at YouTube’s San Bruno, Calif., campus on Thursday. Glick said the feature was currently “in limited experimentation,” and […] Read more »

Recently, while taking a couple of days off, I needed to be able to continue writing on my laptop throughout most of the day–while outside at a hotel. I’ve written before about my previous favorite solution for this problem: Electrovaya’s PowerPad95 external battery.  Since that post, […] Read more »

Coming soon to a city near you — more power outages! As temperatures soar across the nation, a report published today in the Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology details research from scientists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, which estimates that electricity demand could outstrip supply […] Read more »

The gaming industry came out early and strongly in favor of the new features the iPhone brought to the scene just over a year ago. Developer… Read more »

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