Stories for Jun. 8, 2008

From our poll, it looks like most of you are salivating over the thought of a video-enabled iPhone — more than half of some 740 voters said they would buy such a device. But there are already some iPhone video apps already being shown off in […] Read more »

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Starting now, Mattel (MAT) is offering a premium subscription option to its phenomenally popular Barbie Girls web-based virtual world. Since beta launch April 2007, it’s amassed a record-breaking 13 million registered users, with over 2.3 million of those monthly active users. At $5.99 a month, the […] Read more »

YouTube has a new plan to make money — let the creators do the work. The company will start allowing professional content producers that have their own sales teams start selling their own ads on their YouTube channels, according to Advertising Age. Creators will be able […] Read more »

In a few hours from now, there is a good chance that as part of The Steve Jobs Show, Apple will introduce a brand-spanking new, 3G iPhone. It has some folks I know in the wireless world not really looking forward to the big surge of […] Read more »

IDT, the telecom and mobile company based in Newark, New Jersey, has filed its Q108 (ending April 30) quarterly report with SEC, and some nu… Read more »

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There are a lot of solutions out there for tracking your work time on the web. I did some hunting around recently, and typical pricing for multi-user accounts was in the $20 or more per month range. If that’s too rich for your blood, you might […] Read more »

I have been watching Kevin’s "working in the cloud" experiment with great interest as it’s an area that has the potential to benefit a great many mobile professionals.  Equally as interesting are the comments that are being made about Kevin’s challenge and all of this together […] Read more »

We hear often that speed is a virtue in the startup trade. Mike Cassidy thinks speed is the highest virtue, in fact. (Check out his presentation, Speeding Up All Parts of a Startup, which we found via Venture Hacks earlier this week.) As luck would have […] Read more »

Conan O’Brien wants you to create a commercial to promote his show, but the top prize may not have you reaching for that camcorder quite yet. I could explain the whole joke, but why not let Mr. O’Brien tell it himself: P.S. It’s real. Hat tip […] Read more »

Update: Platform-A’s official statement on the breach. Original Story below the fold. Platform-A has determined that the servers that host Third Screen Media’s corporate web site were breached during the weekend of June 6-8, 2008. The breach resulted in malicious code and web pages being loaded […] Read more »

Stories for Jun. 7, 2008

Climate change was debated and filibustered on Capitol Hill this week as the Lieberman-Warner Climate Security Act came up in the Senate. The bill represents the first serious climate change legislation with a cap and trade system on carbon to make it to the Senate floor. […] Read more »

Two former Apple guys, one from the iPhone team and one from the iTunes team have created an online slideshow creator. that opened in public beta today. You can try it out and see if you like it better than PowerPoint, Keynote, Slideshare, Google Presentations, Sliderocket, […] Read more »

Just four episodes in, Revision3 has dropped the axe on its social network show, Social Brew. Rev3 CEO Jim Louderback explained the decision in a post to the company’s forums: First let me apologize to everyone who had developed an attachment to Social Brew. This news […] Read more »

The BBC recently published a set of editorial guidelines for interacting with social networking platforms and other third-party web sites. It’s part practical how-to for BBC producers, part Star Trek-like Prime Directive, complete with warnings to “be sensitive to the expectations of existing users of the […] Read more »

What do they say – one man’s meat is another man’s poison. Looks like that was for T-Mobile USA that has filed a lawsuit against Starbucks, which had recently switched over from T-Mobile to AT&T. AT&T offering free WiFi at Starbucks locations is putting the hurt […] Read more »

While Powerset unquestionably has some interesting and valuable semantic search technology, there are other semantic search engines that produce equally meaningful and relevant results.
In this post, we compare Powerset results with those of a demo implementation from one such search engine, Cognition Technologies. And we compare them both with the current gold standard in web search, Google. Read more »

If you’re experiencing desktop clutter on your Mac, like myself, you might want to check out Drag Thing. On June 4, 2008 they updated DragThing to 5.9.3. I really like this application since it helps me remove the clutter from my desktop. yes I admit it […] Read more »

After our computers, our cell phones are surely the most essential tool for most web workers. With our on-the-go working habits, many of us spend hours every week with the tiny phones pressed to our ears, dealing with clients and coworkers. Recently the potential health risks of cell phones are back in the news – CNN and the New York Times are among the major media that have covered this issue. Read more »

Zoho is an office productivity suite that is entirely online, just like Google Docs, only with more stuff you can create (invoices, CRM, Projects). Raju and company recently redesigned the interface to work better with an iPhone. Writer, Creator, Sheet, and Show are supported. It looks […] Read more »

Stories for Jun. 6, 2008
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