Stories for Jul. 25, 2008

Google’s GMail has always used the secure https: protocol to protect logins, but it would allow you to switch to an insecure http: session after you were connected. While this can speed things up, it’s potentially a problem for those of us who are on-the-go: unencrypted […] Read more »

Electric car maker Aptera Motors announced late yesterday that it has raised more than $24 million in a Series C round, which it will use to move its three-wheel electric Typ-1 into production.’s investment in the electric vehicle maker, unveiled earlier this week, is part […] Read more »

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Updated at the bottom: Over the past few years, the quaint and sleepy town of Bangalore has been transformed into a highly compressed version of Silicon Valley, only with worse housing and transportation problems. Some of the bigger technology companies — Texas Instruments, Intel and Qualcomm […] Read more »

After spending the past few years pouring money into Facebook applications and me-too social networks, venture firms are starting to invest in infrastructure again, with both hardware and software plays tied to the cloud. Read more »

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We’ve all likely been in that situation where we have spare time on our hands, and how we use that time can make the difference between success and failure when we are faced with the problem of having too much work. So here are some tips on what you can do in your down time to prepare for the up-time that is sure to come. Read more »

I was rudely awakened at 4 am this morning by blazing flashes of lightning and peals of thunder.  Hurricane Dolly has missed us here in Houston but yesterday blasted us all day with rain, rain and more rain.  The rain has slowed overnight but the storms […] Read more »

[qi:006] Yesterday, the guys from eBuddy sent me a press release (pdf link) that made me wonder: With the rise of flat-rate data plans for feature-packed mobiles and the high-speed 3G network becoming commonplace, will mobile IM start to eat into the lucrative SMS business? The […] Read more »

Nokia and Qualcomm buried the hatchet this week, deciding to settle matters out of court and become friends. While the details of the settlement aren’t clear, The Wall Street Journal reports that as a result of this settlement, Nokia will pay less to Qualcomm. The deal […] Read more »

There seems to be a lot more media attention covering “cow power,” than actual viable cow power plants out there. But a team of researchers at the University of Texas at Austin say that biogas made from manure could provide as much as 3 percent of […] Read more »

Stories for Jul. 24, 2008

Hulu CTO Eric Feng rolled into NewTeeVee HQ this morning to give us an update on what the company has been up to since launching in March. He told us a little bit about audience engagement (users are spending more than an hour on the site), […] Read more »

Today at Comic-Con, the Cartoon Network announced FusionFall, which it described as “the first AAA, browser-based massively multiplayer online game (MMOG).” (The “AAA” qualification is probably meant to distinguish it from low-budget, web-based MMOGs like Runescape.) Set to be released this fall, the game will incorporate […] Read more »

Good luck getting anyone on this panel to say mobile is heading toward a bust, but you have to give the organizers props for at least raisin… Read more »

You may have noticed problems with the site this afternoon, particularly with the commenting system.  TypePad had network problems creating this situation and we were also prevented from posting any new articles.  This is why we didn’t inform you of the system-wide problem while it was […] Read more »

Gas, Oil, Wind and Wave All Want Offshore Space: Wind companies have been trying for years to secure offshore locations but now with a new push to open up American shores for drilling, the federal government is trying to streamline the process – MarketWatch. Arctic Oil […] Read more »

What could be better than a well-known vlogger doing an acoustic cover of MIA’s Paper Planes? Clearly, the answer is: three vloggers. YouTube users charlestrippy and sxephil joined davedays for a slightly nerdier, but adorable new take on the track. And in the world of politics, […] Read more »

Intel, the world’s largest chip maker, is spreading its R&D efforts far outside of its server and PC kingdom. The company has just launched a new line of products that will combine four processors onto a single chip, reducing both power consumption and the footprint required […] Read more »

While it was initially announced in December 2007 and covered on our parent blog GigaOm, Google has just released its Knol service to the public. As noted on the Google Operating System blog, Knol appears at first glance to have a lot in common with Wikipedia–a […] Read more »

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