Stories for Jun. 9, 2008

Last month we covered the launch of Canadian startup Scrnshots – a service to help designers share their inspirations as screenshots. Cofounders Greg Bell and Derek Kehler alluded to a bunch of upcoming features in last month’s interview, many of which have been rolled out in […] Read more »

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On Friday I caught up with Jason Shellen, one of the members of the original Blogger team. Following Google’s February 2003 acquisition of PyraLabs, the company behind Blogger, Shellen joined the search engine giant, working first on Blogger and later on other projects, including Google Reader. […] Read more »

Crackle to Launch New Series; The Jace Hall Show and Take-Away Shows added to lineup, The Purple Onion and The C-Spot re-upped. (MediaWeek) MPAA Looks to Block DVR Recording of Some Movies; at the request of the film organization, FCC has started a proceeding to determine […] Read more »

Think $4 per gallon gas is bad? Try $6 per gallon biodiesel. While the prices for gas and diesel have been climbing higher and higher, biodiesel prices have been rising, too, crunching biodiesel makers and making large diesel purchasers rethink making the switch to biodiesel. Seattle-based […] Read more »

Today Freescale said it would spin out its MRAM business to a consortium of venture investors under the name EverSpin Technologies. Such a move makes sense for Freescale, which doesn’t have the resources to focus on developing a competitor to Flash memory, but is also somewhat […] Read more »

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We’ve looked at wide variety of RSS readers in the past. But what if there is RSS information so important that you want it to interrupt your work day? That’s when you turn to new service IM Feeds, which offers a simple RSS-to-instant-message gateway. This has […] Read more »

Watch out, oldteevee! According to new Nielsen data, the next generation of video watchers is spending even more time with online video at home than the current crop of adults do. During the month of April, kids ages 2 to 11 watched an average of 51 […] Read more »

Ah, there’s nothing like the thrill of last-minute keynote rumor-mongering. This is one I don’t think anyone saw coming, which in my book lends it some credibility. TUAW has posted some images of a page purportedly from Apple’s web site advertising Mac Fusion, a new Mac specifically for […] Read more »

Word has trickled out about a new Tablet PC from Lenovo, the x200.  Additional information is available at the ThinkPads forums and it is clear the x200 is the replacement model for the venerable x61, both notebook and Tablet PC.  The x200 Tablet PC will be […] Read more »

While web workers can have the liberty of selecting their work days, the reluctance to get back into the workweek is a universal feeling. Whether you work from Monday to Friday or have an alternative schedule, you probably understand this feeling. Of course, for the purpose […] Read more »

Our growing ability to use the Internet as a giant database, apply that information in a creative way to build interesting mash-up applications, and then apply them to markets — stock, real estate or fantasy — is an area that holds a lot of fascination for […] Read more »

RockYou, the maker of applications such as SuperWall and Likeness that ride on top of social networks, has raised $35 million in a round of venture funding led by DCM. We confirmed with a company spokesperson that previous investors Partech, Lightspeed and Sequoia participated in the […] Read more »

Liz Shannon Miller and I are in New York to catch the tail end of Internet Week and attend the Webby awards. Tune into the NewTeeVee Qik channel over the next couple days for red carpet coverage and perhaps an interview with Webby honorees Stephen Colbert, […] Read more »

Now that the Democratic Party has a presumptive nominee, it’s time to take a closer look at Sen. Barack Obama’s energy plan and how he intends to use the office of the president to accelerate our transition to a greener economy. We profiled Sen. John McCain’s […] Read more »

Stories for Jun. 8, 2008

From our poll, it looks like most of you are salivating over the thought of a video-enabled iPhone — more than half of some 740 voters said they would buy such a device. But there are already some iPhone video apps already being shown off in […] Read more »

Starting now, Mattel (MAT) is offering a premium subscription option to its phenomenally popular Barbie Girls web-based virtual world. Since beta launch April 2007, it’s amassed a record-breaking 13 million registered users, with over 2.3 million of those monthly active users. At $5.99 a month, the […] Read more »

YouTube has a new plan to make money — let the creators do the work. The company will start allowing professional content producers that have their own sales teams start selling their own ads on their YouTube channels, according to Advertising Age. Creators will be able […] Read more »

In a few hours from now, there is a good chance that as part of The Steve Jobs Show, Apple will introduce a brand-spanking new, 3G iPhone. It has some folks I know in the wireless world not really looking forward to the big surge of […] Read more »

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