Stories for Jun. 11, 2008

As Nokia (NYSE: NOK) builds its services strategy, including the Ovi portal, it’s also working diligently on how to monetize it through adve… Read more »

I’m sitting here in the mega-corporate coffee house with sadness in my heart.  My intention was to be sitting in one of the small neighborhood coffee houses but alas it seems they are all going out of business.  I happily shared about the Afresca Coffee shop […] Read more »

If you’re constantly looking to work even faster on the web, take a look at some of the drag-and-drop extensions to Firefox. The one I like (and have installed) is QuickDrag. With QuickDrag, you can highlight any text and drag it slightly to have a new […] Read more »

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Earlier today, we posted an item written by one of our freelance contributors about little-used features of Gmail. What we did not realize was that the post lifted from an item published three days earlier on Giga Omni Media considers such behavior unacceptable. As soon […] Read more »

I finally understand why Spore has been delayed for so long. Originally expected for a 2007 release, the simulated evolution game from Electronic Arts (ERTS) studio Maxis was suddenly withheld, much to EA’s chagrin. Maxis head Will Wright explained the delay, saying that the company wanted […] Read more »

Best-selling author Paulo Coelho is working with MySpace to integrate UGC elements into his filmThe Experimental Witch, which is an adaptation of his book, The Witch of Portobello. Users can select one of the 15 characters from Portobello and create a short film or music video […] Read more »

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Now that was fast! T-Mobile which had sued Starbucks last week over the coffee chain partnering with AT&T and offering free WiFi has settled with the Seattle-based coffee giant. The terms of the settled were not revealed, though I think the iPhone 3G launch might have […] Read more »

Web working covers a lot of ground: from coffeeshop bedouins to full-time telecommuters to home-office workers. But one thing holds us all together: we use the web to be productive. What does that actually mean, though? Do you just fire up the browser when you have […] Read more »

On the eve of Structure 08 in San Francisco, the folks behind many of today’s cloud computing initiatives will be gathering at CloudCamp. GigaOM is one of the evening’s sponsors: CloudCamp was formed in order to provide a common ground for the introduction and advancement of […] Read more »

One of the things “real” offices have that virtual web worker offices don’t is the break room bulletin board. That’s that shared space you stare at while your coffee is brewing. It’s where the people you work with stick photos of their new babies, garage sale […] Read more »

The power grid — our crucial yet oh-so-antiquated electricity system — is seeing several announcements today, as startups and big companies alike see room for innovation and investment. And, by the way, who’s going to pay for all this? Maybe you are: Trilliant On Its Way […] Read more »

It’s hard to ignore that there’s a ton of detailed news and expected availability dates on netbooks, but deets on the MID products are a little more nebulous. InfoWorld figures that Intel is waiting for the breakthrough MID product to spur demand for Silverthorne CPUs and […] Read more »

WWD’s Mike Gunderloy recently commented on Sun Microsystem’s study of the impact of telecommuting on a worker’s carbon footprint. Coincidentally, on the same day policy changes in the UK may mean that telecommuting sees a sharp increase as the options for actual commuting rise in cost […] Read more »

Quarterlife creator Marshall Herskovitz and I haven’t always seen eye-to-eye, so when I introduced myself to him at the Digital Media Summit in Hollywood, I wasn’t sure if he’d shake my hand or pop me in the face. Turns out Herskovitz was a nice guy and […] Read more »

Pluggd Launches Brightcove Competitor; just-launched (and renamed) Delve Networks offers users a way to search for key topics within a video. (TechCrunch) Netflix Sells Out of Rokus; movie rental company says it’s run out of the $99 set-top box; the stat is somewhat meaningless, however, as […] Read more »

Our favorite stealthy private equity investor, David Gelbaum’s Quercus Trust, is involved in two investments in battery/energy storage startups, re-upping on one existing investment and joining on as new investor in the other. The new investment comes with the disclosure that Quercus played a part in […] Read more »

Looking for a place to save notes, lists, and random bits of information online, with a bit more structure than a wiki? A free account at Helipad might be just the thing for you. Helipad bills itself as “the flexible web notepad,” which means you can […] Read more »

I figured that with the steep reduction in price of the iPhone ($199 and $299, the same price as an 8GB iPod Nano and 8GB iPod Touch, respectively), Apple might be willing to allow students and faculty members the opportunity to buy an iPhone and get […] Read more »

There’s been much talk about web workers feeling the need to co-work or step outside their home office. This trend may boil down to this obvious, but essential, thing: we need to spend some time offline. So what offline activities can the average web worker pursue? […] Read more »

We have been tracking a round of funding for WooMe, the online video speed-dating service, and latest word is that the deal is done. The company raised a $12 million round led by Index Ventures, according to our sources. The company raised fresh money at a […] Read more »

After six months of hard-fought politicking, the San Francisco board of supervisors has finally approved the Solar Energy Incentive Program, the country’s largest municipal solar program. The program has been greenlighted for 10 years and has an annual budget of $3 million dollars. The money will […] Read more »

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