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We received a tip that “Obama Love,” John McCain’s musical ode to the media fawning over his presidential rival, Barack Obama, has been yanked due to a copyright claim by Warner Music Group. Our copy of it on NewTeeVee Station no longer works, and a blog […] Read more »

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Recently, I found myself stuck for several hours in an airport that had no Wi-Fi–not even any paid option for Wi-Fi. These types of airports are getting more scarce, and you can establish that with one of my favorite travel convenience sites: I’ve written about […] Read more »

My weekend walks with the dog have turned from quiet reveries into trips through a neighborhood bazaar. Driveway after driveway is packed with garage sales and people selling old DVD players, lamps, old books, anything, everything. Part of this is a natural summer decluttering ritual, but […] Read more »

[qi:_earth2tech] A plan to combine cloud computing, fast broadband and renewable energy could reduce the demand data centers place on the electrical grid and save companies money on power costs. Data centers’ ability to suck up inordinate amounts of electricity is turning them into the Hummers […] Read more »

European and Australian researchers want to build a giant P2P network on the basis of TV set-top boxes, Computerworld Australia reported this week. The so-called Nanodatacenters project is based on the idea that you don’t need giant data centers as long as you have increasingly powerful […] Read more »

Data centers’ ability to suck up inordinate amounts of electricity is turning them into the Hummers of the computing world. And much like Hummers, their power-guzzling ways means they are becoming increasingly costly to run. We’ve already covered the efforts of companies to reduce heat, increase […] Read more »

Do you miss the days when the search engines used to brag about how many pages they’d managed to index? Well, today’s blog entry from Google should warm your heart: their new content hunting systems are now tracking upwind of 1 trillion unique URLs on the […] Read more »

Man, silicon solar gear maker GT Solar has been having a rough couple of days. Shares of the company, which priced at $16.50 for their stock market debut yesterday, closed down almost 12 percent. But the stock lost even more ground today, slumping as much as […] Read more »

Nothing like a lawsuit to put a kink in your business plan. Just days after NBC and Fox sued RedLasso, the service that allowed bloggers to create custom video and audio clips from news sources, the company announced today that it has suspended blogger access to […] Read more »

I know that this is the Weekend Vid Picks, but the truth of the matter is that I wrote it on Wednesday. Why? Because by Wednesday, we already had enough examples of girls fighting it out on tape to complete this piece. There are times when […] Read more »

I am sitting here at the local bean shop and I stop to stretch and look around. Sitting on top of a table about five feet away from me is the thinnest and smallest Toshiba notebook I have ever seen.  It rivals the Lenovo IdeaPad U110 […] Read more »

Garmin and TomTom may need to guard their backs in the portable navigation device market. Americans are increasingly using their cell phones for navigation, according to data from comScore, which says that navigation on the cell phone as of the end of May was up 82 […] Read more »

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