Stories for Jul. 31, 2008

[qi:_earth2tech] We’re all familiar with standard photovoltaic solar panels, and many of us are starting to become acquainted with solar thermal tech that uses the sun’s heat to generate power as well. But there’s also a third option: Over a dozen startups are currently working on […] Read more »

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Researchers at MIT say they have delivered a major breakthrough in storing solar energy, inspired by photosynthesis and using a catalyst made up of cobalt metal. In a paper published today in Science, MIT professor of energy, Daniel Nocera, says he’s developed a process that uses […] Read more »

NEAT Receipts has been selling their pint-sized scanners and associated software for about five years now. Recently they put out an “advanced release” of their Mac software – the “advanced” part because it doesn’t yet have all the features of their established PC software. But it has plenty of useful features, and I took a review unit for a spin to see how well they worked. Read more »

We’re tracking a stealth startup called Onecast and/or 1cast that was apparently founded and funded by Craig McCaw, based on a tip from a commenter whom we have reason to believe may work for the company. The main guy at Onecast seems to be a fellow […] Read more »

Akamai Says Traffic is Up, But Content Owners Spending Less; Dan Rayburn cries foul on the reasoning, says more content coming online, economy is not hurting the CDN’s business. (Streaming Media Blog) Disney Credits Internet for Revenue Bump; ratings slump on ABC was offset by higher […] Read more »

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Psystar has officially decided to not go down without a fight. They requested more time to respond to the suit brought forth by Apple and are represented by lawyers from the firm Carr & Ferrell, ComputerWorld reports. They have until August 18th, if this motion is […] Read more »

The California Clean Tech Open is broadening its horizons and will be taking its clean tech business plan competition to the mountains to accept submissions for the first Colorado Clean Tech Open in Spring of 2009, CCTO Programs Director Brian Prayer announced last night. Members of […] Read more »

GE Energy Financial Services and Spanish holding company Landon Corporate Group say they will invest a combined $350 million into Spanish solar developer Fotowatio. GE will invest $235 million to acquire 32 percent of Fotowatio and the Landon Corporate Group will invest $118 million to obtain […] Read more »

Your Truman Show, which previously launched a personal video sharing portal and then a video-sharing Facebook app and widget called VideoMap, is now going after a different market. Today the company a announcing its new, yet-to-be-released product called Taglift, a collaborative filtering program aimed at ad […] Read more »

If you build software or web applications, sooner or later you need to ask what actual users think of your software. Silverback is a new OS X package designed to make this process simple and easy. Set it up on a Mac with a cam (the […] Read more »

Nokia owners on the Mac platform can now rejoice as word has arrived that the Missing Sync for Symbian is now available.  Your contacts, calendars and tasks on the Mac can now be synced with any Symbian-based phone from Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Motorola.  Missing Sync […] Read more »

We have one more piece of Netflix‘s set-top box strategy today. LG announced its Blu-Ray and streaming hybrid player. The LG BD300 will play high definition discs as well as stream content (not in HD) from Netflix and other sources directly to your television set. The […] Read more »

According to the Wall Street Journal, Google may be trying to build out a corporate venture capital arm similar to other strategic venture groups at companies ranging from Intel to Motorola. The Journal reports that Google SVP David Drummond will be in charge, and that the […] Read more »

Yesterday we mentioned that word had leaked out about the upcoming netbook from Sylvania for $299.  I heard from the horse’s mouth that the $299 price is their target but has not been confirmed yet.  I also got the real specs (click to enlarge) from Sylvania […] Read more »

Chances are fairly decent that there are a good number of TAB readers who have been impacted by the loss of either their laptop or cell phone (or iPhone) due to theft. Estimates are that 12,000 laptops are lost or stolen each week at airports and […] Read more »

You have probably seen any number of articles on the web and in print magazines that tell you how to optimize or tune Windows Vista to provide better performance for providing a better user experience.  Vista does a lot of things in the background and most […] Read more »

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