Stories for Jul. 28, 2008

Second Rotation, the startup that will give you cash for your outdated gizmos, has rebranded and relaunched its buyback site under the new name “Gazelle.” This change doesn’t mean a lot when it comes to the service, as Gazelle will still pay you cash for your […] Read more »

Lately, as I’ve bogged my computer down with with a bunch of new applications, I’ve gotten back into using a little Windows utility that I used to use all the time: Launchy. Launchy is a free, open source utility for launching applications or going to web […] Read more »

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jkOnTheRun: How the iPhone is changing the face of the Internet. NewTeeVee: Hulu, which lets users embed full-length TV episodes and movies on their blogs and personal pages, is rolling out new widgets that expand those embedding options. Web Worker Daily: Seven different ways to keep […] Read more »

GoAnimate, a New York City-based startup, launched a snazzy web-based animation creator at Comic-Con this weekend. Today we talked to GoAnimate founder and CEO Alvin Hung about his company, for which he’s raised $1.4 million in angel funding and is currently trying to add $5 million […] Read more »

The fallout of the upcoming nVidia GPU situation is just starting as Dell has issued BIOS updates for the notebooks they sell with the possibly defective chips.  Earlier nVidia filed a report with the SEC that stated the graphics chipmaker was taking a $150 – 200 […] Read more »

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Didn’t get enough sci-fi at the recent Comic-Con? Fear not, true believers, soon all you’ll have to do is turn on your PC, as there will be more nerd-friendly series online than you can shake a light saber at. Below is a sampling of sci-fi shows, […] Read more »

Google appears to have finally noticed that Mac users would like to sync their desktop calendars with their online ones: they’ve released (in beta form) Google Calendar CalDAV support. By following their instructions, you can set up synchronization between your OS X Leopard calendar and your […] Read more »

ContentNext Media, which covers the business of digital media as a wholly owned subsidiary of Guardian News & Media, is expanding its UK new… Read more »

Austin Energy plans to ask its local city council for approval to build a $2.3 billion biomass power plant in East Texas, the Austin Business Journal reports. Nacogdoches Power has agreed to construct and operate the plant and sell power to Austin Energy over the course […] Read more »

A few days ago Microsoft released a beta for Office Outlook Connector 12.1; essentially a plugin for Microsoft’s near-ubiquitous email client that helps address some of the issues we’ve discussed previously at Web Worker Daily including Jailbreaking Hotmail and Exchange-ing Microsoft for Google. Microsoft Office Outlook […] Read more »

These days, it’s trendy to trash U.S. infrastructure, from our crumbling roads to our tepid broadband, but luckily we have think tanks to get out there and write papers telling politicians and taxpayers just how to improve the situation. The Brookings Institution recently put up a […] Read more »

Xantrex, a Vancouver, British Columbia-based maker of power electronics for renewable energy systems, said today it’s agreed to be acquired by Schneider Electric, a French energy management firm, for C$15 ($14.66) a share, or C$500 million ($488 million), in cash. The buyout includes a separate deal […] Read more »

We’ve talked about plenty of mobile phones here in the past – but all but the most wandering web workers eventually come to roost in an office, at least for a little while. Other than a computer, the office telephone is still the most essential piece […] Read more »

Foreign Body: 40 Episodes and Just 1M Plays; Vuguru’s latest web drama series has struggled with an inconsistent audience. (MediaWeek) Verizon FiOS Adds 176,000 New Customers in Q2; TV service now has roughly 1.4 million subscribers, is now entering NYC. (paidContent) FCC Chastises Comcast Over Messing […] Read more »

Just as I was about to wipe Windows Vista from my UMPC and start tinkering with Moblin, it looks like there’s a change in the winds for Moblin. The next version of the mobile-friendly Linux platform is due out on August 19th, and is apparently switching […] Read more »

You want to organize a conference call. You want it to be easy as pie. If the conferencing tool you use is going to have bells and whistles, you want them to be transparent to you. You just want the darn thing to work well and […] Read more »

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