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The Big Muddy could soon be a bit greener with some hydrokinetic turbines from Hyrdo Green Energy. The Houston, Tex.-based startup tells us it is planning to have the first commercially operable hydrokinetic energy project in Mississippi River waters up and running by September. Hydro Green […] Read more »

Analogies are tricky things, but one recently proposed by Ernie the Attorney should ring true for many web workers: he writes about living his life in ATM mode. To see what this means in context, and how it fits into the web worker lifestyle, let’s step […] Read more »

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MediaSet Sues YouTube, Google; Italian media company says it found 4,643 copies of its programming on YouTube and is seeking damages of $779 million. (CNET) Comcast Reports Q2 Results; cable company loses 138,000 basic cable subscribers, adds 320,000 digital subscribers (check out its broadband numbers over […] Read more »

One of the most daunting but necessary challenges faced by the U.S. is getting to other side of this energy crisis, both by migrating away from fossil fuel-based energy and building new infrastructure. But this is a challenge that requires billions of dollars, money that has […] Read more »

Droplet isn’t a new company, but it says it has a new way to improve the mobile video experience. The Menlo Park, Calif.-based company says it has developed an all-software solution that can handle both capturing and playback of video on a mobile device, as well […] Read more »

On a sunny afternoon back in June of 2007, members of the media, academia and the tech industry gathered to watch Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin drive a white Prius around the parking lot of the search giant’s Mountain View, Calif., headquarters. It wasn’t […] Read more »

While we’ve challenged the notion that every startup needs a business plan, many new web entrepreneurs still see them as essential. And therein lies a problem: it’s too easy to fall into business plan paralysis, where you get stuck on the writing and never actually launch […] Read more »

In keeping with today’s "netbooks are too expensive" meme comes word today that Lenovo is shipping the 3000 G in Malaysia.  The 3000 G is nothing new and nothing to write home about from a spec standpoint with a 1.86 GHz Core Duo processor, DVD burner, […] Read more »

SolFocus, a startup that designs and builds solar concentrating photovoltaic systems, says this morning that it has completed the first 200-kilowatt phase of a sizable 3 MW system in Castilla-La Mancha, Spain. The solar plant, which SolFocus claims is the world’s first commercial-scale concentrating photovoltaic system, […] Read more »

Last night I received a general question from jkOTR reader Steve about security and password management. Good timing because I was actually reading WebWorkerDaily’s "7 Ways to Manage Passwords" article when Steve’s note came in. First and foremost, I think security and password management approaches will […] Read more »

Well this could drain my productivity today. For no reason that I can think of, Firefox 3 has become very unstable: pegging the CPU and wildly swinging memory usage from 150MB to over 700 MB for no apparent reason. The browser can just sit there idle […] Read more »

As earnings season continues, it’s clear that some in the U.S. have had their fill of broadband. Within the past week AT&T and Verizon reported slowing broadband growth, and today Comcast saw its high-speed Internet access customers grow by 278,000 new subscribers, but added 18 percent […] Read more »

The MSI Wind captured a lot of reviewers hearts when it was first introduced a few months ago due to its great design and low price point.  Then shipping delays started leading many to wonder if MSI was having trouble producing the mini-notebook for the low […] Read more »

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