Stories for Aug. 11, 2008

Om shares some info today on the wildly popular iTunes AppStore that’s worth a closer look because it underscores a theme I’ve been harping on since day one. According to Steve Jobs in a Wall Street Journal interview, the AppStore has seen over 60 million application […] Read more »

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I’m in the middle of building an iPhone app (for eventual distribution in the App Store) and, given what happened recently with NetShare, I took a moment to step back and see just how much control Steve & Co. have over the potential livelihood of iPhone […] Read more »

A report out from Chetan Sharma Consulting proves that data is the big story when it comes to wireless operators in the United States. Driven by flat-rate plans, increasing 3G coverage and the iPhone, data spending reached $8.2 billion for the second quarter of 2008, or […] Read more »

You’ve got a super cool Web app. You want a high profile blog to cover what you’re doing. You’ve got a PR firm scheduling back-to-back demos with tech bloggers. But when you actually connect with the blogger, is your demo and presentation doing your product justice? […] Read more »

Say what you will about Palm but they have proven that a $99 smartphone can sell millions.  Palm shook things up a bit with it’s full-featured low-cost Centro and millions have picked them up world-wide.  Palm Addicts has uncovered what looks like a legitimate advertisement for […] Read more »

Sprint very quietly has informed customers that they will cease offering any email services of any kind at the end of this year.  Current Sprint customers who have a Sprint email address ( should note that the carrier will turn those addresses off completely on December […] Read more »

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One of the services that has become so ingrained in our society in the US is 911, the emergency service that is just 3 digits away from landline and mobile phones.  Mobile phones also have the added benefit of GPS location services allowing 911 services in […] Read more »

Selling indie movies on iTunes makes a ton of sense to us, but apparently not to the Powers that Be at Apple. It’s hard to even find information about how to get your film into the iTunes store. The best bet is to work with an […] Read more »

An unlikley partnership between an Austin-based semiconductor maker, a Michigan-based engineering firm and a Chinese motorcycle maker is working together to reduce the air pollution coming from Beijing’s many motorcycles. Electrojet is using Freescale’s advanced microcontroller technology in a new fuel injection system that will be […] Read more »

Stories for Aug. 10, 2008

The iPhone App Store is red hot: In its first month, more than 60 million software programs were downloaded, and it generated about $1 million a day in sales. That information comes from Steve Jobs in an interview with The Wall Street Journal. In his interview, […] Read more »

Admit it. These Olympics have been awesome so far. The mind-blowing opening ceremony. Michael Phelps. The breadth of games covered. All wrapped up in an HD bow. Too bad the online experience doesn’t even merit a bronze medal. Let’s set aside the bone-headed decision to delay […] Read more »

Cisco Systems (CSCO) reported its fiscal fourth-quarter 2008 financials last week, but while the San Jose, Calif.-based networking giant beat Wall Street estimates, thanks to the hurdle posed by the law of large numbers, it forecast more modest growth going forward. “The market is clearly in […] Read more »

The shift to more electric vehicles on the roads means we’ll need more lithium to make batteries. And companies with innovative ways to mine the metal could end up being hot commodities themselves. Monday morning, lithium extraction startup Simbol Mining is announcing that it’s raised $6.7 […] Read more »

The Clinton Foundation has done some impressive work promoting clean technologies, but if a report out of India is true, former President Bill Clinton’s philanthropic organization could be taking its climate change work to a whole new level. According to the Business Standard, the Clinton Foundation […] Read more »

Last week in my analysis of online storage sector, How to standout in the sea of storage startups, I pointed out that many startups were having a tough time convincing folks to upgrade from free to paying services. That post got many reactions, including a comment […] Read more »

[qi:_newteevee] Chinese P2P solutions provider Vatata, whose similarly named P2P streaming platform Vakaka we wrote about last year, has developed a set-top box solution to bring a Joost-like P2P TV experience to the living room. It provides access to both the company’s own P2P network for […] Read more »

The Boy Genius Report has uncovered a YouTube video of a device that is purported to be a prototype version of the rumored HTC Dream.  The Dream has long been rumored to be the Google Android phone that HTC says they will release in Q4 of […] Read more »

Keyboards are one of the essentials of web work; if you can’t get words into your computer, you probably can’t get much done. And yet, web workers seem to be split on how much they care about their keyboards. Some are content to use whatever cost-saving hardware the manufacturer sold the computer with. Others (and I count myself in this camp) are willing to spend considerable money looking for the perfect keyboard. Read more »

This Sunday morning I decided to head back to my long-time old favorite coffee haunt, the Starbucks near my old house.  I haven’t been back very much since I moved a month ago and quite frankly I have missed the folks that work here.  It’s been […] Read more »

Finding good employees is challenging for companies of any size, but for cash-strapped startups in the midst of a talent war, it’s particularly difficult. AdventNet, Zoho’s parent company, is no longer small (now more than 700 employees), but our recruiting strategy was forged from the challenges […] Read more »

It’s been an exciting week with the start of the Olympics in China and lots of mobile tech goodness going on.  Here are the top stories recently found on jkOnTheRun, aggregated here for your viewing pleasure: Time to start evaluating my netbook needs MobileTechRoundup 142: smartphones, […] Read more »

Chinese P2P solutions provider Vatata, whose similarly named P2P streaming platform Vakaka we wrote about last year, has developed a set-top box solution to bring a Joost-like P2P TV experience to the living room. It provides access to both the company’s own P2P network for live […] Read more »

Stories for Aug. 9, 2008

There are some days when you really don’t want to get out of bed. All you want to do is watch your favorite shows on Today turned out to be one of those days — mostly because a thick fog enveloped the city of San […] Read more »

I have long been a fan of speech recognition technology and Dragon Naturally Speaking (DNS) is easily one of the best providers of that capability.  DNS 10 is a full-featured speech recognition solution that makes dictation into the computer easier than ever before.  The New York […] Read more »

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