Stories for Jul. 30, 2008

While we’ve challenged the notion that every startup needs a business plan, many new web entrepreneurs still see them as essential. And therein lies a problem: it’s too easy to fall into business plan paralysis, where you get stuck on the writing and never actually launch […] Read more »

In keeping with today’s "netbooks are too expensive" meme comes word today that Lenovo is shipping the 3000 G in Malaysia.  The 3000 G is nothing new and nothing to write home about from a spec standpoint with a 1.86 GHz Core Duo processor, DVD burner, […] Read more »

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SolFocus, a startup that designs and builds solar concentrating photovoltaic systems, says this morning that it has completed the first 200-kilowatt phase of a sizable 3 MW system in Castilla-La Mancha, Spain. The solar plant, which SolFocus claims is the world’s first commercial-scale concentrating photovoltaic system, […] Read more »

Last night I received a general question from jkOTR reader Steve about security and password management. Good timing because I was actually reading WebWorkerDaily’s "7 Ways to Manage Passwords" article when Steve’s note came in. First and foremost, I think security and password management approaches will […] Read more »

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Well this could drain my productivity today. For no reason that I can think of, Firefox 3 has become very unstable: pegging the CPU and wildly swinging memory usage from 150MB to over 700 MB for no apparent reason. The browser can just sit there idle […] Read more »

As earnings season continues, it’s clear that some in the U.S. have had their fill of broadband. Within the past week AT&T and Verizon reported slowing broadband growth, and today Comcast saw its high-speed Internet access customers grow by 278,000 new subscribers, but added 18 percent […] Read more »

The MSI Wind captured a lot of reviewers hearts when it was first introduced a few months ago due to its great design and low price point.  Then shipping delays started leading many to wonder if MSI was having trouble producing the mini-notebook for the low […] Read more »

Stories for Jul. 29, 2008

The problems at Alcatel-Lucent are not unique to the Franco-American communications equipment maker. Instead they are part of a bigger disease that ails some of the older gear makers in the West, which are being squeezed by low-cost Asian rivals, fewer buyers and massive shifts in the technology landscape. Continue Reading Read more »

Gadget geeks can now manage the energy consumption of their home and gizmos with a new set of tech toys from energy management startup Tendril. Tendril’s suite of hardware and software, called the Tendril Residential Energy Ecosystem (TREE), records your home’s electricity use and tracks individual […] Read more »

[qi:___3g] Coming soon in India – world’s fastest growing mobile market – 3G services by the dozen. And what that means is a looming free-for-all in a market where competition is already fierce, prices super low, profits even lower and consumer is the ultimate winner. Read more »

Zadby, a Reston, Va.-based startup, has been flying under the radar while developing a product for advertisers to commission viral video ads. The company has retained about 200 top video independent producers, it says, and offers them deals to make commercials on spec for its customers. […] Read more »

Two studies came out today touting the conclusion that the multiple types of home networking technologies will not compete with one another, but will happily co-exist within the home. I, on the other hand, am beginning to think that Wi-Fi will take the lion’s share of […] Read more »

Former AT&T (NYSE: T) Chief Marketing Officer Marc Lefar has been named as the new CEO of struggling Voip phone provider Vonage, replacing i… Read more »

PG&E Taps Silver Spring Networks for Smart Grid: PG&E, one of the country’s largest utilities, has picked Silver Spring Networks to provide smart grid services for some 5 million customers through the utility’s SmartMeter program upgrade – Press release. EEStor Gets Third Party Verification on Energy […] Read more »

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