Stories for Aug. 13, 2008

Dell has launched the DigitalNomads blog to give road warriors a place to hang out and share stories of the road.  The Digital Nomads term played a big role in yesterday’s press event thrown by Dell and it’s an apt name for this blog.  There is […] Read more »

Hayden Black is nice, funny, quotable and makes two critically acclaimed and modestly popular web shows. He may not have a face for television, but that hasn’t stopped him from becoming the poster boy for a market of online video producers that has a growing crowd […] Read more »

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Creativity is an important aspect of a web worker’s life. From creating original designs to composing an apologetic letter to a client, we need to include a dose of creativity that gives additional value and originality to our work. Inspiration may not always be at our side and, even if it is, we still risk coming off as predictable if our clients or audiences are too familiar with our work. In other words, there’s no “oomph” factor. So how do we get creative when we’re stuck in a routine? Read more »

Despite reporting a second-quarter loss last night, due in part to costs associated with the faulty packaging on some of its chips placed in thousands of laptops, Nvidia still has a plan for semiconductor domination through the GPU. But if it wants to execute, it needs […] Read more »

Yesterday Dell announced a lot of new business notebooks and what got everyone’s attention was the ability to add battery options that will provide a whopping 19 hours of battery life.  This is awesome for the business traveler who can now plan on working away without […] Read more »

What could have more green-geek cred than using computer modeling to demonstrate a molecule used to break down plants from which biofuels are made? Winning an award for making the visuals look so dope. National Renewable Energy Labs Senior Scientist Michael Crowley recently took home second […] Read more »

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Prices for platinum have dropped more than 30 percent in recent weeks, to around $1,478.80 an ounce, off a high of more than $2,100 an ounce earlier this year. It’s part of an overall slide in commodity prices, from corn to precious metals to crude, taking […] Read more »

Stories for Aug. 12, 2008

Spot Runner confirmed late Tuesday it had made layoffs earlier in the day, the news of which was first reported by Valleywag but not in entirely correct fashion, according to a company spokesperson. The advertising platform let go of about 50 people, or 10 percent of […] Read more »

By all accounts, video downloads should be cheaper than purchasing physical goods. There’s nothing to build, package, ship or shelve. But like with so many things, the man wants to kill the online video fun before it even gets started. As we speak, big government, big […] Read more »

Our list of startups trying to squeeze fuel from pond scum is growing as quickly as an algal bloom. Today we can add AXI, a new startup spun out of the University of Washington TechTransfer program, which has scored an undisclosed amount of funding from Allied […] Read more »

Teleflip, a Los Angeles-based start-up that allowed you to send SMS messages to one and all has flipped for the final time, according to an email sent by the company to its customers. Teleflip Tony David wrote: We’ve gone as far as we can with our […] Read more »

Sam’s Club Selling Solar Panels: Nine Sam’s Club (owned by Wal-Mart) stores in southern California will be promoting rooftop solar installations in the stores and offer $500 discounts. Deals will be offered through residential installers Borrego Solar and BP Solar – CNet. Johnson Controls-Saft Gets $8.2M […] Read more »

jkOnTheRun — Breaking Down Dell’s 19-hour Battery Life Claims Earth2Tech — Lotus Builds “Omnivore” Engine for Biofuels Research NewTeeVee – YouTube Tries New Homepage Ad Format Web Worker Daily — iPhone: One Month Later Read more »

LiveRail, a company that originally offered a video ad marketplace and has since changed tack to license its video ad server, has raised $500,000 from Pond Venture Partners. The company also announced today the release of a new free product, called Junction, for publishers to manage […] Read more »

YouTube, in its ongoing attempts to make money and appease Eric Schmidt, today on its homepage is sporting a new sort of ad unit, an expandable HD trailer for the movie Pineapple Express. After clicking, a video of the trailer expands to take up the width […] Read more »

Users of the Microsoft Office 2004 and 2008 suites for the Mac will want to get a hold of newly issued updates for each suite. They’re available for download now and Microsoft confirms that they enhance not just security but stability and peformance. It’s also increasingly […] Read more »

Chip equipment makers, like most of their customers, have to weather turbulent shifts from boom times to lean ones. Applied Materials (AMAT), which is near the bottom of one such chip cycle, decided a few years ago it would build a buffer by moving into the […] Read more »

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