Stories for Aug. 12, 2008

Spot Runner confirmed late Tuesday it had made layoffs earlier in the day, the news of which was first reported by Valleywag but not in entirely correct fashion, according to a company spokesperson. The advertising platform let go of about 50 people, or 10 percent of […] Read more »

By all accounts, video downloads should be cheaper than purchasing physical goods. There’s nothing to build, package, ship or shelve. But like with so many things, the man wants to kill the online video fun before it even gets started. As we speak, big government, big […] Read more »

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Our list of startups trying to squeeze fuel from pond scum is growing as quickly as an algal bloom. Today we can add AXI, a new startup spun out of the University of Washington TechTransfer program, which has scored an undisclosed amount of funding from Allied […] Read more »

Teleflip, a Los Angeles-based start-up that allowed you to send SMS messages to one and all has flipped for the final time, according to an email sent by the company to its customers. Teleflip Tony David wrote: We’ve gone as far as we can with our […] Read more »

Sam’s Club Selling Solar Panels: Nine Sam’s Club (owned by Wal-Mart) stores in southern California will be promoting rooftop solar installations in the stores and offer $500 discounts. Deals will be offered through residential installers Borrego Solar and BP Solar – CNet. Johnson Controls-Saft Gets $8.2M […] Read more »

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jkOnTheRun — Breaking Down Dell’s 19-hour Battery Life Claims Earth2Tech — Lotus Builds “Omnivore” Engine for Biofuels Research NewTeeVee – YouTube Tries New Homepage Ad Format Web Worker Daily — iPhone: One Month Later Read more »

LiveRail, a company that originally offered a video ad marketplace and has since changed tack to license its video ad server, has raised $500,000 from Pond Venture Partners. The company also announced today the release of a new free product, called Junction, for publishers to manage […] Read more »

YouTube, in its ongoing attempts to make money and appease Eric Schmidt, today on its homepage is sporting a new sort of ad unit, an expandable HD trailer for the movie Pineapple Express. After clicking, a video of the trailer expands to take up the width […] Read more »

Users of the Microsoft Office 2004 and 2008 suites for the Mac will want to get a hold of newly issued updates for each suite. They’re available for download now and Microsoft confirms that they enhance not just security but stability and peformance. It’s also increasingly […] Read more »

Chip equipment makers, like most of their customers, have to weather turbulent shifts from boom times to lean ones. Applied Materials (AMAT), which is near the bottom of one such chip cycle, decided a few years ago it would build a buffer by moving into the […] Read more »

Unless you’re actively seeding torrent files or dream of one day having HD content streamed from the web to your TV, the debate over managing networks can seem hopelessly abstract. To help the rest of us understand why fast networks with a lot of capacity are […] Read more »

Imcandy, an Israeli startup, today launched the beta of its portal for user-generated video content that’s catered towards advertising. The company calls itself “a place for scripted videos,” which doesn’t mean it gives creators scripts, but rather that it asks them to make clear, structured videos. […] Read more »

FastSoft, a Pasadena, Calif.-based startup with $4.3 million in funding from Miramar Venture Partners and Caltech, has developed a device that sits between a router and the Internet (or any other wide area network) and ensures the faster, smoother delivery of data — without using an expensive content delivery network. Read more »

In the last two days, the Department of Energy has announced $24 million worth of new investments in solar energy while also revealing it’s putting a whopping $340 million into yet more clean coal research. In conjunction with the funding announcements, the DOE says it’s “committed […] Read more »

We’ve written before about various ways to keep your email address confidential when sending mail. Now there’s another alternative: akapost, which provides simple email proxy services. To sign up for an account, you provide your real account, and an alias. Then to send mail, you just […] Read more »

SDForum will celebrate the innovation processes at Silicon Valley tech companies at its first annual Corporate Innovation and Research Fair this Friday, Aug. 15, at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, Calif. Companies including HP, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and Sun will present their learning lessons […] Read more »

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