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Unless you’re actively seeding torrent files or dream of one day having HD content streamed from the web to your TV, the debate over managing networks can seem hopelessly abstract. To help the rest of us understand why fast networks with a lot of capacity are […] Read more »

Imcandy, an Israeli startup, today launched the beta of its portal for user-generated video content that’s catered towards advertising. The company calls itself “a place for scripted videos,” which doesn’t mean it gives creators scripts, but rather that it asks them to make clear, structured videos. […] Read more »

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FastSoft, a Pasadena, Calif.-based startup with $4.3 million in funding from Miramar Venture Partners and Caltech, has developed a device that sits between a router and the Internet (or any other wide area network) and ensures the faster, smoother delivery of data — without using an expensive content delivery network. Read more »

In the last two days, the Department of Energy has announced $24 million worth of new investments in solar energy while also revealing it’s putting a whopping $340 million into yet more clean coal research. In conjunction with the funding announcements, the DOE says it’s “committed […] Read more »

We’ve written before about various ways to keep your email address confidential when sending mail. Now there’s another alternative: akapost, which provides simple email proxy services. To sign up for an account, you provide your real account, and an alias. Then to send mail, you just […] Read more »

SDForum will celebrate the innovation processes at Silicon Valley tech companies at its first annual Corporate Innovation and Research Fair this Friday, Aug. 15, at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, Calif. Companies including HP, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and Sun will present their learning lessons […] Read more »

For those of you who’ve always wanted to create a cartoon but, quite frankly, suck at drawing, there’s a new breed of tools coming online that lets you animate to your heart’s content — no talent required. A small bootstrapped Swedish company called Animasher, which just […] Read more »

Ah, Lotus, is there anything you can’t do or won’t try? The company has spent the last few decades making sedans handle like sports cars, inventing active suspension systems, and most recently, doing the structural engineering for the Tesla roadster. The latest example of this engineering […] Read more »

Like many another independent web worker, I’m a jack of all (or at least many) trades. Putting together a career on the web often involves pulling together disparate skills to keep customers happy and keep bread on the table. The problem is that unless you’re very […] Read more »

Poor Morgan Freeman can’t get a break lately; he’s getting a divorce, was in a serious car crash, and now it comes out his online movie service is non-operational. ClickStar, launched in 2006, released movies like 10 Items or Less and Lonely Hearts soon after their […] Read more »

Hot rocks are hot business as geothermal contracts get snapped up by hungry utilities, and those who can tap into subterranean hot pockets are cashing in. ThermaSource, provider of drilling, engineering and consulting services for the geothermal energy industry, has raised $41.5 million in financing from […] Read more »

Olympics Commercial Spawns YouTube Star; Brandi Carlile’s song The Story for GM has racked up 1.8 million plays. (Silicon Alley Insider) Sprout Partners with Sony Pictures Entertainment; “FanKits” allow entertainment companies to give remixable content to users to build their own widgets. (release) Top Comcast HD […] Read more »

Collaboration is always a challenge for any team, but when that team is virtual, cloud collaboration presents its own set of organizational and tracking problems. GroupSwim is looking to step into the slot between e-mail correspondence and full-featured robust project management systems ala Basecamp. According to […] Read more »

What do you get when you cross Zillow and Lending Tree? Online solar clearinghouse RoofRay. The site, created by entrepreneur Chris Bura, launched this morning; it offers users satellite imagery and drawing tools based on Google maps to help solar fans find and buy the best […] Read more »

A lot of the responses to our posts on startup Hyperion Power Generation and its nuclear-in-a-box solution have questioned whether this is a serious solution or not. Well, folks, the company says it has signed up its first customer, TES Group, which it says is an […] Read more »

How I kept my geek genes in check by not buying an iPhone 3G yet, I’ll never know. While some owners of the handset are thrilled with their device, I continue to read more and more complaints everywhere I turn. Lately the issues I’m hearing about […] Read more »

For any of us who recognize that personal privacy on the web is an illusion, the response to a Congressional inquiry asking how various ISPs and online portals target advertising and collect data will come as no surprise. Aside from the use of deep-packet inspection technology […] Read more »

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