Stories for Aug. 1, 2008

Andy Karsner, the President Bush appointee that manages the DOE’s Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) program, is saying farewell. This week the Assistant Secretary of Energy said he will step down at the end of August after spending 2 and a half years trying to […] Read more »

Time magazine is out with a list of “25 great gadgets you should never leave home without.” Among other things, they include an Airport Express, a Franklin Global Translator, a MacBook Air, an iPhone, a universal adapter kit, a Kindle, a Flip Mino, a PSP, noise […] Read more »

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That LG Voyager on Verizon’s network just got a little more iPhone-like. Visual voicemail is now appearing on the VZW website and that means you can have it appear on your Voyager handset too. The product page shows that the application will cost you $0.00 for […] Read more »

SingTel group CFO Francis Heng has announced he will leave the post on Sept 1, apparently for personal reasons. The resignation comes 11 day… Read more »

TV set-top box startup Sezmi (formerly Building B) is looking to raise $50 million in new venture capital, and has retained Advanced Equities to place the deal. From PE Hub, which uncovered the news in a July 18th regulatory filing: The document reports that just under […] Read more »

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If you’ve done similar jobs in a row, such as designing websites for 10 different auto repair shops or writing hundreds of articles on credit cards, it’s likely that you’re looking for a change. It helps to have a bit of variety when it comes to […] Read more »

This is not a new policy but one that is getting people’s attention because Homeland Security is now admitting it publicly.  It seems that anyone travelling into the US, and that includes US citizens, can have their laptops, PDAs or phones confiscated upon entry into the […] Read more »

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India is planning the launch of 3G networks, a little late but at least the country is going with established standards. The go… Read more »

Apple released Security Update 2008-05 which contains fixes for: an Open Scripting Architecture (CVE-2008-2830) privilege elevation issue [10.4/10.5 Workstation & Server] a filename handling issue in CarbonCore (CVE-2008-2320) which may lead to an application Denial of Service (DoS) or arbitrary code execution [10.4/10.5 Workstation & Server] […] Read more »

We’ve looked at the ethics of web working before, but one of our readers sent in a novel question: I started webworking when I moved out of the geographic area of my former company. They retained me on a contract basis, but I worked exclusively for […] Read more »

It’s China vs. the Internet Over Olympics; the country’s government plans to maintain online censorship, already pulled a leaked video of opening ceremony rehearsals from YouTube. (Variety) Entone Raises $14.5 Million; second round for the set-top box maker that allows time and place shifting, which has […] Read more »

The Federal Communications Commission has ruled against Comcast’s BitTorrent blocking. The Commission’ Memorandum Opinion and Order does not include a direct punishment, but stipulates that Comcast will have to disclose details about its current network management practices and stop these practices by the end of the […] Read more »

The California Public Utility Commission (CPUC) set a broad range of regulatory goals yesterday to help boost the state’s energy efficiency standards and renewable energy production. The regulator also set a deadline of 2011 for state utility PG&E to propose a new “dynamic pricing” rate structure. […] Read more »

It has been an exhausting two weeks. First there was the Brainstorm Tech Conference down in Half Moon Bay, then a panel discussion at the MobileBeat conference, followed by a pit stop to the TechCrunch Party (see photo), a visit to the Microsoft Campus up in […] Read more »

[qi:_earth2tech] Bill Gates has so much money that pieces of his empire of investments are in conflict — over trash hauling. So like any emperor, he’s mediating a hostile takeover battle in the form of an unwanted attempt to snag Republic Services by Waste Management, the […] Read more »

Updated: NewTeeVee writer Janko Roettgers offers his analysis of the FCC decision and concludes that a flurry of lawsuits is going to follow. Read the report. As expected, the Federal Communications Commission has voted to chastise Comcast for its network management practices, with two commissioners of […] Read more »

I’ve been finding more and more of a need for conference calls in my work and suddenly more and more conference calling solutions coming online. I also find that conference calls add something to my work that has been lacking since I’ve become so reliant on […] Read more »

Pioneering web series lonelygirl15 will draw to a close today. The online show that proved the Internet could launch compelling visual entertainment that captivates large audiences will conclude with the final 12 episodes being released over its final 12 hours. This countdown to the end is […] Read more »

Hyperion Power Generation, a startup building compact nuclear power reactor units that are “about the size of a typical backyard hot tub”, says commercial deployments could start as early as 2013. The release quotes the company’s CEO John “Grizz” Deal, who says the Santa Fe, New […] Read more »

A Washington Post article this morning confirms what many have long suspected: your information has pretty much no rights when it comes to entering the United States. Specifically, if you’re crossing the border (whether you’re a US citizen or not): Federal agents can seize your laptop, […] Read more »

It may not be the best VoIP solution for Windows Mobile but it’s a good thing that Skype now supports version 6.1 of the mobile operating system.  I suspect you’ll still have to use your speaker phone on your Windows Mobile device as I’ve never been […] Read more »

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