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DOE Puts $36M More into Carbon Capture: The U.S. Department of Energy announced today that it is granting $36 million to 15 different projects researching carbon capture from coal-fired power plants. The DOE is still looking to invest over $1 billion in carbon capture in the […] Read more »

We’re expecting a packed house at our l’il pier this evening. Three hundred and fifty people (our biggest audience yet!) have registered to attend our first NewTeeVee Pier Screening of 2008. Not able to make it? No worries, catch all the magic through the power of […] Read more »

Ten years from now, I believe that clouds will be evaluated based on three generic criteria: transactions, user experience and presence. And as with any active market, it’s a safe bet that there will be plenty of companies that best showcase each of them. But which of them will own the cloud? Read more »

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There’s an exhaustive new security report out from IBM Internet Security Systems: the X-Force 2008 Mid-Year Trend Statistics report. We’ve analyzed it over on the OStatic blog from the perspective of several open source platforms arriving on the “most vulnerability disclosures” list for the first time, […] Read more »

When it comes to renewable energy, it seems we have a new Do-Nothing Congress up on Capitol Hill. The Senate yesterday failed once again to renew the investment and production tax credits that facilitate millions of dollars of private funding into solar and wind energy projects. […] Read more »

I have to hand it to Intel. The company that brought us the brilliant marketing of Intel Inside (remember the stuffed guy in a bunny suit?) says Facebook has chosen its Xeon chips to power the social network. But because Intel is aware that server chips […] Read more »

Web working web developers know about Firebug – the wonderful HTML/CSS/Javascript investigation and debugging addon for Firefox. But this hasn’t been any help for chasing problems in other browsers, which often have quite inferior facilities for figuring out what’s going on – until now. The release […] Read more »

The companies behind Mobile 3.0, publishing houses Burda and Holtzbrinck together with South African media company Naspers, are reportedly a… Read more »

Despite record oil prices, it has not been a great year for making money from ethanol. High corn prices are killing corn ethanol companies in the U.S., while Cosan, the world’s largest sugar company as well as its leading maker of sugar-based ethanol, has had the […] Read more »

Monitoring the Internet for people discussing your product or brand can be invaluable to help understand how the public views you. Tools like Google Alerts or Filtrbox can handle news, blogs and web pages while Summize keeps tabs on Twitter. For forums and message boards there […] Read more »

NewTeeVee has been bursting with startup news this week, including news from a bunch of new companies that have barely been mentioned elsewhere, if at all. So for those GigaOM readers looking for a cheat sheet, I’ve pulled together one here: Onecast/1cast: Apparently this is something […] Read more »

[qi:_earth2tech] We’re all familiar with standard photovoltaic solar panels, and many of us are starting to become acquainted with solar thermal tech that uses the sun’s heat to generate power as well. But there’s also a third option: Over a dozen startups are currently working on […] Read more »

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