Stories for Aug. 4, 2008

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There’s a lot of hubbub over how much of the Olympics will be online this year. Despite the fact that NBC is delaying the webcasting of popular events until after they air on the Pacific Coast, there’s still so much video that we thought we’d help […] Read more »

There are a lot of commonly-discussed culprits for high U.S. gas prices — increasing world demand for oil, the peak oil theory, oil speculators — but cleaner-blended fuels used in certain regions isn’t a common one we’ve heard. The Houston Chronicle takes a look at the […] Read more »

Stories for Aug. 3, 2008

Mercora, an early entrant into the social music and music search space that recently rebranded itself as Social.FM, has shut down and suspended operations. After being tipped off by a source, I tried reaching the company’s executives, but haven’t heard from them. The site has gone […] Read more »

With little to no desire to do any real writing this weekend, I decided to clean my work space. Once the papers were filed and the books were shifted to the right corner, a clear picture emerged, one of too many gadgets — and too little […] Read more »

This past weekend, Michael Arrington reported that Thoof, an Austin, Texas-based social news site, took a dirt nap. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to our readers. Stacey had the scoop way back in January that the company started by Ian Clarke (one of the founders […] Read more »

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NBC slapped a warning on its Olympics 2Go software saying that it wasn’t recommended for people with metered broadband access. This isn’t just bad news for fans of the Summer Games, it’s just a taste of what’s to come for online video fans if metered access […] Read more »

With gas prices costing an arm and a leg these days, people have found that carpooling is a great way to cut down on costs. Trouble is, it’s not always that easy to find a group of people that are traveling to your general destination. Thankfully, […] Read more »

This weekend was the 2nd annual iPhoneDevCamp held, mostly, in San Francisco. iPhoneDevCamp is a 3 day event where iPhone/iPod touch developers get together to learn and develop with other developers and this year seems to have churned out one of the most highly requested features […] Read more »

On the eve of the Beijing Olympics, Brightcove’s new Japanese subsidiary, Brightcove KK, has signed a deal to power video for, the exclusive online video portal for the games in Japan. is the official Japanese Olympics web video portal run by Presentcast and put […] Read more »

Keith Benjamin, a veteran Internet analyst and more recently a general partner at Levensohn Venture Partners, a San Francisco-based venture fund, passed away earlier this week of a subdural hematoma. He was hurt during his boxing training, when a blow led to a brain hemorrhage. A […] Read more »

Growing up, my Game Boy was probably one of my favorite gaming devices. I have every single add-on you could get for that thing to the point where it was about the size of a volleyball…completely negating the point of a small handheld device. All of […] Read more »

Well, it seems to have happened earlier than expected. BSNL’s board has reportedly cleared the $10 billion listing. BSNL’s employee union ha… Read more »

It’s 2018: Who owns the cloud? Yo FCC! Are you doing anything about metered broadband? NewTeeVee Start-Up Watch: Onecast, Zadby, Anvato, GoAnimate. Google moves to reinvent transportation. Alcatel-Lucent: Sign of an industry malaise India getting ready for 3G Wireless Broadband. Even IBM’s Got Computing Clouds HP, […] Read more »

This past week on jkOnTheRun has been jam-packed full of good stuff.  We have settled into our new family at GigaOM and Kevin and I are enjoying our new friends and colleagues.  Here’s a sampling of the hot items you may have seen this past week: […] Read more »

With the advent of the iPhone, plenty of web workers are thinking seriously about switching cell phone carriers. Others have the same impulse for a variety of reasons: a move to an area with poor service, a desire for a new phone that your current carrier […] Read more »

Stories for Aug. 2, 2008

We’ve talked before that metered access is a boneheaded idea that is bad for innovation, bad for Microsoft and Google, and ultimately bad for you. Until today, the idea seemed like an eventuality, not an immediate reality. But then NBC and TonicTV launched a new service […] Read more »

Xringer, the mobile content service from Kanematsu USA, a subsidiary of Japanese Kanematsu Corp, has closed down, it seems…from its websit… Read more »

Congress is out for the summer, so in case you’re still frustrated that they haven’t gotten around to renewing those vital production and investment tax credits make sure you chat up your representatives when they’re home for vacation. If Congressional antics and inaction had you distracted […] Read more »

Regardless of the title your company’s top technology executive uses — CTO, CIO, Chief Product Officer or VP of Engineering — your company will ultimately look to this person to produce the software and technical products upon which your business success depends. Through our earlier career […] Read more »

Written by Daisy Whitney The Beijing Olympics that start next week will be the first “online video” Games, with NBC’s 2,200 hours of live Web coverage. But the sporting event has also become a case study for the push-pull war between consumers and networks over new […] Read more »

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