Stories for Aug. 2, 2008

Xringer, the mobile content service from Kanematsu USA, a subsidiary of Japanese Kanematsu Corp, has closed down, it seems…from its websit… Read more »

Congress is out for the summer, so in case you’re still frustrated that they haven’t gotten around to renewing those vital production and investment tax credits make sure you chat up your representatives when they’re home for vacation. If Congressional antics and inaction had you distracted […] Read more »

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Regardless of the title your company’s top technology executive uses — CTO, CIO, Chief Product Officer or VP of Engineering — your company will ultimately look to this person to produce the software and technical products upon which your business success depends. Through our earlier career […] Read more »

Written by Daisy Whitney The Beijing Olympics that start next week will be the first “online video” Games, with NBC’s 2,200 hours of live Web coverage. But the sporting event has also become a case study for the push-pull war between consumers and networks over new […] Read more »

Stories for Aug. 1, 2008

National Public Radio (NPR) has made its first online acquisition: it has bought out the web services arm of Public Radio International (PRI… Read more »

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Partisan pranks kept Republican Representatives at the House in protest of the Democrats’ vote to leave for summer vacation without calling a vote on offshore drilling, Politico reports. Democrats voted to adjourn at noon but Republicans refused to leave, staying even after the lights and microphones […] Read more »

From Comic-Con, Barely Political covers an issue I’m sure we all occasionally wonder: who’s Batman (and other costumed folks) voting for in November? And Jill Weinberger provides a closer look at Stephen King’s N, the previously covered horror master’s foray into online video. Does the moving […] Read more »

Do you ever send e-mails to yourself to remind you about tasks you need to get done? I’ve done that a lot, but it’s a very inefficient way to schedule reminders, especially if you want recurring reminders. Calendars are more efficient, but I happen to like […] Read more »

Today the FCC took issue with how Comcast managed its network, essentially it looked at the packets and blocked or throttled those related to peer-to-peer applications on the upload side. If you thought warrantless wiretapping was intrusive, think about all the information you send and receive […] Read more »

Andy Karsner, the President Bush appointee that manages the DOE’s Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) program, is saying farewell. This week the Assistant Secretary of Energy said he will step down at the end of August after spending 2 and a half years trying to […] Read more »

Time magazine is out with a list of “25 great gadgets you should never leave home without.” Among other things, they include an Airport Express, a Franklin Global Translator, a MacBook Air, an iPhone, a universal adapter kit, a Kindle, a Flip Mino, a PSP, noise […] Read more »

That LG Voyager on Verizon’s network just got a little more iPhone-like. Visual voicemail is now appearing on the VZW website and that means you can have it appear on your Voyager handset too. The product page shows that the application will cost you $0.00 for […] Read more »

SingTel group CFO Francis Heng has announced he will leave the post on Sept 1, apparently for personal reasons. The resignation comes 11 day… Read more »

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