Stories for Aug. 14, 2008

It’s one of the ironies of web worker life: you arrange your career so you can get out of the dreaded cubicle farm. Then you go off to the local coffee shop to work, and discover that perhaps a bit of privacy wasn’t such a bad […] Read more »

DVD rental-by-mail service Netflix is having a technical problem that has all but shut down its shipping capabilities since Tuesday. (That’s why your copy of Good Luck Chuck hasn’t arrived yet.) The Wall Street Journal reports that the company still doesn’t know what caused the failure, […] Read more »

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Quite a few people are complaining about Twitter’s decision to stop updates via SMS in the UK because it was proving to be too costly. (Actually it is a decision that impacts everyone who is not in US, Canada or India.) Sarah Lacy says they should […] Read more »

Chevy’s upcoming electric vehicle the Volt — highly anticipated, and crucial to GM’s future — has gotten a lot of press for its fully integrated hybrid drivetrain, but relatively little attention has been paid to the car’s aerodynamics. In a blog post on GM’s FastLane, Bob […] Read more »

We’ve gotten word that Strike.TV, the delayed network of shows put together by Hollywood types during the writers’ strike, will launch a private beta next week. If you want to get in on the beta, sign up by Monday on the landing page. STRIKE.TV behind-the-scenes: HOUSE […] Read more »

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Even though Apple has yet to show off turn-by-turn directions on the GPS-enabled iPhone, navigation is one of the fastest-growing categories of mobile devices apps. As comScore recently noted, map use on cell phones in the U.S. during the three-month period ended May 31 was up […] Read more »

Suppose you’re a mobile web worker who depends on constant connectivity to work effectively. You’ve got the dozens of web sites you visit for information, the social networks where you can ask a quick question, the IM services that hook you up with the rest of […] Read more »

Amyris Biotechnologies, a startup using synthetic biology to replace petroleum, has added another $21 million to its already sizable $70 million funding round. This brings the total for its ongoing series B round to $91.35 million. The company confirmed the funding with us this morning, which […] Read more »

The current quality of mobile TV may not be quite up to snuff in China, but that may not matter to those Chinese consumers hoping to tune in… Read more »

After months and months of anticipation, the iPhone 3G is here — and all anyone can talk about are its problems. Theories are emerging as to who — or what — is really to blame, but in some ways the possible explanations are only adding to the mystery. Read more »

Over at Digital Inspirations, Amit offers a solid solution for an annoying problem. It’s the issue of those cockamamie e-mail addresses that web services use for file uploads. You know what I mean: the long e-mail addresses that have no less than 37 characters in them, […] Read more »

Kaltura Releases Video Plug-In for WordPress; version 1.0 of the white-label video company’s plug-in allows bloggers to upload video directly into their posts. (release) Hulu Adds Food Network Content; clips of Bobby Flay, Paula Deen and others whet your online appetite. (Hulu Blog) Philips Acquires the […] Read more »

It isn’t quite earth-shattering, but Intel is introducing a technology that could make computers more useful. The company has developed ways to power up PCs remotely, allowing people to, say, retrieve files, according to the Wall Street Journal. Intel calls this Remote Wake, and it will […] Read more »

Samsung isn’t just working on software to make mobile phones more energy efficient, it’s got a line of cell phones made of bioplastic, too — yup, cell phones with parts made of corn. Today at the Olympics in Beijing, Samsung announced its third bioplastic-encased cellphone, a […] Read more »

UPDATE: When stats rain, they pour. EMarketer predicts that online video ad spending will hit $505 million this year and will grow for the next few years, with annual percentage growth hitting a five-year peak in 2012, when it will reach $3.4 billion. This latest number […] Read more »

Landing an online job, especially if it’s your first, can be tough. I remember spending several hours a day scouring the web for job ads. Since face-to-face interviews and phone calls tend to be optional for web workers, we need to know as much as we […] Read more »

When Tnkgrl noted that she had picked up the Acer Aspire One we knew it was only a matter of time before she started cracking it open and adding stuff to the guts.  She’s already started and has posted some photos and a video of the […] Read more »

The HTC Touch Pro is looking more and more like a very sweet Windows Mobile phone.  HTC has taken the sexy features of the Touch Diamond and added a 5-row QWERTY keyboard that slides out when needed.  The keyboard understandably adds a fair bit of thickness […] Read more »

Vampire power drains, one of the ongoing bugaboos of making consumer electronics greener and more efficient, is a serious problem for mobile devices. Luckily, Samsung is on the case with what’s essentially a software hack designed to optimize the high performance features of the flash memories […] Read more »

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