Stories for Aug. 12, 2008

The quiet workhorse of home energy management will be the wireless networks that will collect and deliver important energy usage data over the pipes. Eka Systems, a startup that builds wireless mesh technology for smart meter applications, has recently gotten some due recognition through a partnership […] Read more »

Stories for Aug. 11, 2008

Updated with comments from Twitter: Dave Winer points to a series of discussions and blog posts about Twitter allegedly limiting people to 2,000 followers. In his opinion, it is a good idea, because “the expensive thing in Twitter is distributing status messages to large numbers of […] Read more »

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In a world dominated by news of little bitty laptops Lenovo is stepping in with the biggest, baddest ThinkPad ever, the W700.  This bad boy is aimed squarely at the professional artist, photographer, engineer and geophysical worker as the W700 is a complete mobile workstation.  If […] Read more »

NBC’s delayed Olympics coverage and sports’ fans quest to find pirated livestreams online has officially become the media story of the games. Even the New York Times has chimed in, noting what it referred to as the “game of digital whack-a-mole” between pirates and NBC that […] Read more »

1Cast, the “legal RedLasso” startup we dug up two weeks ago, is going public with its plans and its funding tonight. The Kirkland, Wash.-based company has raised a seed and first round of undisclosed amounts from Craig McCaw’s private equity firm Eagle River Holdings. It seems […] Read more »

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DivX is in the midst of a major transformation. The company has set its sights on becoming the platform on which all of your digital entertainment delivered. Think beyond just another set-top box; DivX is aiming to be the digital Swtizerland, delivering web, premium and personal […] Read more »

Q&A with Paul Holland of Foundation Capital: Holland says that “we’re entering the second inning of the clean-tech investing game.” So who’s batting cleanup? – San Jose Mercury News. Barclays Invests in Mainstream Renewable Power: The U.K. bank led a €40 million ($60 million) equity fund […] Read more »

Solar stocks haven’t caught a break in recent weeks, depressed by fears of an uncertain investment tax credit, a cut in Spanish subsidies and an overall economic slump. But here’s an exception: Chinese solar wafer maker LDK reported earnings on Monday above expectations and saw its […] Read more »

YuMe, the video advertising network that was recently involved in controversy with comScore over just how big it is, has brought in a new CEO, according to an email from a company spokesperson. Michael Mathieu, who previously ran the Internet business for Freedom Communication, and before […] Read more »

Too bad Stacy’s mom didn’t have a vlog, she would have stood a good chance of lining up some big name sponsors. As we mentioned today, hit podcast Mommycast signed with Procter & Gamble to create a new video series, and it’s just the latest example […] Read more »

Update: Google says sorry about the GMail outage. That’s good enough for me. Here is what Todd Jackson, GMail product manager had to say on the company blog. Many of you had trouble accessing Gmail for a couple of hours this afternoon, and we’re really sorry. […] Read more »

The formerly dry subject of transmission infrastructure is becoming a hot topic as proposals for sprawling wind and solar farms require new lines to be built out in the middle of nowhere. While there’s been a boom in renewable energy projects, the infrastructure to bring new […] Read more »

Do you ever need to surf the web anonymously? Do you like to keep useful applications on a USB thumb drive? If so, look into OperaTor, a free download that delivers a portable version of the Opera browser incorporating Tor (an anonymity network that keeps your […] Read more »

I have always prided myself on having the lightest gear bag possible when I was working all over town and living out of my car.  I still have my Booq bag and I always felt that I had the lightest load possible given the small mobile […] Read more »

There are a variety of sites out there to help you build a resume that will actually get you a job. Razume hopes to stand out from the rest by making it easier for you to fine-tune a resume. After joining, you can use their tools […] Read more »

We caught the Visual VoiceMail feature on Verizon’s product page earlier this month but it’s now officially official. It’s officially going to cost you too, $2.99 a month is the going rate for Verizon Voyager owners, as that’s the first device that officially supports the software. […] Read more »

Now that I’ve been using the new iPhone 3G for nearly a month, its capabilities and deficiencies are becoming clearer. The newer design makes it sleeker, easier to grip and a joy to look at. And the GPS chip has made the device infinitely useful, though […] Read more »

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