Stories for Aug. 5, 2008

Elastra, the San Francisco-based cloud configuration startup, says it has secured $12 million in Series B financing from investors including Bay Partners and Hummer Winblad — and Amazon. Elastra is the latest investment made by Amazon in the cloud computing sector. Last month, Amazon helped fund […] Read more »

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Join me in a big "Happy Birthday" wish for our own Kevin Tofel who is careening full speed into a mid-life crisis!  Kevin hits the big 3-9 today and his fourth decade is just a short trip away.  Kevin is a great guy and the youngest […] Read more »

In the DVD industry, flat growth is exciting because it means you’re not dead yet. But alongside the growth of on-demand movies and the increasing irrelevance of buying a shrink-wrapped box, there’s something of value that’s getting left behind: DVD extras and special features. And that’s […] Read more »

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Following recent news that two solar companies were braving listings in public markets, two more bold candidates recently threw their hats into the ring. One of them is STR Holdings, short for Specialized Technology Research. The Enfield, Conn.,-based company has two lines of revenue: It makes […] Read more »

Stories for Aug. 4, 2008

Electric vehicle startup Tesla Motors has coaxed away another top tier exec from Detroit. The San Carlos, Calif.-based company has hired Ford exec Deepak Ahuja as its Chief Financial Officer, the company said late Monday. Ahuja, who moved from Michigan to Silicon Valley for the Tesla […] Read more »

This evening Apple made iPhone OS 2.0.1 available via iTunes. Frequently Apple doesn’t include a lot of information on what software updates actually fix, but this could be on of the most cryptic of all. This update simply says the update includes “Bug Fixes”…247MB of “bug […] Read more »

Disclosure: I am the founder of Der Mundo, a multilingual blogging service and translation community that combines human and machine translation (provided in part by Google), and I have researched translation technology for more than 10 years via the Worldwide Lexicon project. Blogoscoped reports that Google […] Read more »

Silicon Valley Startups and Titans Bask in the Sunlight: While solar startups are scrambling to secure funding and prove their technology, tech giants like Intel, Applied Materials and National Semiconductor don’t intend to let the multibillion dollar potential of the solar industry pass them by – […] Read more »

Chris Albrecht is off for a couple of days, so I am helping Liz out with some stories on NewTeeVee. As it happens, there’s a lot of news around video infrastructure. I ended up writing two long posts for NewTeeVee. If you are up for it, […] Read more »

What’s worse than getting getting ditched by a high profile customer the same week your company does an IPO? Having a series of class-action lawsuits continue to stamp on your newly public stock. That’s what’s happening to GT Solar. The silicon solar gear maker went public […] Read more »

Have you thought of adding a netbook to your portable computing arsenal? I’ve been using Linux-based Asus Eee PCs at home now for months, and like them very much. Today, Lenovo announced that it is entering the netbook space with its small, light $399 IdeaPad S10 […] Read more »

The simplicity of the idea behind network digital video recorders is what makes them so powerful. Unlike buying a TiVo or some dedicated device (including poorly designed set-top boxes), network DVRs allow you to save your favorite television shows online and play them back whenever your […] Read more »

Well it’s currently heading straight for Galveston which puts it coming right up our noses in Houston.  It’s not a hurricane yet thankfully but what Edouard does tonight will have a big impact on landfall, now scheduled to be tomorrow mid-day.  My recent look at my […] Read more »

This may not come as a surprise to anyone who owns an iPhone or tests set-top boxes, but wireless and consumer technologies are driving the growth of many of the largest chip vendors. According to the latest rankings released for the first half of the year […] Read more »

The popularity of Twitter has launched a bevy of other services that depend on small updates and social interaction. One that isn’t just a copycat is mixin, which applies a Twitter feel to personal agendas – I think of it as “microscheduling.” After you create an […] Read more »

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