Stories for Aug. 5, 2008

If you’re a consumer electronics maker, how do you promote e-cycling, and your gear too? Help launch a e-cycling program — but have only your gear picked up for free. LG and Waste Management yesterday announced a partnership to encourage consumer e-waste recycling through Waste Management’s […] Read more »

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RSS Feeds – most web workers can’t live without them. But we can (and do) switch the software we use to read them. Doseido’s Headline offers an up-to-date looking way for OS X users to scan through and manage their incoming feed items, at a reasonable […] Read more »

750industries, a video marketing and distribution firm, has raised $1 million in funding from Ron Conway, Maples Investments and Baseline Ventures. We’ve been tracking this company as it’s been in stealth and hope to have more for you about its business soon. TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington apparently […] Read more »

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Hulu today beefed up its HD gallery, which continues to be a testing ground for higher-quality video rather than a more pervasive aspect of the video site. The HD gallery launched in December with 10 movie trailers; now it contains a total of 27 full TV […] Read more »

Via the BBC comes the latest news of rotten people on the internet: Twitter profiles are now being used to broadcast links to malware. In this particular case, various users have been offering a purported link to a porn video, but if you click it (and […] Read more »

There is something quite infectious about a geek unboxing a new toy and the new unboxing video at Laptop Magazine certainly qualifies as infectious.  There is not doubt that Joanna Stern is quite happy to have the Gigabyte M912 arrive in her office and the unboxing […] Read more »

I just got off the phone talking to my brother who is an unhappy Sprint customer today.  He has a Sprint Mogul Windows Mobile-based smartphone that he is quite happy with.  It does everything he needs and as his first Windows Mobile phone has surprised him […] Read more »

BitGravity today said it raised $2.5 million from Allen & Company and individuals including Sling Media co-founder Blake Krikorian, who is joining the company’s board. Burlingame, Calif.-based BitGravity, which specializes in live and HD content delivery, is quite vague about how everything works, offering hints like […] Read more »

You won’t see these in mass production until the fourth quarter, but you can drool right now. It’s the C200 line of Solid State Disk drives that Micron is now sampling. For the 2.5-inch drive bay in your life, Micron will offer 256 GB of flash […] Read more »

The mobile games market is a treasure chest, and with 49.9 percent growth in 2007 alone and revenue expected to rise to $6.3 billion in 2011 from $3.9 billion that year, everyone is looking for the map. Like the road to any treasure, however, there are […] Read more »

Rocketboom, the pioneering video show — it provided an early model for the daily release schedule, the woman-reading-quirky-news format, and set many other precedents — has been going strong, content-wise, for the last three and a half years. But in terms of signing distribution and monetization […] Read more »

Presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama laid out a vision of America’s energy future yesterday in a speech from Lansing, Mich., in the automotive heartland. Speaking at Michigan State University, Obama presented his New Energy for America Plan in which he added several new concrete goals for […] Read more »

When you look for new revenue streams, think about what you do well. Whether you’re an expert in your field, a talented designer, a programmer, or a producer of content, there are ways to leverage your knowledge, skills and abilities, package them and provide them for a fee. And don’t forget that successful web workers are often pursuing more than one income stream at the same time. You may be able to assemble a career out of numerous smaller activities. Read more »

Sun Microsystems posted a beta version of StarOffice 9 today (based on OpenOffice). The 183MB download gives you a disk image that contains an application you just copy into your Applications folder (no icky/cumbersome installer). Upon first launch, it prompts you to read the license agreement […] Read more »

Telecom giant AT&T announced its version of a cloud computing service today, called Synaptic Hosting, but to make things horribly unclear (and perhaps keep enterprise customers happy) it decided it should call the effort everything from utility computing to a hosting solution. I’m not sure if […] Read more »

Tropical Storm Edouard has just made landfall north of Galveston and we’re getting ready for some heavy rains moving rapidly into the area along with 50 mph winds.  The storm did not make hurricane strength overnight which was a concern and we are very happy about […] Read more »

Today’s Freeware of the Moment is an interesting extension to Firefox that turns the surfing experience into a productivity activity that will change the way you save information.  Wired Marker is an extension developed by the Japanese government that adds the equivalent of a box of […] Read more »

Elastra, the San Francisco-based cloud configuration startup, says it has secured $12 million in Series B financing from investors including Bay Partners and Hummer Winblad — and Amazon. Elastra is the latest investment made by Amazon in the cloud computing sector. Last month, Amazon helped fund […] Read more »

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