Stories for Sep. 17, 2008

Before converting to Mac I ran Windows, which to my knowledge, has no built-in capability to create zip files forcing users to download and install a third party application. After converting to Mac it took me several years to realize that OS X had the built-in […] Read more »

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Just a quick heads up that tomorrow we will be providing coverage of the Mobilize Conference in San Francisco. There will be a couple of cool iPhone specific companies presenting as well as almost a dozen other mobile companies. Hopefully we’ll be able to bring you […] Read more »

When T. Boone Pickens has touted wind as the way of the future, he has referred to the Sweetwater Wind Farm as a great model that shows “what can happen up through the wind corridor.” The Sweetwater farm, at 585 megawatts, is one of the largest […] Read more »

Cisco is betting that video, collaboration and virtualization will help it to grow between 12 and 17 percent over the next few years and overcome the maturing sales of its core products, switches and routers. But it won’t be easy as the company squares off against bigger and fiercer rivals. Read more »

The NPD Group released numbers yesterday that made clear DVDs still dominate the movie landscape while consumers are spending just a teeny, tiny sliver on digital downloads. But don’t sound the alarm — downloads are not dead in the water. NPD found that 41 percent of […] Read more »

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In May when we talked with PowerGenix, an eight-year-old startup that makes nickel-zinc batteries, the company’s CEO Dan Squiller told us the team was looking to raise a final round of funding in the coming months, followed by a possible IPO in 2010. Well, looks like […] Read more »

Is mobility a new revolution, or is it just an extension of the previous PC and Internet revolutions? Is anything really different? I think a glance at the impact of the Kindle, the Dash Express, DriveCam and CardioNet quickly shows how the mobility difference is revolutionizing […] Read more »

Stories for Sep. 16, 2008

San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed must be happy. Tesla plans to announce Wednesday morning that it has decided to build its Model S electric sedan in a 600,000-square-foot plant in San Jose, Calif., on an 89-acre plot of land that will also include new company headquarters. […] Read more »

There’s been a wave of green goods crashing over our heads in recent months. But how confident are you really that the eco-friendly toothpaste (shampoo, notebook, chair, etc.) you bought was green enough to justify that much more of your hard-earned wages? Turns out the green […] Read more »

After every CTIA, I typically write up a list of the coolest things I saw at the show. Usually, the list includes a gadget or two, an applic… Read more »

Get iTunes 7’s Album View back in iTunes 8 – Think the album view from iTunes 7 is gone? Think again. iPhoneModem – If you’re the jailbreaking type and want to share your iPhone’s internet connection with your computer, check this out. This unsupported app will […] Read more »

Yesterday, VMWare released Fusion 2.0 as a major update to their virtualization software. It’s a free, downloadable upgrade for any VMWare Fusion 1.x customer, and it packs some great new stuff. The update adds over 100 new features: The UI is dramatically improved, with lots of […] Read more »

Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfried are previewing their much-discussed lonelygirl15 follow-up, LG15: The Resistance, at the New York Television Festival tonight — but we got a sneak peek at the first episode. Find out why Resistance may signify the final stage of production company EQAL’s transformation […] Read more »

“Nanoflowers Improve Ultracapacitors”: Researchers at the Chinese Research Institute of Chemical Defense have developed an electrode that can store twice as much charge as current ultracapacitors, a potential replacement for batteries that can recharge in seconds – MIT Technology Review. One-Atom Thick Carbon Sheet Boosts Ultracapacitors: […] Read more »

Adroll, a startup that offers ad net services, has raised a first round funding, Venturebeat reported. I spoke to Jared Kopf, the San Franci… Read more »

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