Stories for Sep. 5, 2008

PG&E announced the launch of its PeakChoice demand-response program this week, which asks business customers to voluntarily reduce energy use by at least 10 kilowatts during peak demand times, in exchange for incentives. Demand-response programs are gaining popularity across the U.S. as utilities try to better […] Read more »

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Om broke the news today that Joost is abandoning its full-on client for a browser plug-in, falling in line with the way of the web (aka Hulu). We’ve had a chance to poke around the password-protected site, and here’s some of what we saw. The plug-in […] Read more »

Like many of us, I spend quite a lot of time on the web and come across a staggering number of interesting things. In Clearing The Cache I choose a theme, pull out some of my favorites and share them with you here. Execupundit shares The […] Read more »

I just caught Warner’s InkShow that covers the Lenovo X301 "thin-and-light" notebook. I’m very impressed not just by how thin it is, but by how thin it can be and still have that optical drive that so many people need. I love the super-slim extended battery […] Read more »

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SanDisk has a press release that implies they are talking to Samsung about "business opportunities".  Sounds like Samsung may be trying to buy the flash memory maker.  "SanDisk periodically has conversations with multiple parties,including Samsung, regarding a variety of potential businessopportunities. We evaluate all of these […] Read more »

Microsoft has launched its largest consumer marketing campaign focused on the broad potential of Windows across PCs, the web and mobile devices to date. The reviews are in — the blogging corps have given it a thumbs down. I kinda found it funny, but then I […] Read more »

As most of you know, this summer we have been working hard to put together our next-generation mobile conference Mobilize 08, which will look at the emergence of new devices and their impact on mobile data — in particular the opportunities they present for entrepreneurs. Unlike […] Read more »

A new report out from Forrester takes a chart-filled look at cloud computing, offering the analyst firm’s own definition of the cloud and attempting to dispel three myths they have noticed. Since we at GigaOM buy pretty heavily into two of these so-called myths — namely […] Read more »

Or more precisely, happy tenth birthday, Google. It was ten years ago this week that the little search engine company that could (and did) filed for incorporation – in part so they could cash a $100,000 check that had been made out to the then-nonexistent corporation. […] Read more »

Aptera, maker of the swoopy, three-wheeled Typ-1 electric car, announced this week that it’s hired Paul Wilbur as their new president and CEO, replacing founder Steve Fambro in the top slot. Given the turmoil that prompted electric car startup Tesla to change its leadership, was this […] Read more »

The cloud is raining down web services these days. The next company to abandon desktop clients and go web-only is Joost, the content streaming service developed by the the co-founders of Skype. It sounds like Joost work work with a browser plug-in, but details are scant […] Read more »

Since the App Store’s launch back in June, I’ve had mixed feelings about the overall level of quality of the applications for sale. Knowing that Apple has control over what does and does not make it in to the store initially had me with the mindset […] Read more »

No Decision in TiVo Contempt Case; a federal judge failed to make a decision in TiVo’s request to find Dish Network in contempt over not disabling its DVR functionality. (Multichannel News) Online Video for a Good Cause; Dailymotion partners with One Laptop Per Child to create […] Read more »

I’d never dispute that right now, Nokia and the Symbian OS are heavy-hitters in the worldwide handset market. It’s a fact and one that’s reported each time there’s any mention of iPhone market share increasing. But as Apple watches its share grow, that growth has to […] Read more »

Kurt Cagle, the managing editor of, recently explored Telework as the New Face of the Agile Workforce in a piece for O’Reilly Media. The article examines the intersection of rising fuel prices, the credit crunch, rising real estate prices and congested transport networks, contrasting them […] Read more »

Basketball’s Phoenix Suns are living up to their name — the Suns, Arizona utility APS and the City of Phoenix say they are planning to install a solar power system at the team’s home stadium, US Airways Center. Construction is set to begin next spring, with […] Read more »

Exclusive: In what is likely to be a major shift in the company strategy, peer-to-peer start-up, Joost is going to stop making its desktop client. The decision to suspend the client is likely to be announced soon, I am told. The company is going to a […] Read more »

Exclusive: In what is likely to be a major shift in the company’s strategy, peer-to-peer startup Joost is going to stop making its desktop client. The decision to suspend the client is likely to be announced soon, I am told. The company is going to a […] Read more »

Just a day after Dell launched it’s own line of mini Inspirons, and after CEO Michael Dell said carriers would likely subsidize such netbooks, creating smaller price tags, the Wall Street Journal speculates that Dell will sell its manufacturing plants, shrinking its operations. This would be […] Read more »

People can criticize an opinion you shared, a new WordPress template you designed, or even a simple question you asked on your blog. Since we spend most of our working hours online, we’re especially prone to public displays of criticism, some of which are inflammatory. How […] Read more »

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