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Given that IPOs are hard to come by these day, VCs are spending more time focusing on strategic buyers, according to Eric Tilenius, a newly minted partner at Maveron Venture, who spoke at the DEMO conference in San Diego on Tuesday. That, of course, changes the […] Read more »

Fisker Automotive is moving full-steam ahead to get its $80,000 plug-in hybrid Karma on the road by the end of 2009 and today announced it will be using $65 million in Series C funding to do so. The company says the round closed on Sept. 4 […] Read more »

[qi:_newteevee] Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced today that NBC shows will once again be available on iTunes, and HD versions of TV shows will be available for $2.99. But there were two things that, notably, he didn’t talk about: One, what, exactly, prompted the return of […] Read more »

Oops! Somebody’s gonna be in trouble! Late yesterday, pictures of Chevy’s hugely anticipated Volt were “accidentally” leaked onto the Internet, and now they’re every where from the Wall Street Journal to, well, seemingly everywhere the Internet goes. “It’s just one of those things that happens,” GM […] Read more »

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When we looked at the landscape of file-sharing, one of our main concerns was that none of the available file-sharing services provided a compelling advantage over email. With creating email attachments being so simple, why would anyone go to a new service to move files around? […] Read more »

Cellulosic biofuel startup Range Fuels is getting ready to reap what it has sown with its biomass feedstock partner Ceres, an energy crop company. Range Fuels announced the partnership for a multi-year test of commercial varieties of switchgrass and high-biomass sorghum planted near its Soperton Plant […] Read more »

OS X has the Dashboard to keep widgets at your beck and call but sometimes it’s nice to just have some essential information always on your desktop.  That’s the simple premise behind our mostly Freeware of the Moment, Stattoo by Panic, a little bar that sits […] Read more »

Everybody and his brother is making netbooks these days but one big company that has stayed away is Toshiba.  The market is quite large with interest so high though which is why HP, Dell and Lenovo are in the netbook game today.  A reader who must […] Read more »

Since there’s an Apple event (read: new iPods) scheduled for later today, it’s only fitting that Microsoft dropped a Zune press release. There’s new hardware as well as additional software features involved: A 16 GB flash-based player and 120 GB hard drive Zune are added to […] Read more »

The solar industry is just starting to understand the benefits of distributed solar inverters — the devices that convert direct current (DC) to grid-usable alternating current (AC). While most solar panels use a centralized inverter, inverter-maker Enphase Energy says slapping a cell phone-sized distributed inverter on […] Read more »

[qi:_earth2tech] Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, along with Google’s energy gurus Dan Reicher and Bill Weihl, have so far served as the search giant’s most outspoken representatives of its plans to create new energy solutions. But at a dinner for the Corporate EcoForum on […] Read more »

As covered on our sister blog Earth2Tech, Cisco is out with an integrated set of product offerings dubbed the Cisco Virtual Office. This is turnkey telecommuting for companies with a bit of money in the bank: Earth2Tech got ballpark estimates of a couple of hundred thousand […] Read more »

These Asian notebook makers must know something we don’t as Sony introduced an 18.4-inch giant notebook, the Type A.  Sony joins Medion in the 18.4-inch category which is obviously a desktop replacement notebook for those who have big desks.  The Vaio A has a fast Core […] Read more »

Cisco launched its Cisco Virtual Office this morning, touting a package of hardware and services aimed at the growing number of companies that allow their employees to work remotely. The set-up includes the new Cisco 881w Series Internet Services Router and an IP phone for each […] Read more »

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