Stories for Sep. 23, 2008

When it comes to truly professional “social” networks, there are far less than general interest and entertainment-oriented networks. Ryze is virtually dead. Xing is more global. The old standby is LinkedIn although it still struggles with its Web 2.0 features. Facebook is still trying to overcome […] Read more »

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Before the day’s T-Mobile & Google Android news kicks off in full gear, I thought I’d get one iPhone observation out there. I happened to be nosing around to see if the first-generation handset is still holding its resale value. I used to only do this […] Read more »

Ooma, a Palo Alto, Calif,-based company that has created a VoIP phone hardware and services platform has raised another $16 million in third round of funding from it’s existing and new investors. Ooma had previously raised $27 million in two rounds of funding, bringing the total […] Read more »

I get to go to the first TechCrunch Meetup in Paris today! I’ll be wearing two hats there (hopefully neither of them a lampshade, but there will be an open bar, so we’ll see…). One is my entrepreneur hat; of course I’m hoping somebody who hasn’t […] Read more »

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A spinout of Flextronics — Aricent, which is comprised of several communications software assets including Hughes Software and noted design firm Frog Design — has scored $60 million in capital to expand its operations. Proceeds from the funding, which involved Bahrain-based investment fund The Family Office […] Read more »

Stories for Sep. 22, 2008, a online video advertising company that changed strategies earlier this year after dipping a toe in the market, has seen enough luck with its second try to merit a big $13 million funding round from new investor Spark Capital and returning investors Redpoint Ventures and […] Read more »

Green Mobile Power!: The telecom trade group GSMA is calling for renewable power sources, like solar, wind and sustainable biofuels to power 118,000 off-grid base stations in developing countries by 2012 — release. The Campaigns Debate Climate Change Plans: Well, not the candidates themselves, but their […] Read more »

With vastly better performance, desktop-grade web browsing, and high-resolution displays, a new category of mobile devices is emerging: the “superphones” and their impact on the wireless business is difficult to overstate. Read more »

In the race to get to market, WiMax is clearly ahead, but the LTE camp seems to be working fast to catch up. Rumors emerged today that Sprin… Read more »

[qi:_newteevee]A tipster this weekend told the folks over at NewTeVee about an upcoming streaming video web site by The Pirate Bay called The Pirate City. The site was apparently launched last week to commemorate the 30th birthday of one of the Pirate Bay’s admins, but was […] Read more »

I’ve written before about my favorite, free online meeting and collaboration application: Yugma. Mac, Windows and Linux users will find this application to be a very slick solution. Recently, I’ve been experimenting with some features in Yugma that I hadn’t been using before. A couple of […] Read more »

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