Stories for Sep. 18, 2008

What happens when you put folks on stage from JumpTap, Google, SKYHOOK Wireless, Yahoo! and XOHM? A healthy dose of conversation around location-based and search services. LBS or Location Based Services are just starting to gain momentum with basic location information, but the future appears to […] Read more »

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Kevin is hard at work at Mobilize 08 carrying his MSI Wind around and typing like crazy.  I had to snap a picture of the Wind which I am really impressed with having played with Kevin’s. Read more »

Guess what, guys — the location-based mobile model of the coffee coupon getting pinged to your phone as you walk by Starbucks is tired. Location is all about adding relevancy to applications already being used. That was the contention of Mobilize’s LBS panel. Thank you, let’s […] Read more »

YouTube sensation “Fred” (a.k.a. Lucas Cruikshank) is movin’ on up when it comes to web sponsorships. The high-pitched hyper-active character has a deal with 20th Century Fox and Walden Media to promote their upcoming film City of Ember, The Wall Street Journal reports. Financial terms of […] Read more »

I joined Cisco as a CTO about six months ago from Motorola, so I had the opportunity to work for the company that invented the cell phone, and now I am working for the company that’s running the Internet. Mobility as a term has existed for […] Read more »

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More good conversation from "The Economics of Development" panel going on right now. Folks from Google, Qualcomm, Adobe and Microsoft are chatting about how to get apps to devices these days. It’s getting harder as there are more and more possible devices, configurations and platforms out […] Read more »

As Web Workers, it may be hard for us to believe but a good portion of the population either has no idea what an RSS feed is or how to access them, or are just more comfortable with their email. Even our own Aliza Sherman recently […] Read more »

While most of our bovine-related energy coverage tends toward the scatological, the world of cow power is not limited to manure. Food and beverage giant Kraft, in a delicious bit publicity move, says it will be converting cheese into energy at two of its dairy plants […] Read more »

Kevin and I are having a blast at Mobilize.  We so rarely get to work in the same place together and this is a treat for sure.  You can follow along with the speeches and other important things through the Mobilize live video feed.  Check it […] Read more »

How do cell phone users want to get their mobile applications, how do mobile developers want to deliver them, and what’s the future? Web or native, preloaded or installed, at a centralized app store or a distributed model, bundled or installed, offered by a company or […] Read more »

Web Worker Daily has previously covered ongoing developments around screen-sharing tool Yuuguu (apparently the Japanese term for fusion!), but Aliza’s post on PalBee and a bunch of new Yuuguu features in recent days makes for a good opportunity to revisit the Liverpool-based startup’s take on screen-sharing, […] Read more »

Here at WebWorkerDaily, we post a lot about mobile technologies and how we’re using them to work more effectively. Our co-workers in San Francisco are spending the day thoroughly exploring the implications and trends in the new mobile world with a full day’s line-up of presentations […] Read more »

Have you ever taken some video clips with your point-and-shoot digital camera, downloaded them to iPhoto, and found them playing sideways? This is a common occurrence in our house. We’ll get some great footage of our kids doing something cute or funny, only to find that […] Read more »

We’re without coffee, but we did see a Java sign here at Mobilize! There’s an amazing day of events planned between keynote addresses, startup launch presentations and of course, it’s great to personally meet the GigaOM team that we work with virtually. James and I will […] Read more »

It’s a beautiful Thursday here in the city by the Bay, and the GigaOM team is ready to bring you the events of Mobilize, our mobile application conference. GigaOM staffers Katie Fehrenbacher, Liz Gannes and Stacey Higginbotham will be blogging the panels and keynotes, and we’ve […] Read more »

Internet TV startup Joost is ditching its downloadable desktop software, as NewTeeVee previously reported. But now the company is taking things a step further, to give users the option to access the site without even downloading a P2P browser plug-in. All its content and new social […] Read more »

Looks like Google isn’t alone with its idea to float a data center on the sea. Om Malik points out a stealthy startup called International Data Security, which plans to build 50 sea-worthy data centers, and potentially dock its first data center ship at Pier 50 […] Read more »

As we previously reported, Internet TV startup Joost is ditching its downloadable desktop software. But now the company is taking things a step further, to give users the option to access the site without even downloading a P2P browser plug-in. All its content and new social features will be available in Flash, with higher definition, live, and some international programming only available with download of a “premium” (but still free) plug-in. Read more »

Akamai, Limelight, Level 3 and more than a dozen other startups should be worried about Amazon’s move into the content deliver business. Amazon Web Services’ latest offering will cause price pressure in an already commoditized business. In an email to its customers today, Amazon said that […] Read more »

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