Stories for Sep. 12, 2008

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The folks behind, makers of Eli’s Dirty Jokes and Tato Salad, have accumulated some 20 million views for their seven original series in the last two years. Tyler and James McFadden have raised money from friends and family and made some through the YouTube partner […] Read more »

Stories for Sep. 11, 2008

So when the first ad featuring Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates aired, I was mildly confused and more than anything really wanted to give it a chance. But this evening Microsoft aired the second ad in the series and now I’m really just flat out baffled […] Read more »

As gas prices have soared, more commuters have made the switch to carpooling, and they’re turning to a host of free web-based services. And so a growing number of ride-share startups are following in the footsteps of other Web 2.0 applications providers: targeting the enterprise market. Read more »

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Segments of the first interview with Sarah Palin since she was picked to be McCain’s second in command were aired on ABC News this evening. In the interview reporter Charles Gibson grills the Alaskan Governor on her foreign policy experience, which leads to a discussion about […] Read more »

Planar Energy Licenses Tech for Thin-Film Li-Ion Battery: Planar has signed an agreement with Policell Technologies for the technology and manufacturing rights for large-format prismatic lithium-ion batteries, potentially for use in mobile and fixed wireless services – Green Car Congress. Portland Hopes to Manufacture Chinese Electric […] Read more »

Keeping up to date on all of your social networks while on the PC is hard enough, but when you’re using your phone, people must flip between… Read more »

Today, Apple’s biggest conference Macworld, opened for registration. The dates for Macworld 2009 will be January 5-9. Apple has traditionally used Macworld as a time to make some fairly big product announcements and updates. In 2008, Apple announced the MacBook Air, Time Capsule, iPod touch software […] Read more »

JamLegend is easily the coolest still-in-beta game I’ve played in recent weeks, and after some nagging on my part, the developers just sent me a 1,000 beta invites so GigaOM readers can try it out, too. Use this link to create an account. The three founders […] Read more »

I’ve written before about W3Schools, which is one of the best, free online places to learn and practice web development skills. The site has long had interactive tutorials that can teach you everything from JavaScript to DHTML, complete with opportunities for you to see how your […] Read more »

In the past couple weeks there’s been news of hundreds of millions pumped into thin-film solar startups, with both Nanosolar and AVA Solar announcing massive rounds. Well, it’s not over yet, folks. This morning Venture Wire says that thin film solar player SoloPower has raised a […] Read more »

Elektrobit is showing off its reference design for a multimode 3G and satellite handset phone at the CTIA Wireless I.T. and Entertainment show this week in San Francisco, and it’s a far cry from the clunky satellite phones of yore. It first unveiled the phone in […] Read more »

The European P2P Next consortium will unveil a set-top box prototype that allows P2P streaming at the IBC conference in Amsterdam tomorrow. The device goes by the name of NextshareTV and has been developed at the Pioneer Digital Design Centre in London. NextshareTV makes use of […] Read more »

Last week, when the FCC published an order aimed at halting the collection of and reporting on the quality of telephone service on a nationwide basis, we were pretty disappointed, as it came off like the agency was just throwing in the towel on real regulation […] Read more »

As the dynamics of air travel is changing with more and more airlines finding themselves stuck on the tarmac, the online travel ticketing bu… Read more »

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