Stories for Sep. 15, 2008

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In November of 2004, a few months after I got my first Mac (a PowerMac G5), I registered not really having any big plans of what I’d do with the site. I was a senior design student in college and just wanted a new site […] Read more »

Green Energy Options, a Cambridge, England-based energy monitoring company, has received a £250,000 ($447,287) investment through the Thames Valley Investment Network as part of an £800,000 funding round. Green Energy Options is one of a growing number of startups offering products aimed at monitoring and reducing […] Read more »

As simultaneously announced on GigaOM and The Apple Blog, Giga Omni Media has acquired The Apple Blog. This adds an entire blog of Apple-specific coverage to our growing network. If you’re keeping score, the GigaOM family of blogs now includes: GigaOM, for reporting and analysis of […] Read more »

In a few short months we’ll be attending the Consumer Electronics Show and for once, I’m actually interested in an initiative more than any particular device I might see there. This January, we should hear more details about DECE or the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem. Maybe […] Read more »

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Good morning and time to share some great news with our community of readers: We have acquired TheAppleBlog, making it the seventh member of our growing network of blogs. The terms of the deal are not being disclosed. Josh Pigford, who started TheAppleBlog in 2004, is […] Read more »

Corn ethanol producer Poet is at an important juncture in its two decade history. The company is embracing the changing landscape of the biofuel market by investing in new cellulosic ethanol technology and building a $200 million plant dubbed Project Liberty in Emmetsburg, Iowa that will […] Read more »

The big question surrounding live video streaming services so far has been how they plan to make money. Today, in the hopes of finding an answer, is introducing a home shopping channel. The livecasting company is partnering with Amazon-backed e-commerce company The Talk Market to […] Read more »

It’s not enough that the VooDoo folks are teasing us with the cool Envy 133 notebook which is just starting to ship.  No, they have to hint that there is an even newer and cooler new product they are working on that will have us totally […] Read more »

Since most of my computer purchases these days don’t include an optical drive, I’m always on the lookout virtual drive tools. These software applications simulate the use of a physical DVD or CD drive. For years, I’ve used the free Microsoft Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel on […] Read more »

Image via Wikipedia How many social networks and Web 2.0 tools are enough? I clearly don’t know when enough is enough. What if the one I don’t join is the one that will truly change my life/work/future? 1. Checked Twitter. This is like my first cup […] Read more »

Best Buy said today it would spend $121 million to buy former file-sharing poster child, Napster. The move gives Best Buy the ability to offer DRM-free movies and music downloads that would compete with’s download services as well as proprietary files offered by Apple in […] Read more »

MySpace Music, a new music service from the social networking company and a consortium of big music labels, is expected to debut soon. But it’s entering an arena already filled with well-entrenched players; how can it possibly hope to compete? Read more »

Monday night is the start of the two-day AlwaysOn GoingGreen conference, and the organizers (Tony Perkins and crew) are doling out awards to the top 100 green private companies. While the majority of the list comprises the well-known players in the cleantech biz, most of which […] Read more »

Stories for Sep. 14, 2008

Big names in media, technology and retailing are banding together to form a Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE) that promises to make content easy to download and play on any device. Warner Bros., Fox Entertainment, NBC, Comcast, Microsoft, and Best Buy are just some of the […] Read more »

For all its forward-thinking feature goodness, the iPhone is missing a lot of things that we’ve all come to expect from modern cellphones. On Monday JuiceCaster will plug one of those holes with the release of Flutter, a free picture message service that doesn’t require jail-breaking. […] Read more »

VMware, which single-handedly created a market for virtualization, is currently faced with the threat of commoditization of its core product, increased competition and fiscal uncertainty. The question is, did EMC Corp. kill this golden goose? Continue Reading. Read more »

Funny this: From last night’s SNL season debut, a take on T-Mobile Fave 5…always good to be part of cultural zeitgeist.

and a bonus lin… Read more »

Updated: Comcast, the largest cable company in the world, has started to send emails to its subscribers letting them know about bandwidth limits the company is going to impose, starting Oct. 1, 2008. As it was reported earlier, the company had said that if people go […] Read more »

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