Stories for Sep. 24, 2008

Why oh why didn’t I install Ubuntu 8.04 on my MSI Wind instead of OS X? If I had, I could have followed these lengthy, but reasonably simple, instructions to install the Android SDK on Ubuntu! Actually I see that the Android SDK can be installed […] Read more »

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Tesla’s Family Affair – The Bluestar: Speaking at the EmTech 2008 conference, JB Straubel, Tesla’s CTO, said the company may partner with an OEM to scale up production of its affordable family vehicle, codenamed “Bluestar” – CNet. Western Climate Initiative Proposed Cap-and-Trade Plan: The WCI has […] Read more »

There are 53 million hockey fans in North America, according to the National Hockey League, but roughly 50 percent of those fans live somewhere other than the market in which their favorite team is based — and where the team’s home games are shown on local […] Read more »

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If you find yourself using Wi-Fi more and more frequently, you’re not alone. As the numbers here show, business use of hotspots is growing very rapidly, and home Wi-Fi networks are key tools for many web workers. Do you monitor the Wi-Fi performance you’re getting, though? […] Read more »

With Mobilize 08 a fading speck in the rearview mirror, we are all gearing up for the second edition of NewTeeVee Live, our conference around online video that will be held on Nov. 13th in San Francisco. Our event last year sold out, so we decided […] Read more »

If you are a heavy user of either Google Bookmarks or Google Docs, you now have a way of searching your content via the OS X built-in Spotlight tool. Written by Stuart Morgan and available for free (open source, in fact!), this simple application makes a […] Read more »

A couple of weeks after saying it raised $2 million in angel funding, Atlanta-based Whoop said it is acquiring the assets of XOsphere, a Cal… Read more »

While trying to lock in crucial coal-belt swing states, Obama has had to refute another off-the-cuff comment from his running mate and assure coal-loving swing voters the he is, in fact, their friend. When asked why he supports clean coal, Biden said: “We’re not supporting clean […] Read more »

The Wireless Innovation Alliance today is making another charge in the war between those trying to keep the unused spectrum between digital television channels clear, and those trying to use that spectrum for wireless broadband. Those so-called white spaces are the last chance for wireless broadband […] Read more »

The Roku set-top box is closely associated with Netflix, but during a speech at Streaming Media West this morning, company CEO Anthony Wood said that it will open up the little box to any content provider over the next few months. Wired reports: “We’re opening up […] Read more »

The Mozilla crew have updated Firefox 3 and Firefox 2 to address security vulnerabilities and (in the case of version 3) bugs & usability issues, including fixes for Mac-specific bugs. Firefox 3 had five security issues including two critical ones that could lead to either memory […] Read more »

Discovery Creates Nine YouTube Channels; Discovery, TLC, Animal Planet and others to get immediate launches, users encouraged to submit videos to Mythbusters. (TVWeek) GE Bundling NBC Content with New TV Sets; company taking stake in a new venture with Tatung, televisions will provide links to NBC […] Read more »

Internet-enabled appliances from refrigerators to washing machines have been demonstrated in labs and showrooms since the dotcom days. But devices like LG’s $10,000 DIOS refrigerator have been discontinued, and similar products from Samsung never even saw the light of day. So what’s the future of these […] Read more »

So how is all this playing out for you? Are you staying busy? Has the current economic news got you more worried than ever about your ability to continue as a web worker? Or have you found ways to turn the economic weakness to your advantage, by offering lower-cost services to your clients? Read more »

Digg has raised $28.7 million in a Series C round of funding. The company made the announcement earlier this morning. Highland Capital Partners is leading the current round, which will see Highland partner Richard de Silva join Digg’s board of directors. The company will use the […] Read more »

Addressing a crowd at the Mixx Conference in New York yesterday, CBS president and CEO Les Moonves said that the Internet was not cannibalistic to television, MediaWeek reports. “We view the Internet as a lab for our TV network,” Moonves said. Moonves said that the web […] Read more »

ABI Research put out a report this morning saying by 2013 there will be 200 million ultramobile devices, an emerging class of gadgets that includes netbooks, ultramobile PCs and mobile Internet devices. The report says today there are about 10 million such devices, about 90 percent […] Read more »

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