Stories for Sep. 22, 2008

TheAppleBlog points to an amazing statistic being thrown around by the Associated Press regarding their Mobile News channel.  They had a very healthy 16 million page views in August but that’s not the amazing part.  It seems that 95% of those 16 million page views all […] Read more »

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We may be looking at the dawn of an incredibly politically incorrect new meme, courtesy of Oprah Winfrey’s crusade against pedophiles. A 40-second clip of Oprah reading out loud a message from a pedophile, threatening the nation’s children with the full force of “9,000 penises” has […] Read more »

Well this one caught a lot of people napping. Turns out that Chrysler actually has some electric vehicle plans of its own, and they plan to show them to their dealers this week. Update: Chrysler showed off an all electric Dodge EV, a range-extended Jeep and […] Read more »

T-Mobile USA needs a picker-upper. Its number of new subscribers is slowing, as is revenue from its voice ops. Meanwhile, its data revenue lags that of its rivals. But help may be on the way — in the form of the Google phone. Read more »

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An article in BusinessWeek today claims that wireless data demand is exceeding capacity, which is causing carriers to limit services and charge higher rates. But that just doesn’t jibe with what carriers — or applications developers — are telling me. The real reason carriers are limiting […] Read more »

This past week the Associated Press announced that their Mobile News Network received some 16 million page views for the month of August. How does this relate to Apple? 95% of those 16 million page views originated from iPhone and iPod touch users via Mobile Safari […] Read more »

We’ve written before about some of the big-ticket telepresence systems – and our skepticism about their place in the average web worker’s life. But between the super-expensive systems and the cheapest of webcams, there seems to be another level of telepresence emerging – systems that are […] Read more »

With the expiration of the renewable energy tax credits looming large, solar companies are scrambling to get their solar projects connected to the grid before the end of the year. GreenVolts, developer of large, concentrated photovoltaic arrays said today that it’s raised $30 million in Series […] Read more »

To find out more about photo rights on the Web, I turned to a lawyer, Deena B. Burgess, Esq., Managing Partner with the Law Offices of Deena Burgess, and gave her a few scenarios to comment on. Here is what she had to say. Read more »

Anystream Buys Voxant; encoding and rights management firm picks up licensed content distributor, financial terms not disclosed. (Multichannel News) DigiMeld Launches Video Portal; DigiMeld TV lets video producers self-publish live or on-demand streaming channels. (release) Sony Video DRM: One Download, One Re-Download; company’s video download restrictions […] Read more »

The concept of Mobile Internet Devices, MIDs, is simple on the surface.  They have been touted as devices with a primary focus on the Internet.  They are to give the MID owner a simple and cheap method to get web work done, working with email and […] Read more »

IVT, a startup that’s been quietly accumulating an impressive list of customers for the last three years, is launching itself to the public tomorrow as a service for corporate video. The company describes itself as a “YouTube for business,” something that was simply a nice analogy […] Read more »

As the Mayor of San Jose showed us, cities are becoming very eager to implement green practices, and they can act as the first line of defense for fighting climate change. So, what are the greenest cities over all? According to researchers at SustainLane this morning, […] Read more »

Earlier this summer, when we announced our content partnership with, I hinted that there would be more to come. Today it gives me great pleasure to announce that we have formed a content-sharing agreement with Time Warner’s, the online home of Fortune magazine, Money […] Read more »

Not everyone who teleworks does it for life. An online writer I know just went back to his old job as an on-site project manager. A quick surf to articles or blogs on telecommuting shows that not all people are happy with their experiences. Some analysts […] Read more »

Qualcomm said today that it will build a chipset to offer combined cellular and satellite radios in one handset. It hopes to offer them in 2010. This is a boost for the struggling satellite companies and offers up the potential for a small phone that is […] Read more »

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