Stories for Sep. 14, 2008

OStatic: Famous writer David Foster Wallace, author of Infinite Jest killed himself. We will miss him and his word play. NewTeeVee: Barebones mobile Video startup, is a blockbuster hit. Earth2Tech: Sarah Palin admits man’s role in climate change …. well kinda! jkOnTheRun: James Kendrick in […] Read more »

It looks like the idea of a P2P-powered YouTube is finally becoming reality, albeit without any contribution from Google. Singapore-based P2P start-up PPLive, which we previously covered for its hugely successful P2P video platform, is experimenting with a P2P accelerator for Flash video streams. The application, which is dubbed PPVA, essentially distributes the stream of any popular Flash video from sites like YouTube via P2P without any involvement of the hosting server. Read more »

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Stories for Sep. 13, 2008

NOTE: I have changed the title of this post to clearly indicate it is a parody.  I realize that the original title lacking a clear indication that it is comedy was in poor taste given the large number of readers who have been following my blogging […] Read more »

The doldrums of summer time are gone and the cleantech world is ready to hunker down as fourth quarter rapidly approaches. Here’s the news from this week. Google’s Eric Schmidt Details Energy Plan, Chides Lack of Leadership: At a dinner for the Corporate EcoForum, Google CEO […] Read more »

The winds are still strong but not as ferocious as they have been since last night so we’ve been able to begin a very preliminary assessment of the damage that Ike inflicted.  I’ve mentioned the uprooted tree in the back yard, it may be salvageable I […] Read more »

We take a break from our coverage of Hurricane Ike for this brief announcement.  Long time jkOnTheRun reader Gavin Miller has not only ordered himself a new Dell Inspiron Mini 9 netbook but he’s taken delivery of it.  He has upheld the geek tradition with an […] Read more »

Lately we’ve been discussing the many reasons why taking smaller, angel-sized investments instead of larger venture capital stakes often makes more sense for startups in a wobbly, exit-bereft market like the current one. Today, Ron Conway, the well-known founder of the Silicon Valley-based Angel Investors LP […] Read more »

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Stories for Sep. 12, 2008

It’s past midnight and there will be no sleeping in our house tonight I’m afraid.  The winds are blasting the house and make a constant fearsome noise.  Rain is falling in waves, sideways at times.  We still have no power as I figured we wouldn’t but […] Read more »

Centerpoint Energy tells us that the damage causing our power outage is being repaired already. They claim it will be back on within the hour which if true is incredible.   The storm is not really here yet so this is phenomenal.   Fingers are all crossed on […] Read more »

Ike is not expected to make landfal for another 4 or 5 hours but our power has already failed.  We’re in for the long haul now.  Thank goodness for battery powered laptops and Verizon EV-DO.  May be a while before I update again.  Peace out. Read more »

I am getting asked a lot why we didn’t consider evacuating and running from Hurricane Ike instead of riding it out at home.  It’s a fair question but one that has no easy nor correct answer.  The fact of the matter is that the coastal regions […] Read more »

Written by Michael Stroud. MobiTV unveiled Mobi4Biz at the CTIA conference in San Francisco this week, the first in a planned series of TV channel mashups that will allow the mobile television company to repurpose mainstream TV for specific vertical markets. The new “channel of channels” […] Read more »

We’d like to say thanks to this month’s GigaNET sponsors: Accenture: “The Innovation Dilemma: How to Achieve High Performance through Superior Research & Development” (free download) Server Beach: By geeks, for geeks Volo Media: Dynamic advertising for downloadable audio and video Ki Work: Take control of […] Read more »

When I first squinted at this morning’s news that casual game company Big Fish had landed $83 million in funding (from Balderton Capital, General Catalyst Partners and Salmon River Capital), I could have sworn there was a decimal point missing somewhere. Big Fish reported $50.8 million […] Read more »

It’s a battle between two of the biggest attractions in web video: hot chicks vs. frat-boy humor. Model.Live and Seth MacFarlane’s Cavalcade of Comedy, both high-profile and expensive web series, launched last month and earlier this week, respectively. But already, the frat boys are winning. A […] Read more »

There’s buzz around Silicon Valley that there will be a big announcement made at VMworld next week in Las Vegas. I think Cisco Systems will announce support of VMware virtual machines on their networking hardware. And if I’m right, it will have numerous ramifications, not only for the two companies, but the networking industry overall. Read more »

Reva, the Indian electric car company that had one of the best-selling electric vehicles in the world last year, is holding a “gas-to-electric-car” exchange in Bangalore this weekend. The idea is to bring in your gas car and maybe, just maybe, come out with a brand-new […] Read more »

Recently, I did a post on SearchBoth, which presents an easy way to search Google and Yahoo concurrently. I like the idea of searching multiple engines at once, and this post from caught my eye for the same type of task. The post discusses Joongel, […] Read more »

McCain has been lauded for being way ahead of the GOP when it comes to fighting climate change and proposing some of the first emissions reduction legislation. However, his newly minted running mate Sarah Palin has expressed skepticism at mankind’s roll in the warming of the […] Read more »

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