Stories for Sep. 25, 2008

For all of those folks that think that everyone on the GigaOM network has a cake job, I have to point out just how wrong you are. Take for example our talented webmaster, Chancey Mathews. He’s constantly doing behind-the-scenes work to make the experience the best […] Read more »

[qi:100] Hitwise has released some interesting stats from August: Of the 56 leading social networking web sites, received 67.54 percent of U.S. visits. Facebook, by comparison, got a mere 20.56 percent of total visits. Hitwise says that the market shares of U.S. visits to the […] Read more »

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I’m not sure what this means for Celio but they now have the Redfly Smartphone Companion on sale for just $199.  The Redfly is a mini-laptop that isn’t, with all processing power and connectivity coming from your Windows Mobile smartphone.  See our video review of the […] Read more »

I think my quest for a small but capable backpack to carry my 17-inch MacBook Pro around in is over.  I checked on the Apple site and found the Incase Sling Pack which looks to be just what I need.  It is as small a bag […] Read more »

Applied Materials is taking its solar equipment manufacturing expertise and moving it indoors. The company plans to focus on solid-state lighting as a line of business, said Annette Finsterbusch, a partner with Applied Ventures, speaking at the Rice Alliance Energy and Clean Technology Venture Forum in […] Read more »

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Chris DeWolfe, CEO of MySpace, who has been on a whirlwind tour promoting MySpace Music, his new joint venture with record labels, says that the new service isn’t competitive with Apple and iTunes. “I think it is a complimentary product to what Apple provides,” DeWolfe said […] Read more »

Buildings are responsible for about half of the greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. That means there is a lot of room for innovation from entrepreneurs and startups when it comes to making our homes, offices, commercial and industrial buildings greener; technology can make them more […] Read more »

Remember when Matt Damon said that Sarah Palin’s candidacy was like a bad Disney movie? Well, CollegeHumor, in their first political video ever, made the trailer for that “movie.” And when I was in New York earlier this week, I got the chance to visit the […] Read more »

Fossil fuels aren’t going away anytime soon emphasized Stephen Brand, senior vice-president of oil and natural gas giant ConocoPhillips, who spoke before a full house at the Energy and Clean Technology Venture Forum in Houston on Thursday. Brand stressed the continuing importance of fossil fuels, which […] Read more »

MotionDSP, a Santa Clara, Calif.-based startup that drew cheers from the crowds when they presented at our Mobilize LaunchPad event, today announced that graphics chipmaker Nvidia will use their video enhancement technology on its CUDA architecture. The company, as part of its LaunchPad presentation, had announced […] Read more »

At WWD, we’ve long recognized that there are many types of web workers: though the stereotypical web worker may be the always-on-the-go, device-laden, “digital bedouin,” there are millions of others in home offices and cubicles who couldn’t do their job without constant internet use. The latest […] Read more »

The prospect of turning cheap, slimy algae into valuable, high-grade fuels has attracted millions of dollars of investment, including those of Bill Gates. He’s not alone — everyone from airlines to municipalities to foreign federal governments are intrigued by the possibilities. Here’s a roundup of this […] Read more »

NewTeeVee: The return of Monday Night Football not doing it for you? Get your cricket fix online via Willow TV. Earth2Tech: Not everything about solar is sunny, notably some of the substances used to make panels, like cadmium. jkOnTheRun: With the third quarter about to wrap, […] Read more »

The future of the solar power industry may be bright, but solar also has a dark side — some thin-film photovoltaic solar cells contain hazardous substances like Cadmium that can pose a health risk if the solar panel is simply thrown out after it’s done soaking up the sun. Read more »

As I mentioned in my last post, I attended the first TechCrunch Meetup in Paris on Tuesday. I confess, I don’t enter the tech meatspace very often, generally preferring to observe from afar via the Web. But I couldn’t pass this up. I didn’t find the […] Read more »

Game day in the U.S. usually means a bottle of Bud and football on the television for a few hours. But for Willow TV‘s million registered users across the globe, it means cracking open a Kingfisher, firing up the PC and enjoying literally a day’s worth […] Read more »

Almost a year ago Apple gave us Leopard (OS X 10.5), and along with it came virtual desktops for the masses, in the form of Spaces. For many this was an interesting new way to expand their workspace virtually. For the rest of us [power users?] […] Read more »

Just yesterday we told you about the availability of the Skyfire beta to all in the US and I mentioned getting to interview Nitin Bhandari, the Skyfire CEO at the recent Mobilize conference.  As promised the interview is now available so if you’re interested in the […] Read more »

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